Asynchronous Multiplayer Coming To Miiverse Soon


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained to investors that the company is busy working on system-wide asynchronous multiplayer for Miiverse. Basically this means that you will be able to send your play data to Miiverse for others to download and play against at a different time. There’s no information on when asynchronous multiplayer is going to be implemented, but it’s certainly an interesting development by Nintendo.

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    1. Awesome indeed! I can smell the feature of speed-run racing everyone in New Super Mario Bros. U! (And New Super Luigi U too!)

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    1. Turn-based multiplayer gameplay between two or more players that can check in and play their turn when it’s convenient.

      1. Does it mean I can click the main menu without it kicking me out of the damn game in BO2?

        1. No. It means for example that sharing ghost-data in Mario Kart will be easier through Miiverse.

    2. It will be similar to “ghost” mode in racing games, but you can have the “ghost” of a friend or someone else, also can be used similar to what Anonymous say, or even something like Facebook games where you do something and it affects other person’s game, even though you are not playing at the same time

    3. It’s similar to what me and my brother used to do with Chess.

      We had it laid out on a table and whenever we passed by it at our own times, we’d take turns and indicated when it was each other’s turn.

      Now think of that, except online.

      Another example would be Words with Friends (online Scrabble) where after your turn, your opponent would get an alert saying “Hey, it’s your move, now” and you can make your turn whenever you felt like it.

  1. Wouldn’t it just be easier to put fucking multiplayer in your games….?!?!?!?! Jesus. ggrmntuhm,,mjy8763ä)óömg??

      1. No. It isn’t the same thing. Asynchronous is more like playing against/with other people’s ghosts versus simultaneous which I’m sure is the online multiplayer that Arnold was speaking of; being able to play at the same time, together.

  2. I hope it means future games will happen. I would like to download ghost data like 3DS sort of does to be able to download peoples records and beat them.

  3. I remember not knowing what to expect from Miiverse.
    It’s simply amazing. Nintendo took the best of social networks, trimmed all the fat, and made it a safe, spectacular haven for gamers.

    Miiverse is a huge chunk of what Makes WiiU so fun.

    1. Indeed , it is a ”killer app” for sure! it really is a 10/10 app with endless potential. How many laughs and usefull discussion (regarding Nintendo) so far is too much!

      See U on Miiverse DB!

      1. And they keep making it better, showing they have a continuing investment in making it better for their gamers.

        can’t wait until it’s integrated into the 3DS. :D

      2. I don’t have a Wii U but I would give it a 8/10 since I heard from a lot of Miiverse users that the moderators are so strict. I heard someone typed in silly and then he got banned for a couple of days.

    2. miiverse is full of strange comments, and they delete all my comments, maybe it’s a place for only the absent minded, not that great at all.

      1. They only comments they’ve deleted of mine included the word “Fuck.”

        So maybe if you’re Fucking Swearing In a place meant for Fucking everyone, your comments should be Fucking deleted.

        You obviously are not an actual fucking user, or you would know Miiverse is a place to share achieved events, ask for advice or gaming help specific to an actual moment in the game, or your just another fucking loser that is mad about having your fucking comments moderated.

        Fucking understand?

        1. if they know what’s good for them, they should certainly ban you.

          I do not swear, and my comments are good, nothing to get upset about. but they are deleted all the same. I think if you are anything above a 5 year old intelect, then they kick you out.

    3. After giving miiverse a chance Im really enjoying my time there. Lots of content ..Also if they arent adding a second gamepad because of framerate issues.Then a logical next step would to push online multiplayer…do it!

    4. Its a little TO SAFE. Anything you say that is after what a 1st grader says can get you banned. Remove Admins and implement a Moderator System made up of PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUAL NINTENDO FANS AND USERS.

      1. i personally believe u are only able to discuss the game of the community ur in. really the whole point of miiverse. if u discus something of topic, its up to ur peers to decide if ur allowed to continue the topic. ive only ben deleted once and suppossedly i was being a bully. idont even remember what i posted.

  4. I might get some hate from this, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a full fledged words with friends (Scrabble) game on the Wii U? I feel like that would catch on as long as it’s cheap.

  5. Well… that’s certainly something to look forward to. Miiverse is starting to evolve into beast now.

  6. Exciting news, Nintendo is adding more to Mii Verse. What was already great just got much better. Nintendo seems to be stepping their game up. Now is the time for the Wii U to rise.

  7. So can you download ghost data from Miiverse users? And if you can download more stuff from Miiverse users what would that be?

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  9. Miiverse is just getting better and better. Now if only I had some god damn games to utilize this feature.

  10. Now the only thing left is a live chat with online friends. Come on Nintendo, it can be easy to develop.

  11. Not even gonna try to fight the imposters of me. I find it hilarious and look forward to seeing the comments myself. However if you wish to get to know me on a more personal basis then I am sure you already know my social links and such. lol :D

    Now for me to comment on the actual post. I think the idea of asynchronous multiplayer sounds pretty neat and interesting. That is all.

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  12. This will be helpful for games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Can’t wait to see what all is done with this feature.

  13. This sounds nuts…. but awesome as well keep up the innovation NINTENDO now lets see the others steal this.

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