Here’s Reggie On Jimmy Fallon With Super Mario 3D World And Game & Wario

As reported yesterday evening, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as part of the show’s video game week. We’ve already seen Infinity Ward and Sony showcasing their games, so it was undoubtedly Nintendo’s turn to showcase its upcoming titles. The two games demonstrated on the show were Game & Wario and Super Mario 3D World. You can watch the amusing footage above.


  1. I watched it last night, I think they should have had a Smash Bros demo or Mario Kart 8 instead of Game & Wario. It kind of made the Wii U seem like it’s for casual gamers at first.

    1. Agreed. Mario Kart 8 and 3D world would of been better. Game and wario just isn’t all that by the looks of it…

      1. Why no Bayonetta 2 instead of Wario… Nintendo already have the image of being for the casuals. So why re-enforce what you have already become. Nintendo is still failing at marketing the console for non casual gamers. Plus I notice they never push 3rd party games that are coming to the Wii U. Just a piss poor effort that still continues.

        1. maybe because they would need some kind of permission in order to show them? it’s easier to show games that you are developing that asking third-parties for letting Nintendo to show them. also, maybe Game & Wario wasn’t the best option, but they showed games that were coming soon. why show a game that will not come until who knows when? other option could have been pikmin, but in just 4 minutes… there’s no much to show

    2. Game and wario is coming out tomorrow and mario kart is coming out next year. Mario kart doesnt need promotion yet cause itll sell systems at that time easily.

      1. But Game & Wario is a terrible game and doesn’t show off the console. Maybe keep 3D World but use Mario Kart or Wind Waker HD. I know they didn’t want to use two Mario games but that’s why they should’ve used Pikmin, W101, Zelda, or pretty much ANYTHING. ELSE.

        1. Everyone says they should sell the controller and its innovation, so they show Game & Wario which utilizes the controller in creative ways. Yet people bitch.

          People say they need more core games, so they grab exclusives like Bayonetta, 101, and Sonic, as well as making a 3D Mario(granted its not everyones cup of tea), DKC, and Mario Kart, as well as X and Smash, and people bitch because its not core enough.

          Next Nintendo will make FPS, grab the next GTA, and buy up studios that do graphical online outings, and people will bitch that they miss the old Nintendo, or when they make a Starfox, WaveRace, F-Zero, etc that all Nintendo does is hurr durr rehashes.

          Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch…do we play video games for fun, or to bitch at each other regularly? I don’t agree with everything they do, just like them more than others. But then I don’t agree with any company on everything.

          My question is, will people ever stop bitching at Nintendo? I scroll through boards on sites daily, and someone is always bitching about what they did or didn’t do. I am 100% convinced that nothing will ever satiate the bitchers, they bitch for the sake of bitching. Just saying. Why can’t we just come on here, discuss topics, and talk about the games we are excited about, and things we hope to see? And not whine everytime Nintendo does or doesn’t do what we don’t approve of? If it worries you so much, write a letter and petition them, or an email. I have done it twice and I have seen both read and thoroughly responded to. More profitable than incessant bitching.

          tl;dr: Can’t we all just get along, and end the nonstop bitching about something there is no direct control over? If you don’t like what Nintendo does, boycott their system. Money speaks louder than words to businesses.

          End Of Rant.

          1. I don’t see anyone stopping their bitching. People generally hate Nintendo so they bitch about anything they can. It’s pretty pathetic, and like you talked about, why can’t we just play the damn games?

          2. Totally agree about the bitching! Thats why Nintendo is sometimes in the dark about shit because their fans bitch about everything, then they get mad when Nintendo is “Out Of Touch” with its fans. Sony gives the fans what they want because fans are clear about shit. When things go wrong, Sony fans write letters and petitions, Nintendo fans bitch. Its time to change this or we will lose Nintendo as a powerhouse. We are the ones that need to change, its not Nintendo’s fault.

          3. I know what you’re saying but I’m not complaining about their lack of games or lack of innovation. I just think if they can only show off two games, why not show off the best games they have working demos of? The part of Game & Wario Jimmy Fallon saw was as innovative as Nintendo Land (Takamaru’s Castle or whatever it’s called).

            And I usually like what Nintendo does. They’re not perfect I still like them. If you read all my posts and think I’m negative, it’s because I don’t often comment happy “I LOVE YOU NINTENDO <3" comments when I see something I like.

    1. Cause the show is suppose to be funny. It isn’t funny if you know what to do beforehand! :P 💋

  2. hahaha! That was a good presentation I think. Made the games seem not too hard and also not too easy :P 💋

  3. did you see reggie he hardly even knew how to play. jimmy fallen knew how to climb walls where reggie was jumping off and on!!!! thats exactly what im talking about look at his track record he doesnt care about good games or care about games. hes just a business man. well he could at least like games and not just make everything casual. this is a great pick up and play, this will pick up the family. what about all the good games stuck in japan shit even sony brought some of them over, graces and ni nu kuni, both originally on nintendo. xenoblade gamestop was the main reason, TLS and PD xseed. thanks noa.

    1. gamestop has to do nintendos work for them now xenoblade was one of the fastest selling wii games shows how stupid nintendo is catering to casual kiddy bs

    2. I believe Reggie was using Peach, and clearly had a better idea of what to do than Jimmy did lol.
      I don’t expect the guy to be as good as me, just to at least know the basics.

  4. Cat Suit: “Innovative”. Settle down, Reggie…

    Pretty sure being able to move on planets of all sizes, have unparalleled control and actually using the functions of the Wii was innovative…something that you missed with this game.

    1. nintendo needs to stop with the innovative in everything!!!!! he could of just said the cool new thing you can use is the catsuit and the 4 player multiplayer in 3d worlds. that is bullshit, its like they think people will only buy if its innovative. no, the reason they will buy it is because its a new fucking mario and its fun!!!!!

      1. i agree here. they say they don’t want to release a new F-Zero until they can think of a new way to innovate the gameplay! WTF are they thinking??? just release a new F-Zero with pumped up graphics, new levels, and the ability to use the gamepad to see the track, call in the health replenishing ship, use your boosts, and maybe drop some land mines or electrified oil slicks or something. BOOM you’re done! release it and sell a bunch! whats the big problem!!! we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel here. just the fact that F-Zero would be in HD on a much more powerful console would be enough for me!

  5. “yeah i use this thing all the time” sure you do jimmy.. sure you do

    mario world reaction was okayish
    game and wario .. lol..seems to be bombing hard..why even show this shit on a tv show which is intended to promote your new console..

    1. Pikmin 3 isn’t something you really “pick up and play” like a Mario title or a Wario title. They chose party games for a reason. Do you really think hard core gamers were watching Jimmy Fallon?-No, its all casual gamers on his show. 💋

      1. But the mini-game from Game & Wario he showed was just like the games from Nintendo Land he showed Jimmy back in November.

        1. I guess it looks similar to that one in Nintendo Land, but it’s still different. I don’t remember having the enemies attack the game pad or anything.

  6. hopefully now a lot more people, will become aware of the Wii U & understand that it’s a different console, & it’s not an add on to the Wii U

  7. Yeah, because Game & Wario and Super Mario 3D World are the best console seller Nintendo have to show right now…

        1. No way to prove it isn’t, instead of making opinions we should wait until it comes out….

          1. My opinions are based on the gameplay I’ve seen, so my opinions do have some validity.

        2. NSMBU was a system seller in the Wii U’s first couple of months. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 was a system seller. This new Mario game is sure to be a system seller. This is MARIO we are talking about. It sells with just his name on the cover… 💋

      1. Ignore this idiot, he obviously only thinks one game will change anything. The moron… I think this game will sell to the casual audience.

        1. the casual audience hasn’t even bought a wiiu…

          wario has never been a system seller, and now with the wiiu doing this bad, you expect this game to shift consoles or something??

          1. I said the casual audience will buy this game, nothing about this game being a console seller. Can you read proper English? I’d assume some parents are watching this and will get this for their family or child. You’re so negative………

            1. did i say you said this will be a console seller? no i asked you if you think this would shift consoles… so wipe the shit out of your eyes..your the last one to ask someone if they can read proper english

              and i said this since you are saying the casuals will buy it… while i doubt there is a big “casual” audience present on wiiu… but ok if you say so..we’ll know in a few months :)

              1. “wario has never been a system seller” Those are your own words, did you forget what you typed? Oh and your English is pretty fucking terrible. “your the lost one” you’re*. Nothing in this response clarified anything. Also, while I hear plenty of people saying nobody but the casual audience has a Wii U, you state there isn’t any? Care to prove this?

  8. Yeah this is why most of the people on gamin community dont take Nintendo seriously anymore, when they are on public presentin their new console all they show is either casual or family friendly titles. Nothing against mario but game & wario just lolol. Why they cant have one family friendly title and other more edgy title? When people see this they think this is Nintendos audience and then they believe Nintendo doesnt have titles for older audiences which is sad. I believe this is one of the reasons why some 3rd parties dont bother with Nintendo anymore because they just show stuff like this and they fear that Nintendo doesnt have audience for their kind of games, thats why wii got so many lame party casual titles because 3rd parties believed that was the audience on that system which is sad too. I hope that Nintendo starts to promote games like X,Bayonetta2 etc. to show that they have games for older audience too. I mean does Nintendo ever think about it that the fans from Snes/N64 era arent kids anymore? Why ignore that part of the fanbase? I know that they want all kinds of people enjoy their system but sometimes it gets annoyin how kid friendly games they show almost all the time.

    1. I don’t think anything you said was true. People take Nintendo very seriously. Nintedo has plenty if games for older people. I have no idea why there is this stigma with cartoony games and that they are only for kids? Why do some people still believe that once you grow up you have to stop having fun? It’s not true. Luckily, as time has moved on I believe this stigma has been getting better and better over the years. 💋

  9. Wow, you guys. I thought this whole feature really got the fun aspect of the Wii U across, the audience laughed at loads of stuff happening in the Mario game. The cat suit is likely to be my favourite ever Mario suit, I love cats!

  10. I love how those of you who are trying to say that Nintendo needs to go mature to ‘save’ their company cannot properly spell, punctuate or figure out proper sentence structure.

  11. If you want to show Game and Wario, pick the craziest, most attention-grabbing section of the game. In this clip there was a long section where there were not even any enemies attacking. When they reappeared Jimmy wanted to show how, if you missed them, they would attack the gamepad and you have to press them on the gamepad. But the camera wasn’t quick enough to show that part and Jimmy wasn’t ready to fight them off of the gamepad screen. Why bother to even show up when you’re not going to do it right.

    Solution: have a game tester present to demo the game (sure, let Jimmy get in there on a two-player section and show him goofing off) but have a real gamer demo the game for the public. Have Reggie on to talk about it if you must (but honestly I could do a better job of talking about the Wii U with enthusiasm).

    And why not mention that it has an EXCELLENT web browser?!? The Wii U has a better web browser than my Kindle Fire and the iPad. If I’m not typing a lot it’s just about as good as a computer for browsing the web and watching videos!!!

    The Wii U is not the problem, the marketing and presentation of it is!!!

    1. You are forgetting that HE IS a comedian. There’s a purpose of him doing it……. But I do agree with you about the marketing. More commercials are needed.

  12. Does anyone has notice that they are playing with 2 gamepads? I didn’t know it would be possible, did they say something about this?

    1. not possible were you getting your info dude

      its been stated from DAY 1 wiiu supports upto 2 but not just yet secind pads avalable later

      frames rates of 60 to drop to 30 wen using 2 gamepads

  13. I love how Jimmy freaks out: “Reggie, don’t leave me here!!”.
    It was cool for me. It got the point across that anyone can pick up a game and have fun, and that Game & Wario minigame looks really fun, really innovative.

  14. This Super Mario 3D World looks like the kind of game that would cause people to get into fights with the one they’re playing against. Like, you’re going for some coins or some special power-up, then suddenly you disappear because the other player went into a pipe.

  15. I don’t care how much nintendo try and hype this silly shit, mario 3D world, looks like the most crap I’ve seen in a while.

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