Retro Studios Reveals Why It Decided To Make Another Donkey Kong Country Game

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has sat down with Retro Studios’ CEO, Michael Kelbaugh, to discuss why they’ve decided to make another Donkey Kong Country game – Wii U’s Donkey Kong: Country: Tropical Breeze. According to Kelbaugh, the folks at Retro Studios wanted to continue working on the series because they had a lot of fresh ideas they wanted implemented in another Donkey Kong Country game. Watch Fils-Aime discuss the topic with Kelbaugh in the above video, or read their words below:

Fils-Aime: So I’ve been looking at all of the social media, and one of the big questions is, “Why did Retro decide to do another story of Donkey Kong Country?”

Kelbaugh: Well, after DKCR, we had a lot of gas left in the tank; there was a lot of cool things we wanted to do – the underwater levels, the 3D camera. We were just very excited about working with Donkey Kong and wanted to continue that. And the Wii U hardware allowed us to do a lot of really new, cool tricks. So it was just natural – we went out of the Wii version into the Wii U version, and that same level of excitement and a whole lot of new stuff there.


      1. Fuck metroid. You’ve all gotten 4 of those bitches on the Wii. We’ve only had 1 DK within the last 5 years!
        I’m glad they decided on another DK!

        1. Same here. I never could understand the appeal of Metroid. I hate games like that.

        2. When this comes out it will have been 3 DK games in a 3 year period. Sure 1 and 2 are the same game just ones a port with new features but point is DK CAN GO AWAY or get made by someone else.

      2. I had an amazing time at Best buy for the demos! It was a great social event, I added tons of friends to my friend list. The workers there were friendly, and every one was laughing at Microsoft (no joke) talking about new Nintendo games and what not. Also to the people who were disappointed by Super Mario 3d World, it was absolutely AMAZING! By far my favorite Mario game I’ve ever played (and that means a lot cause I was a Mario fan since I was 4). The levels are fresh, and the multiplayer is tons of fun, and it actually feels more like a Galaxy game then a sequel to 3d Land. Mario Kart was great also, the controls are easy to handle, and the graphics were breath taking, the only thing I was disappointed in was its only 2 laps but other then that it was great. I didn’t have time to play Wind Waker HD, but I got to play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and that was fun, the levels were very challenging too. This was a great idea from Nintendo, a fun way to meet people with common interest and just have fun!

          1. Get there early. I went today at 4, waited until 6:30, and had to leave before I had a chance to play.

        1. Im real happy you came here and gave us the scoop my friend! Its just what I expected, more awesome in person! Im super happy!

        2. Awesome! Great to see People are having fun with the Demo’s. Too bad we dont have them here., but as long as people are having fun and im hearing a few things about the game, thats great! Very excited for 3D world, Kart 8 and wind waker HD. DKC looks good, but i dont know, i dont think it looks as good as country returns.

    1. well they had a tough time choosing between this or Metroid, it’s a safe be to say that’ll be their next game

      1. yea and when will that be? one, two years away? it’s been 6 years without a decent Metroid game and has been ages the last time we saw a good Starfox game.

        1. next year at most, plus starfox assault wasn’t that bad, although that was awhile ago, and come on other m was not that bad in fact I would say it was really good, it was just the story that was a little iffy everything else was fine

    2. If it’s not their next game I’ll be the first to arrive at their HQ with a torch and pitchfork. Want to join me? ;)

      1. Uhh hallo! my bruda is cryn in bed ovr dis rite now, so I hpe Retroh fixs his sad brokn hart wid Metroyd soon. If not, I’ll hapeely joyn ur angree mob because I luv mah bruda.

    3. Agreed LOL! I LOVE Metroid! It would be awesome if they introduced another character, like maybe Samus had a Son, and he has to go find his mom after she was kidnapped by Pirates, or her very allies! Conspiracy story full of excitement, and Vast open Worlds, and awesome multiplayer with vehicles, over an epic landscape involving Factions who are at war… That would rock. =)

    1. THEY wanted to do donkey kong and really if they wanted to do it over METROID of all things then they must really feel they can still do something special with DK

  1. Theirs no excuse for this project not being Metroid other than sheer laziness, and they wanted to be able to rush a game through development….I am dissapointed.

    1. dude there not lazy just look at all the amazing games they’ve done. If they feel they can do more with DK now and do Metroid later then fine let them, DK is better in my opinion anyway

    2. If gaming sites that hate Nintendo are saying that donkey kong is great who are you to not belive them?

    3. There’s no excuse for not using the correct “there.”

      Also, I played DKC:TF and it was awesome and definitely not rushed. People need to grow up and quit sulking when DKC is just as good a game as Metroid. You’re complaining about a great game that they’ve worked hard on and deserves respect without you even trying it. You’re insulting the company by saying if they don’t work on the game YOU want, then obviously they suck and did a bad job. That opinion and analysis is what’s lazy. And then what, you refuse to buy it, so then you don’t support them unless they make one game every year in one series without ever expanding? If you want them to be valuable in Nintendo’s eyes, you better support them or they’ll go the way of Rare.

      Imagine spending 2-3 years making a game (which is not all that fun and glamorous sometimes), then 2-3 years doing the sequel, then 2-3 years on that sequel, etc. It’s a good thing for them to take a break and come back to the series with fresh ideas. It’ll happen, and any true Nintendo fan knows how to have patience. Taking a break benefits us all. If anything we had too much Metroid at one point, making a new release less special. Literally there was Metroid Prime 1, Metroid Prime 2, Metroid Prime Pinball, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid Prime 3, and Metroid Prime Hunters and eventually Metroid: Other M plus Virtual Console’s Metroid, Metroid II, and Super Metroid all within a short span. And people are upset they’re making a 2nd new-generation DKC?? o.O

      DKC:TF is awesome and I can’t wait for it. Yes, I want Metroid, too, but there will be plenty to keep us busy until then and it’ll be more anticipated because it took a break. I doubt the only game you play is Metroid. So it’s unfair to tell Retro the only game they can MAKE is Metroid.

  2. Retro…… You created the most futuristic and outstanding FPA games ever made…. that’s why we all expect something similar.

    It’s like if Bungie instead of destiny , were creating sidescrollers.

    YES , DKCR is almost perfect but that doesn’t mean we’re going to forget what you did with Metroid prime trilogy… which is a gaming milestone.

    1. Did you ever think that maybe the reason for their hesitance to continue in that vein of Metroid games, is because their previous efforts are so hard to match when glorified to the extent that us fans make them?
      I mean, would you want to be on the business end of all that backlash if they continued the 1st person Metroid games and they didn’t hold up to the Prime Trilogy’s brilliance?XD

      1. I know what you’re saying , but my Bungie analogy still stands..

        If they Stated they were making a Sidescrolling platformer after Halo , what would you think ? that’s how I feel about this.

        I know its going to blow my socks clean off , but would I rather have something like Metroid , Starfox , F-zero , a new IP ? hell yes.

        1. I would love it if bungie did a sidescroller personally, I’ve seen some destiny trailers and call me crazy but I’m not that interested, I’ll stick with watch dogs, injustice, and Nintendo

          1. I reiterate , I LOVED DKCR , infact I just got it on my 3DS right before this game was announced even though I cleared it on Wii…

            I’m hyped for Arctic freeze and Retro’s inevitable second Wiiu game!

            1. calling right now retro’s second wii u game will be Metroid, but as for now I have to help DK and the gang reclaim the island from Viking penguins! man I can’t wait to fight Viking penguins in the new DKC

    2. I agree 100%, I’ll end up getting this for SURE. But still, Metroid far more important to me and the Wii U than this.

  3. cool with me. this sequel looks fucking awesome. though they should have made a 3ds version and not have released dkcr on 3ds.

    1. DKCR on 3DS wasn’t ported by Retro if memory serves.
      Personally, as long as there are fresh new idea, I’m all for it.

      1. I believe monster games ported dkcr, not sure if they did the new levels or if retro did though, I think monster games did but don’t quote me

    2. No, this is perfect for Wii U. The new features and camera angles and graphics would not be possible on 3DS. I *am* spoiled by the 3D graphics, though. But to have the dynamic camera? That alone is worth the Wii U move. It works really well and is a nice, refreshing touch on the series. And motion-controlled ground-slamming is still a ton of fun :)

  4. LOL, no. The answer is that it was easier and quicker. Nintendo told them they needed a game ASAP.

  5. you guys need to STFU, ok, this will be an great game….. just watch. yeah i mean for me the only more thing a waste than one of the most difficult core platformer of all time would be a fucking space shooter!!!!!! your going to like it and then your going to be like, remember when i was bitching like a 2 year old who didnt get his way.

  6. Well it’s very understable. But still i can’t believe there were busy 3 whole years in adding more levels and gameplay elements( aside of the improvement of the definition) in a released wii game with the same damn egine after moving to a new bulding and hiring a bunch of developers of the major western studios, no F***ing way. They are working on something more that we don’t know, this is not “the game we all want them to do” .

    1. yeah I agree, but I also think it makes sense as to why DK took so long, they were working on a new console which if memory serves wasn’t quite finished when they released DKCR, then they had to decide between Metroid and DK, which took awhile, then they needed to get ideas and level design and move to the new building, which takes awhile, then they needed to make all the levels scrap levels make it all HD and pretty, make new levels and ideas and make sure everything worked. All that and their still not quite done! yeah game development takes a loooooooong time, hopefully they were making 2 games though

  7. That’s cool Retro. But with how long there was hype over your next project, I expected something bigger and better like a new Star Fox or Metriod Prime. So I’m still disappointed.

    1. does Metroid or stafox have Viking penguins? no, does DKC tropical freeze? yes, after I heard Viking penguins I couldn’t even pretend to be disappointed!

          1. You gotta be kidding me, i wouldn’t go as far as to say you’re retarded like Anonymous did but…wow

        1. yes, dkcr is one of the few games to provide that intense challenge that has been lacking in games. the problem is the rare games had way more charm, better creative levels and all the animal side kicks.

  8. Meh kinda bummed about this not being Metroid, but it still looks like a great game nontheless.

  9. They are putting out titles that will sell well. Compared to DK, Metroid isn’t very popular. This E3, it was Nintendo’s goal to put out titles that would create hype for a wide range of gamers. They succeeded. Once the wii u is established, in a year or two, then we’ll start to see some titles that lifelong Nintendo fans were waiting for, such as Zelda, Metroid, and a true successor to the past 3D Mario games. I’m not saying 3D World looks bad. Quite the contrary, it looks like a blast, but it’s not what most of had hoped for. That game will come out eventually though. They just needed to focus on selling the wii u with some “safer” titles. What we were shown at E3 this year, while safe, looks like a lot of fun and will surely appeal to most Nintendo fans. But be patient, because without a doubt, we’ll be seeing more of the great titles we were hoping to see in couple years’ time. They just have to establish the console first.

    1. totally agree although I think we’ll see Zelda Wii u much sooner, perhaps in a few months even! they did almost show it off but it wasn’t quite ready, so give it 2-5 months and we’ll see at LEAST a screenshot

      1. Personally, I wouldn’t show Zelda U until January. Let WWHD and Link Between Both Worlds sell first and then show it off.

    2. Very very very true. I’m sure they will do Metroid later but it was best to do safer titles, titles that people love and sell better so that the Wii U could sell well with these safer titles. Metroid games don’t sell that well in the beginning so making that would be kinda a bad idea.

      1. yeah I don’t think even super Metroid was a financial success, the prime series did alright, but it took a gaming MILESTONE to sell Metroid copies, even then prime was no HALO

    3. How does another generic side scroller create hype it just adds to the wiiu reputation as a kiddy Console. I truly want DK tropical Freeze to fail so hard.

      1. Sorry if this bugs you, but it’s mad idiotic to think DK is going to fail. “Generic sidescrollers” are hardly kiddy games. Regular people usually call these “platformers,” and whether you like it or not, it’s a hugely popular genre among old and new fans alike. Sadly for you, you’re in the minority, because a ton of people, myself included, love old school platformers. If this isn’t your kind of thing, there are plenty of other games out there. With that said, just watch as Wii U sales rise dramatically this holiday season. DK and Mario are as popular as sliced bread. Nintendo succeeded in catering to a lot of people this E3. It’s just like with what happened on the 3DS. Once big name titles were announced like 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 (which were amazing), sales went from dismal to astronomical. Then we got more awesome titles announced like Luigi’s Mansion 2. It’s going to be the same deal for the Wii U. Release the stuff that will attract a bigger audience, then bring out the love-letter games to the longtime Nintendo fans.

      1. hes all ready dead on the inside…. as the biggest joke in hollywood!!!!! he doesnt get invited to any of the parties or anything.

  10. besides you had quote: were working on something you want us to do. ? I asked for a new IP im sure that’s what everyone wanted you to do.

  11. Just played it today at best buy for 20 mins before the crowd came. They let me and the other guy play what games we wanted before the crowd came in cuz it was all set up an hour early. This game will be the dkc 2 to dk1. It already felt and played that much better than dkcr.

    1. AWSOME! dkcr was my favorite wii game! if what you said is true than this might be my favorite game of ALL TIME

  12. It’s fine by me. I mean come on. The Wii U is still young in its life cycle. Why would they release all of their big guns this early?

    1. the problem is they should of been ready for launch. they should have just launched it this year bundles with mario 3d world with a deluxe set costing 300$.

        1. yeah it would of been more smart, mario is suck a big name. with it being 100$ cheaper parents would easily buy it for there kids.

  13. I guess that makes sense, but it wouldn’t be a good enough excuse for a third DKC. I mean, how many years have Retro been working on DKC:TF? Two to three? If their excuse is that they have leftover ideas, then they have probably all been worked into this game. Retro’s next game should be something else.

    1. they’ll probably do Metroid or a new ip next, although they basically said it was either Metroid or dk. they chose dk, but i’m sure they still really want to do Metroid, so my moneys on them doing Metroid next

  14. This game did not disappoint me. I love DCKR. However what disappointed me was the way Nintendo created the hype. This Donkey Kong was worth a suprise but not worth hyping anyone weeks before the E3. In fact, Nintendo should have revealed Donkey Kong instead of Lost World early. They should have revealed Metroid and Lost Worlds on 6/11.

  15. Also, Super Mario 3D World should have been a launch title over SMBU. While the N64/Galaxy like Mario game should have been released this fall. Nintendo over hyped. Thats why some fans are not pleased.

  16. I was only disappointed by the absence of less recently seen IP in the line up, like Starfox, F-Zero, 1080, MP or a new IP. But DKCTP went straight onto my ‘must-buy’ list. Loving the new camera angles…The only thing I think that is important is that the jump to HD doesn’t result in fewer levels. Hoping it’s bigger and there’s some new fun modes in the spirit of the minecart and jet pack levels, and more imaginative and varied hidden bonus stages…More of the mountable animals too – The Wasp!

  17. It’s obvious that Nintendo is putting out their big system sellers so they can get more Wii U consoles selling. Once all that is set up, then we can expect something grand. I can forgive them this time just to get their system selling, but after this we want something grand. I’ll be definitely be getting a Wii U for these games and a PS4.

    Thank you, Nintendo and Sony.

  18. There’s a reason that they decided to make a Donkey Kong game and not a metroid, and it traces back to the previous games in the series. If you recall in 2010 Retro realeased both DKCR and Metroid Other M, but while DKCR was a huge success, Metroid Other M bombed in sales mainly due to its story, so it’s no wonder why they thought people would like a DK game more, with everyone giving it bad reviews and complaining about the story they were afraid that it might happen again, and didn’t want to take a risk of that happening with any other IPs so they went with a franchise they know people like and know would sell, and by the time everyone stopped complaining and started begging them for a new metroid or new IP they were already to far in development of DK Jungle Breeze, and that’s my guess why they went with Donkey Kong, but I know for a fact that they would hire people who worked on and developed triple A titles, so their probably are working on something big, but while their doing that, just play DK Jungle Freeze and enjoy it for what it is and not what it could have been

  19. I know if will be good, but Nintendo is seriously lacking a game to compete with Halo or Call Of Duty.

  20. I had respect for retro until this, they seem to have gotten lazy. A generic side scroller, something the wiiu has tons of, soo dumb. I hope this DK game fails like no other game ever has . and teach nintendo and retro a lesson

  21. They brought in far too much talent and used too many resources (hiring talent from AAA studios and moving to a larger facility) just to make another 2D side-scroller. Retro is definitely working on something else. I know that now. Still, no excuse as to why they don’t say what it is. Smash Bros was announced 2 years ago and we have another year to wait. BUT, we are cool with waiting because we knew it was coming. They were honest and that is respectable.

    They announced that they would be making a new HD Zelda at the January 23rd Nintendo Direct. However they told us straight up that this game is going to take a LONG TIME. Most Nintendo fans and even non-Nintendo fans understand that perfectly. Zelda games take a long time. Again, respect. They were honest and up front. Then they said that they would give us Windwaker HD to tide us over. Sweet! That’s what I’m talking about. When I read yesterday about Miyamoto saying how Zelda is coming along faster than expected and they thought about showing it at E3, but decided to keep the cover on it a little longer no one so much as batted an eye. Why? I’ve already explained. We understand Zelda games take a long time and Zelda fans would prefer that they take their time to make sure we get the most epic experience possible.

    In like manner, Retro could have told us what the big game they are working on is (even if it was just a screen shot and a graphic announcing what it is,) and then could have rolled out DKC:TF later on and people would have been like, “Oh….we get a Donkey Kong game too? AWESOME!”

    It’s not a big deal, just pointing out how this could have been executed better.

  22. Comeon guys, they made another dk joust becouse they didn’t want to make a new game engine. It’s obivious that the engine is the same used on wii and 3ds, with some bells and whistles to cover the evidence.
    That’s ok, i will buy this game anyway… but this is the last one.. i will buy another dk when they’ll demostrate more creativeness

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