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Zelda Wind Waker Cut Dungeons Won’t Come To Wind Waker HD


Eiji Aonuma has confessed that the dungeons that were cut from the Gamecube version of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker won’t be coming to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD because they have already been reused in previous Legend of Zelda titles. Aonuma says he wants to stay true to the Gamecube game’s roots, so he probably won’t be adding any additional dungeons to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. He believes that adding them would affect other parts of the GameCube version, which they really want to stay true to.

“Quite honestly, those dungeons we removed we used in other games, so we can’t use them in this version! I’ve received many questions about additional content beyond what was in the GameCube version of the game, but our desire is to stay true of the story that was in the original. If we add dungeons then that will affect other parts of the GameCube version, which we really want to stay true to.”

“If it felt like there were maybe too few dungeons then I feel that what was wrong with the GameCube version was the pacing. It was thrown off because it took longer to get to certain dungeons. There was a waiting period, and then when you arrived there the experience maybe didn’t feel as big, as you’d waited so long to get there. We’re tuning the game to alleviate all that. The pacing should feel appropriate to the overall experience this time… We need to tighten those [gaps] and make the overall experience and story feel tighter.”

139 thoughts on “Zelda Wind Waker Cut Dungeons Won’t Come To Wind Waker HD”

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    1. Make what DLC? The dungeons were already used in other LoZ titles and he said they aren’t adding new dungeons. Why is it “what we didnt want?” I think it is just fine. Never played the origional myself.💋

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      1. Just because you think its fine doesn’t mean others don’t. The original was short. Fun, but short. It really could have been helped with at least another dungeon and those fixed triforce fetch quests.

          1. Yea… by riding on the damn boat. No wonder people think Link is a girl riding on old man in the sea. -_-

            1. there seems to be a bad Hemingway joke in there somewhere…
              so who would win in fight, Earnest Hemingway or Powerpuff Link?

              that said, Wind Waker was an awesome game, art style and all, imo. but to be completely honest, i, too, would’ve like a another dungeon or two~ >[:)

          2. Yes, with about 10+ hours of that being sailing.
            Now, with no new content except a faster sailing system, the game won’t last more than 20 hours with 100% completion.


      1. You know what, at least that added content and replay value.
        You know what I call a Zelda game with 5 dungeons? Wind Waker, You know what I call a Zelda game with 9 dungeons? Twilight Princess. Guess which felt like a better buy.

        1. I always felt Twilight Princess was a better deal for me compared to Wind Waker. Heck I really hate Wind Waker. All I do is ridding on the old man’s arse and just take it in. The old man like “HEY LINK! QUICK GET INSIDE ME!” and I glad we have Navi, Tatl, and even Midna as a partner.

    1. I would say to make it shorter. Some parts of the search were pretty good, like the gohst ship part or the multiple floor cave (I forgot the name)

    2. Well the boat is faster at one point in the game so that’ll be easier, plus in the developer interview he said he was making changes to make that part feel more enjoyable.

  1. Didn’t know they were used in other Zelda games? Which one Twilight? But it is a shame. At least add in a few small islands with bonus side missions.

    1. Yeah they must of took the concepts and elements of windwakers scrapped dungeons to create some of twilight princess’ ones. (That game did have a ton of dungeons after all)

  2. how was it not obvious the temples are reused in newer games? DO PEOPLE REALLY NOT REALIZE THE SNOW TEMPLE FOR MM was obviously remade from OOT level design? guys it easy to tell all scarped oot levels were used in MM, and all WW levels were used in TP. the games use the same engines… really, pretty simple to tell

    1. I couldn’t tell. Then again I never played Majora’s Mask and I haven’t played Wind Waker and at the time I played Twilight Princess it was the first ever Zelda game I ever experienced. 💋

    2. basically anything that was scrapped for oot was in mm, except for some of the ura Zelda stuff

  3. i dont quite understand the hate for the triforce quest, by the time i was supposed to do it i had the half of the pieces or maybe more, or at least that is what i remember, i loved that quest because im one of those who likes to turn every stone, and that quest gave me the opportunity to travel all around the map

    1. Exactly lol, if the triforce quest was removed there would be no real incentive to explore anywhere beyond the main dungeons of the game.

    2. The main problem is that by the time they tell you to do it, you’re already near the end of the game, the climax, so to suddenly put an extremely long quest right when we’re about to approach the climax throws the game’s pace off and feels unnatural. It would have been better to start the triforce quest near the beginning when you finish dragon roost or whatever so that you can spread out the triforce quests throughout the game instead of doing it all at once.

      1. I want to say you get the IN-credible chart (the really poorly spelled one that shows where the triforce charts are and has a huge C.O.D.) after you first get the Master Sword, so you could feasibly find some pieces before starting the last few dungeons or spread them out between them, though if you haven’t played the game before you might not realize what the chart’s showing you and how it’s important till later.

  4. Well that was to be expected… very disappointed here. I was hoping that the propose reborn Windwaker would have been epic and worthwhile. A superficial visual update and gameplay was not enough. I may skip this one then. I still have the Gamecube disc and system so I’ll just play it there… thanks Nintendo.

      1. Stick to playing that shit. It looks like dookie on an HD Tv. While your stuck in the past The rest of us will be playing it in glorius 1080P! By the way they didn’t say they weren’t adding anything else. My god why do Nintendo fans feel sooooo entitled? Its so fucking annoying.

        1. “I’m stuck in the past”
          I, much like a lot of fans want this to be a full game experience as it was originally envisioned? They cut some dungeons from the game due to time constraints. Please explain, In what way is that being stuck in the past?
          Your logic is most flawed.
          Oh and quite using the whole defensive ploy of calling someone entitled, this is an open forum for game discussions good and bad.
          Don’t like it… move the fuck on!

        2. I’d rather buy any other game they announced on e3, because those at least offer something new.
          I wasn’t asking for much, just a little bit of content, the only thing they managed to do is effectively make this game ten hours shorter due to the faster sailing.
          And we don’t feel entitled, we just understand that, AS CONSUMERS, we should know to ask for QUALITY CONTENT, not praise the company for half-assed rehashes.

    1. Its called a remake for a reason. It isn’t called a redesign. They up the graphics and improve on other aspects like movement fluidity and stuff. It is great for people like me who never played the origional and also for
      those who love the game so much they want to play it gain in HD! :D I don’t think they ever intended to try to appeal to those who wanted more content. 💋

      1. People are content whores :) If you ever remake a game, most of the time people are gonna ask for moar stuff.

        1. Is that supposed to be some sort of insult?
          Dear, it’s not called a “content whore”, is called being an INTELLIGENT CONSUMER.
          If someone offers you a meal for $12 and then someone offers you the exact same meal for $60, just because it is served on a fancy plate, which one are you buying?
          The difference is that with this industry fanboys don’t think about the value of what they’re paying for, they’re just looking to perpetuate the status quo by banning any kind of criticism.

    2. no offense to you, but the whole point of releasing theses zelda games arent for people who have already played it, its for people who havent. the gamecube was nintendos closest thing to a full failing console. alot of people avoided WW because of it. tbh, WWHD does look amazing, and the integration of miiverse and the tingle tuner. the small twerks they have done, make it feel very similar to a mix of original WW and skywardsword, which is a nice surprise. if you wont get it, thats fine, but you have to think, its meant to see the game in a bit more glory, its better then all the other HD remakes, i mean the lighting, viewed in person, not video, is amazing. i say give the demo a try.

  5. Seems fair enough, may as well keep it a true remake, with added features like the extra sail speed and tingle bottle :)

  6. Can’t wait for this game!!!!!? I can’t wait for a lot of Nintendo games this year. Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. Wii U! For me, I think this is the most exciting gaming year
    of all time. 💋

    1. Every single game you mentioned comes out between 1st of january 2014 and 31st of December 2014…..

      They’re all 2014.

  7. I personally think they’re hiding one or two things from us. They seem too…secretive and mysterious judging by interviews. I doubt they’re going to revamp the entire triforce quest, but i hope to god that they dont remove anything from it. I’m also interested to see how you obtain the fast sail :o

    1. I hope the pajama quest (the second time you play through the game) has some changes. Would be a bit trippy playing this game mirrored lol, oh god (oot was bad enough) I hope enemies do more damage as well, it’s so hard to die in wind waker compared to other zelda titles.

    2. Yes they’re totally hiding something. It’s also obvious “that Retro Studios is trolling us and they’re must work on a second game!”

  8. It’s a shame I’ve watched people speedrun parts of this game once or twice. I have no drive to play it now. Those self-imposed spoilers…

    1. lol windwaker speedruns ftw. I hope they don’t fix any of the glitches. Someone will probably go into best buy for the demo and get all the glitches reported and patched though >_<

      1. Agreed, hopefully the glitches remain. I’ve been browsing various peoples’ twitter accounts, and from what I’m reading, it looks like somebody may have performed some of the more gamebreaking glitches in front of Nintendo reps at Best Buy. I wonder if Nintendo is going to care enough to fix them or if WW speedrunners are just going to have to stick to playing the GameCube version. Hm

        1. Ahh yeah you heard about that one guy who was blatently trying to show off all the glitches from zombie hovering to super swimming to one of the nintendo reps? He crashed the game and had to get one of them to file a report

  9. Well I’m one of those people who played the original on the Gamecub… and its far more than likely that this will be re-released on the Virtual Console at some point in its original guise. A remake would have been sweet had they included actual content that added to rather than glosses over some things… my 2 cents.

  10. Is it even necessary to say something like this? Seriously. They probably left it out because they wanted to make sure this game would be available in this Holiday season and not pushed back to 2014 like all the other mega titles. Why all this nonsense? It seems like Nintendo is spending too much time this E3 making excuses. So much so they are now making excuses when they don’t even need to be made.

    It’s doesn’t matter if those dungeons aren’t in the game. There is no need to tack-on a lame reason why. No one would have even given this a second thought had they no of said anything.

    1. every time I heard about this game people said “put those cut dungeons in the game!” I think this announcement was necessary

      1. I haven’t heard one person talk about it. Standing in line waiting to play it at Best Buy yesterday I heard no one even mention it. It was not necessary for the reasons I already mentioned.

  11. Now it’s confirmed that it is simply a remaster aka HD port aka gets despised by most Nintendo fanboys.

    You know it’s like “Atleast Nintendo doesn’t make HD ports without additional content just to cash in some money!”
    -random Nintendrone about any HD (collection) to date.

  12. I didn’t expect them to add any more dungeons. It’s very difficult to change a zelda game. If they were to add a new dungeon then that means they would have to add a new dungeon item (they could ofcourse put the ice/fire arrows here though instead). They would also have to add a new boss and place a heart container here. This would then mean they will have to replace 4 heart pieces in the game, change the story, script more text etc.

    1. Bombs are gotten in Windfall, when they were obviously meant to be gotten in Greatfish, the sea is littered with Giant Octos.
      There, an island with no purpose, an item that is introduced during a tedious fetch quest and a large enemy they can recolor (Just like they did with Moldarach).
      Where is my Nayru pearl dungeon?

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  14. “If we don’t change we might die. We need to evolve. Things need to change. Things need to grow.”

    There you have it people, in his own words, even they themselves are admitting that they keep making the same games over and over and over…and over. What new game did they show at E3 that uses their “unique hardware”? I thought they said the Wii U is different yet I didn’t see anything new that uses the Wii U in a way that couldn’t be done anywhere else.

      1. I may not be as extreme as this guy, but I agree with him, these two things said by Aonuma are contradictory beyond reason, if he’s striving so much for evolution why is he giving this game just the minimum effort he can? Why isn’t he designing new ways to use the Hookshot or the Deku Leaf in like, a new dungeon or something.

        People who really care about this series should be criticizing this lazy attempt at cash cowing the franchise, people who really care need to be critical, being a fantard and praising and justifying everything does not help the franchise to grow.

  15. Well, that’s that. It looks like I’ll be skipping it. And is it just me, or does it look shockingly similar to Gamecube one? I mean, I saw some E3 videos and I can’t even tell the difference in some places. Better save my cash for something worthwhile, :P

  16. “If we add dungeons then that will affect other parts of the GameCube version, which we really want to stay true to.”


    “If we add dungeons then that will mean more work, which we can avoid by adding nothing of value to this rehash.”

    1. Pretty much.
      I mean, how hard is it to give us a couple of mini-dungeons in Greatfish and one for the Triforce? They can be placed within the story, like if when you arrive to Greatfish, instead of being sent to Outset, Windfall and Outset again, you go through a dungeon, get the bombs there and then learn that Jabun is gone, then going to Outset to fing him and the pear.
      They don’t even need to make new models and textures, just reuse what they used in one-visit locations like the Ghost Ship and Hyrule Castle, just like they did with Sky Keep in Skyward Sword.
      People have been bitching Super Mario 3D World incessantly, but at least that game is all new content, all new levels, this game’s only offering over the much cheaper and almost equal-looking GameCube version is the faster traveling.

  17. The troll to end all trolls

    I knew it. Somebody needs to get Anouma out of the spotlight. All I want is some additional content. Nobody, not even Miyamoto seems to give a crap about “purity of Zelda” or whatever this guy is talking about. I just want some additional content to keep me occupied. I don’t want to buy the same game over again!

    1. if you read, you will see they are not able to add them since they were added on other games(maybe TP or SS) so it would look too much of a copy/paste

      1. It isn’t really all that hard to design two new dungeons and place them in between the story, at least not with the time they took to launch this, they can even cut off content like new weapons and simply reuse the ones already in the game in new puzzles.
        This bullshit about staying true to shit is a lie, they’re just being lazy.

  18. I’m with Aonuma. A remake should absolutely stay true to the original with the exception of things like the tingle tuner that has little significance. Although I’m curious what he plans to do about the triforce shards since he said he wanted to adjust the pace of the late game

    1. I agree even if you give a game a complete over hall, you should still stay true to the original. Like the resident evil 1 remake. fixed the controls, better voices, better graphics, scarier than the original, and it kept the same creepy atmosphere. fix the problems and keep the good parts

  19. no new content huh. yeah I don’t like the sound of that. if that’s the case then this remaster better not be full price.

    1. If they offer a deal I’ll surrender my GC game for a 50% off, otherwise I’m just sticking to the first game, faster sailing and better filters does not justify a $60 price.

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  21. Well, I still own my gamecube WW, and before this remake appeared I was already thinking about playing it again. Even without new dungeons the remake seems beautiful and I will buy it again, undoubtedly.

  22. its just me, or the graphics look way better on the first pictures they showed before E3?, i mean this is bullshit!

  23. In other words, we’re just getting the same exact Wind Waker game, just with better graphics? What’s the freakin’ POINT? The graphics in the Gamecube version already looked AMAZING! They didn’t even need an HD enhancment. I think Super Mario Sunshine would have been the better choice for HD. But whatever.

    1. It’s not for you old fans who already bought it on the GameCube! It’s for all the eight year olds who started playing on the Wii.

      1. Considering they drop spoilers (For the new players) like candy, that is obviously not the case.

    2. Twilight Princess would have justified and HD remake just in its graphics because the gameplay itself is amazing, Majora’s Mask too, but yeah, as good as this one may look it doesn’t really improve that much over the original, and having faster sailing as the only new addition isn’t really all that valuable.

    3. The original Wind Waker for the GC is about 40 dollars to buy one from ebay or something. I ‘d rather get this than the original.

  24. This really sucks.. :/

    At least add a dungeon as a secret after beating the game. Even if it effected the story, it’s not a bad thing. Yet the bottle and some other things they did add and change already kind of effected it, well sort of a add-on side but a new dungeon can be too.

    If they are working on to make the game feel longer, then maybe they are adding some new dungeon or area? If they are just making travel faster, then that doesn’t really make it longer..

    1. If it costs full retail price then yes…

      But if not then I wouldn’t say that, after all no one forces you to buy it…

      I for one would wait for the price to get lower if it’s true that it’s going full price…

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