Miyamoto Says They Want To Leverage Capabilities Of Retro Studios Further


Nintendo fans love Retro Studios so it comes as no surprise that a few were disappointed in the news that Retro is developing another Donkey Kong Country game, rather than a new entry in the Metroid franchise. Miyamoto says that Nintendo really wants to leverage the capabilities of the esteemed developer, as he says that they are a very capable studio.

“Certainly we do feel that we want to leverage the capabilities of Retro Studios further, because as we’ve seen from the Metroid games, they’re a very capable studio.”


      1. donky kong country wii sales vs prime 123 and other M combined
        HHHHHHhhhhhhh go back to being 11 years old


    1. IKR? lol Quite a bit too late for redemption after the letdown bombshell they dropped on fans hoping for a new Metroid or even Star Fox from Retro. A new Donkey Kong Returns sequel was unexpected but not much in a good way. Hyping people about a secret project then revealing its big hyped game that not most fans wouldn’t want was a bit of a slap in the face. Even I was disappointed to learn it was Donkey Kong Returns again without the Kremlings and without playing/switching Donkey/Dixie/Diddy Kong individually…again. B| Like WTF? I tolerated the last game not having Kremlings and K. Rool over floating Tikis but now its fucking pirate penguins on a tropical setting? WTF is this? A part Disney collaborated game or Dreamwork’s Penguins of Madagascar doing a crossover appearance?

      If it wasn’t for Rare being bought by the dickheads of Microsoft and being forcibly turned into its severely watered-down former self, then they would continue to do Donkey Kong justice while Retro takes over Metroid and maybe other IPs like Star Fox.

  1. If they were utilized a little better they could be what Rare was for Nintendo.

    They make those godly Metroid Prime games and then move onto Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country. They could make awesome games that put the Wii U back on the map, but instead they make these games that any Nintendo developer could make…
    I really hope their next game is bigger than a Donkey Kong Country Sequel.

    1. Except that in my opinion, and someone who plays ALOT of games, for 21 years, DKCR is easily the best 2D platformer i’ve played.

      No nostalgia glazing on Mario 3, or Mega Man 2, which are anazing games, but DKCR was a whole new level of amazing.

      1. It is that good. So good that I got the 3DS version as well. And the new easy mode takes away some of the stress and makes it nice for portable gaming! It looks cool in 3D also. Can’t wait to get to the extra levels!

        1. Eh, the new levels from what i heard aren’t a big deal, so i decided to pass on it (although i was considering it due to the Too Many Games deal), but yeah, DKCR is damn good, and i imagine the new one could get a Game of the Year nomination (if it’s not too late for it), but i doubt it’ll win because people always choose games that make you cry above anything else, so The Last of Us will win xD but when has a platformer ever won?

          1. lol true , the Emo games always win lol.

            yeah I got caught up in the hype of the so many games promotion and pulled the trigger on DKC… I fucking should of waited for Animal crossing but oh well. I’m selling Luigi’s Mansion 2 and getting that pretty soon!

            Fire emblem awakening has my 3DS on lock down atm though.

    2. DKCR was an amazing game, dude. This will be no different. These games showcase their talents very well.

  2. Nintendo needs to have at least 2 internal developing studios. 1 for vc games and another for eshop games then let the old ones work on the big titles.

    1. Then metroid titles never really sold much anyway. It was only metroid prime which made big bucks

    1. In this day and age, it doesnt really matter what sold big in the old days… Metroid nowadays would help WIIU because of the explosion of FPS and adventure game’s popularity. Now more folks want these types of games to go alongside their RPG and Platformers. I sure as hell am 1 that realizes Nintendo needs these types of games without going FPS crazy of course, because most of them suck, but Metroid is no regular FPS, its an adventure game… so a well done New and Improved Metroid, with a new story and maybe even a new lead character, like maybe Samus is joined by a lover, a family member, or something like that, helping to rescue her from pirates, Ridley or something different… that would sell crazily because its a new, next gen Metroid with an exciting new story.

  3. Ur on a nintedo news site I sometimes agree with what’s said but there is so much hate for Nintendo not meaning these comments above or that just in general any1 else seen this they need 2 find someplace else lke I hate Nintendo news lol go clog someplace else with troliij

  4. Guys I have a joke.
    What is the music instrument that only likes being played by men’s?
    The fagot.

  5. Nintendo already knows this, they just need to be reminded by fans from time to time. By the way big N, it would be wise to buy platinum studios…

    1. Not realy. Is better to let them work like they do. They create a great game that Sony and Microsoft don’t want then Nintendo gets the secuel and makes them cry.

    1. That would be incredible. I really hope, because of Capcom and Nintendo’s talks about getting megaman in Smash that they also talked about getting a new Megaman exculsive on Wii U!! :D 💋

  6. When Rare was with Nintendo, they made more games and used more ips. If Retro is the closes thing to Rare, They need to fill in that missing gap Nintendo once had. Retro should be working on more than just Metroid and Star fox. They should be working on more platform adventure games as well. Also an alternative to Mario Kart.

    1. Retro should work on bringing games to Nintendo’s Wii U, that the Wii U wouldn’t typically get! Why can’t Nintendo publish a Zombie shooter like ZombiU and have Retro make it, beautifully I might add. 💋

      1. Now THAT would be an EPIC (no pun intended) idea, mammajynx! If Nintendo and Retro Studios were to make a zombie shooter for the Wii U, that would make Cliffy B. think twice and beg for mercy.

  7. I think Nintendo needs to realise some games don’t need to be big.

    F-Zero could easily be a eShop only title, and frankly it should, it shouldn’t take very long to create.

    I think that yes, they need to expand Retro, and let them have more leg room, make a new IP, but they need to reach out to other talents developers that don’t really have a definitive place on another system.

    Get Platinum Games to make IP’s, Shin’en, all the indie devs that gave MS the finger.
    Ask fucking Capcom to make games for you again, people forget, they made every handheld Zelda up till Phantom Hourglass (where ironically, the quality dropped a little). Ask SEGA, ask Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, despite being an asshole about Aliens, has said multiple times he’d work with Miyamoto and Nintendo is they want them to.

    Stop keeping your IP’s close to your chest when you’ve proven people CAN do a good job!

    Just don’t give them to shit fuckers like Team Ninja.


    1. To be fair, the gameplay of OtherM was excellent (I preferred it to Prime, felt much more like a real Metroid game). Samus’ characterisation as a little girl with daddy issues certainly sucked (I have no problem with a Metroid game exploring Samus’ femininity, just not in such a cliched and borderline chauvinistic manner) though.

      So, yes, hire a new writer, but by no means did Team Ninja actually make a bad game. Just a better than average game with bad writing.

  8. Let me say 1st I’ve played Nintendo only for 30+ years. I played 007 on the 64 but didn’t really sink into FPS games. With the Wii I gave COD a shot and fell in love. It occupied the next 3000+ gaming hours. I can’t play FPS with a controller but I’m not bad with the Nunchuk. NINTENDO PLEASE HEAR ME!! I hate how Activision treats us on Nintendo and I only have one wish from you. Make a FPS that my friends and I can play online together cause we know with the Nintendo Seal it will be a great game with a company that stands behind its product. We want to leave COD but we don’t have any FPS to turn to. At this point in my gaming life I bought a Nintendo to enjoy a FPS with controlls that make sense. Give us the Metroid FPS for hardcore gamers. Really it could be lil green army men just something can use to get us off COD.

    1. I wonder why Metroid doesn’t have online multiplayer battles? That feature should be implemented in every metroid game. I believe Metroid could rival even Halo’s popularity, if done right of course. 💋

      1. That’s kinda what I’m thinking. Multiplayer could be sorta like Kid Icarus: Uprising in that each player doesn’t play as the protagonist (Pit/Samus) but instead plays as fodder (angel/Galactic Federation soldier). That’d be pretty awesome. I’d play that to death.

      2. If they did Metroid MP something like BF it would be awesome. Vehicles, large scale maps, and brutal combat… they would just have to really try and make it work, I think that would blow BF4 and COD out of the water for good. I doubt this could ever happen though, because Nintendo fans rarely agree enough for Nintendo to take notice, so we keep getting platformer after platformer, and upgrade after upgrade. We need to unanimously want games like Metroid with MP, RPG and adventure like SOTE, Dark Souls, ETC. Nintendo can own so easily it baffles me why they dont make some of these moves.

    2. built around wii remote and chuck with gamepad as secondary screen hub map tactile etc

      aiming with sticks in fps IS GAY AS FUCK

  9. it would be really retro feeling of nintendo 64 games came to the wii u in the same graphics and gex and pandemonium in & 2

  10. They should expand Retro Studios so much that it isn’t just Metroid that they start working on, it is Star Fox too!!! 💋

  11. They need to make their own ip to Nintendo, that would really shake things up!

    1. I agree I would really love to see Retro work on something other than Metroid or Donkey Kong.

  12. Really? People are disappointed by a new DK game? They made three fucking Prime games in a row, god damn.

  13. I’m actually glad they’re not working on Metroid again. Retro has done plenty of Metroid games already, and they have a lot of tallent for more than one series, they need to work on other franchises. I’m not saying they should never return to Metroid in the future, but right now there’s more they could be doing to show their tallents to put Wii U back on the map. I’d much rather them work on Star Fox, or F-Zero, or a new IP.

  14. We want a new Star Tropics, new Faxanadu, new Earthbound, new Kid Icarus, new Metroid, new Wii U sports, new Star Fox, new F-Zero X Sonic Racing.






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