Rare Composer Grant Kirkhope Will Feature On A Hat In Time


Legendary Rare composer Grant Kirkhope who wrote the soundtrack to many notable games including GoldenEye 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Donkey Kong 64, will be composing a special tune for Kickstarter project, A Hat in Time. The news was announced via the Kickstarter page where the team said they had raised the $150,000 Grant Kirkhope tune goal. They are now in the process of speaking to Kirkhope about creating the tune.

Thanks, Kallum



    1. Well some people do. He did tunes so a lot of amazing Rare games and many people have respect so having such a thing brought to a game is extremely awesome and many people will learn from that.


      1. I don’t remember the name but the main character looked like the kid from a boy and his blob and his companion looked like aapa fro avatar the last air bender.


      2. You are thinking of the game “Buddy and Me.” The reason it isn’t coming to Wii U is because the Wii U stretch goal was not met. However, the game developer, Sunbreak Games has said that it will do the best it can to get Buddy and Me onto the Wii U in the future. They have contacted NOA and everything so it isn’t like Sunbreak Games isn’t trying.


  1. learned about the game today and it’s inspirted by zelda, mario, banjo-kazooie, donkey kong, etc.

    if it’ll get released on wii u, im getting it
    looks great so far


  2. im in listen to this shit. you have two lifes left in about 10 minutes trying to collect that honeycomb she hits you!!!!! aaahhhh fuck you grunty you bitch why you have to change directions and hit me. now the music is getting to me your dead bitch!!!!!!


    1. Only a small portion of that money is going to be used for the song. The A Hat In Time team stated that Kirkhope is giving them a good deal and being “very generous”. Most of that $150,000 is going to producing the game.


  3. I have yet to find one bad quality about this game… the good things just keep adding up! If it comes out on the Wii U, that would be the cherry on top of the sundae, but I’ll be getting the game either way. So stoked.


  4. I am really excited about this Indie Game boom that’s been going on lately. To make an indie game successful it HAS to be fun, creative and innovative. You get some of the best quality games from Indies because of this.


  5. RARE should make anothet starfox game.

    Then all the fucking stupid furfags can wank themselves to death over krystal.


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