Seattle Federal Court Dismisses Wii Motion Plus Patent Lawsuit Filed Against Nintendo


A patent-infringement lawsuit brought against Nintendo of America was dismissed by a federal judge in Seattle. Triton had alleged that Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus accessory infringed one of Triton’s patents (U.S. Patent No. 5,181,181). Judge Richard A. Jones of the U.S. District Court dismissed the lawsuit following a ruling that rejected Triton’s legal arguments. Triton had initially filed suit in Texas, but Nintendo won a transfer to Seattle.

“We feel vindicated by the court’s ruling,” said Richard Medway, Nintendo of America’s deputy general counsel. “Nintendo’s track record demonstrates that we vigorously defend patent lawsuits, like the Triton lawsuit, when we believe that we have not infringed another party’s patent. Consumers respect Nintendo because we develop unique and innovative products, and because we respect the intellectual property rights of others.”



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    1. That’s nothing compare to the rate of lawsuits Apple receives every week. Besides, this lawsuit was dated back years ago and now finally comes to a close in Nintendo’s favor because unlike their competition, they’re more original and thats why lawsuits to them is just a waste of time.


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