Freedom Factory Announces Bloodbath For Wii U

Freedom Factory has announced that it’s bringing its new game Bloodbath to Wii U. The developers describe the game as a 3rd person hack’n’slash set in a dystopian future where a violent bloodsport is the only outlet for the frustration of society. Select your Pit Dog and prepare to fight all around the world against merciless adversaries in dangerous arenas full of death traps and hazards. Enjoy a Multiplayer experience like no other in “Bloodbath”

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      1. The 3DS will have another version released as it ~continues~ to crush handheld console sales.

        You don’t have to be a time traveler to know a system making money, with a huge library does not simply become “obsolete.” (3DS)

      2. The Wii U has been struggling quite a bit, I’ll give you that, but the 3DS?! It’s doing very well, and has a lot of games coming out for it.

      3. What about PS vita???? It is an awesome console with many games that are coming….OH WAIT!!!!

      4. Is that what people are saying now? That the 3DS will be obsolete by 2015?… wow. People and their idiotic doomsday theories. Why do people hate on Nintendo?-guess they just have no taste in videogames. 💋

      5. And 3DS obsolete by 2015? Seriously, are you THAT high enough on fanboy drugs to miss the fact that 3DS is now booming with great games and sells like hell? What about a $250-$300 boring ass PSVita that has only a few keys titles that are decent, a Super Smash Bros. ripoff (you know what I’m talking about) and..Call of Duty Declassified which bombs shit on itself.

        I believe what you’re telling is out of context, insensibility, Justin Bieber fanboyism and 180 of the truth. 3DS is doing more than just fine hater and it only gets better in 2014. PSVita however, its future looks more bleak than your dumbass realizes.

    1. So, you are basically saying that I am a baby? ha! what a fucking idiot, I didn’t knew that videogame consoles were time machines…

      1. I think it’s obvious anonymouse is just trolling. He said Wii U is for babies when there is no way I this game should be played by people under ten. He also said that the 3DS will be obsolete by 2015 when it is doing so great right now. When I read his comment I actually lol’d.

    2. And yet you have titles on Wii U such as Injustice, Mass Effect 3 with sex scenes, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with Menedez stabbing a dude in the neck with a glass, slashing throats and shooting Woods in both knee caps with a SPAS 12 shotgun, Assassin’s Creed 3 stabbing killing spree, Batman beating the shit out of criminals and villains. lol Yeah. Wii U is for kids alright..the very same kids who played those similar games on other consoles cursing the shit out of themselves acting tough without parent supervision.

      Dude, GTFO, throw away that Justin Bieber fanboyism BS out the window and get your facts and reality checked a professional therapist.

  1. Wow, another game no one cares about is coming to Wii U, WHERE ARE THE RELEVANT GAMES? The Wii U will be nothing more than an indie game machine with rehashed Nintendo games…

    1. I love you. Why don’t we get married? I’ll be the male. You’ll be the cocksucker cos you have experience anyway.

    2. I’ll bet my ass that you’re one of those “create new IP’s Nintendo! You’re rehashing too much Nintendo!”, and now a new IP is coming out for the Wii U, and you say “give us the relevant titles like >sequels or new installments of existing ip’s<" – good job.

    1. I hate to agree but its the sad truth. Atleast there is Ps4 and 3ds. Nintendo should stay handheld only, its the only thing they seem to understand.

      1. Exactly, handhelds are the only thing nintendo has gotten right since iwata became president. The only good nintendo consoles were NES,SNES,N64,GameCube since then they were utter shit. The handhelds have always been good and the 3ds lives up to the greatness. Nintendo should leave home console market to save themselves the suffering and embarressment.

        1. apparently not that many seemed to share your opinion about the N64 and the gamecube since they both sold far less than SNES, NES or wii and it’s the opinion of the many that counts not the opinion of the few

          no amount of bickering from your side about how bad the wii was or about how great the gamecube was will change that

      2. Yahh… no. Super Smash BELONGS on a home console. Metroid, Zelda, 3D Mario, etc are BEST on a home console. Nintendo needs to keep making home consoles. 💋

    2. First, you misused the word rehashed because Nintendo might use the same characters, but they are used in brand new games with new experiences. Also, it is hardly a bad thing that indie devs are flocking to the Wii U. Wait til Christmas, the Wii U will be selling like 3DS’. 💋

    3. Bahamas. At least Indie games are better then most 3rd parties these days. They are much more creative and less generic. Helping Indie devs is helping the future of gaming.

    1. this game looks garbage.I had a game similar to this on 64…It was called Biofreaks

      1. Biofreaks doesn’t look bad for an N64 game (just looked it up on Youtube). Also, this game is a 3D fighter (I believe) and Biofreaks was a 2D fighter so they aren’t as similar as you may think. 💋

  2. Who cares about this shit, way to go Nintendo Ps4 gets FFXV, XboxOne gets crimson dragon and wii u gets this, what a joke and to think that i actually believed before wii u was released that they are gonna get all core gamers back. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        1. There are plenty of games for the Core Gamers but most that bash Nintendo are not even Nintendo fans…

        2. There are many Nintendo fans who’s hobbies include playing Nintendo games. 💋

    1. You know why you retards keep bashing the wiiu? Because you dont read any relevant news, stuck trolling Nintendo for a living lol. Sad fucks. You would be laughed out of the forums on relevant news sites that actually have fresh real news on wiiu. This site only gives regurjitated news from other troll sites. Too bad. In no way do I blame this site for you crybabies with no vision. You sad retards say the same shit every fucking day upon day. You live a truly sad life, while Nintendo fans are truly excited. Again, NO TRUE NINTENDO FAN GIVES A SHIT ABOUT OVERHYPED INTERACTIVE MOVIES OVER AT SONY LMAO! Nintendo doesnt need you terdballs, and doesnt need to emulate sony. You want sony? Go sony, but stay over there… why you truly moronic down syndrome babies come to Nintendo sites is beyond me, and beyond normal people, but its the way you dickfaces operate, which is why us real fans have moved out of this stinkin hellhole made of retarted trolls that relive everyday with the same shit as punishment for being, well fucking retarted lol. Enjoy your delusions children, and we collect your tears in vials that serve for unlimited laughter and happiness, because we all get to enjoy our superiour communities, where trolls get moderated and banned, after getting shit on by the truths Nintendo keeps on unveiling lol. See ya later drone children, and enjoy your movies, bring extra popcorn, because thats all youll be enjoying, is movie after movie lmao.

    2. While Crimson Dragon looks interesting there was no audio in the trailer so its hard to say how it is fully. Plus we haven’t even seen actual gameplay from any Xbox One game. Anyone who gets an Xbox One though isn’t a gamer.

      1. Im getting the xbox one for killer instinct and crimson dragon. A gamer plays what they want. Nintendo has fucked up and dropped the ball. I regret buying my wii u. I wish the best for every console. But sometimes you need to give up. At least the dreamcast had some cool arcade and cult classics… the wii u has generic zombie game A and shovelware..

  3. WOW! An entire 6 character? Let me catch my breath here. But other than that HUGE flaw, It actually looks pretty decent. Then again…I don’t even own a WiiU yet :*(

  4. Looks interesting! Guys, even if this isn’t the game for you, it’s still important for games of ALL types to be developed and released for the Wii U. It increases the system’s overall library, gives players more options on what to purchase and play, and also provides another title on a list of third party games that can be then used to shut douchebags up.

  5. Bring it on! Ninty will win this generation, they know what they are doing.
    There will be the high end 1st party titles, and a sh*tload of indie games. The 3rd parties will miss the boat one more time..

    1. Hopefully half of them ends up like the Atarians whos forces are not worth more than 3.6 million dollars…

      Disgrace for such a big company once upon a time…

      But good that they are all gone…

  6. I see, so it’s the Wii U’s counterpart to Mad World. Which I, by the way, enjoyed quite a bit.

  7. It’s interesting how you hypocrites attack Nintendo no matter what it is about…

    Sonyan Logic 1: “Nintendo makes baby games, where are the mature ones?…”

    Nintendo’s answer: “Watch Dogs, Batman, Splinter Cell, Bayonetta 2 etc etc…”

    Sonyans: “Why is Bayonetta 2 on a weak console?!…”

    Sonyan Logic 2: “Nintendo should make and invest in new games other than Mario and Zelda…”

    Nintendo’s answer: “Several new Indie games that are great and new IP’s coming or will be released like The Wonderful 101…”

    Sonyans: “They all suck, we want Third Party games like PS4 and Xbox Done will get!”

    Sonyan Logic 3: “Please Nintendo, make things easier for companies to develop for the Wii U!”

    Nintendo’s answer: “Hundreds of Indie Developers where many of them could become big in the future…”

    Sonyans: ” Who cares about new games and indie developers?! We want the same games!”

    Sonyan Logic 4: “Nintendrones are the worst! they bitch all the time and defend Nintendo no matter what!”

    Nintendo Fans: ” This is a Nintendo dedicated site where you Sonyans comes here to bash and insult the company and its fan no matter what they say or do…”

    Sonyans: “Fuck you asshole! Go back to the real world fucking virgin social reject!”

    And so on…

    And about this game, they could have added more characters atleast…

    1. Theres a reason why so many have becomed those that you keep callin as Sonyans.

      1. The reason is that you cannot live without Nintendo since you all end up in here…

        1. In a way you are right they have good franchises and im interested to see what they are gonna do, thats why i follow nintendo news. But they have been lackin that power what made them great once, they are lame now compared to what they used to be. Isnt it lame that you have console that basically has games from one company? Ps4 has Destiny,FFXV etc. lots of games from 1st and 3rd parties comin, while Wii u library is full of same 1st party games. I like 3ds but Wii u is proving that nintendo doesnt know what to do with home consoles. They should be handheld only. 3ds is full of support unlike Wii u. You keep on defending this brand no matter what. It all would be different if wii u would have been more powerful that way FFXV would be on that thing too but no lets make it cheap HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          1. I agree somewhat that it might be annoying that the Wii U does not get the support it needs but the blame should also go to the likes of the Electrons that gives us ports which are inferior to the Xbox 360 and PS3 and then expecting Nintendo fans to drool all over them…

  8. wow, 6 characters….nice roster. gonna get Dynasty Warriors 8 with 70 characters :D

    1. If the game is fun than it doesn’t matter how many characters it has! Look at Borderlands and Borderlands 2. They don’t have “70” characters but they are wicked popular and are a cult hit now. Plus games like these typically get DLC characters and weapons and crap. 💋

  9. WIIU has more games coming out this year and the next than sony(FACT)… but these iliterate drones continue their childish rehashed everyday comments lol. I already listed over 90 confirmed games coming, but of course trolls ignore that, because the highlight of their sad lives compromise of delusionally attacking a company they know nothing of, being that they get their news from the likes of blackb0nd and other trolls like him LOL! Nintendo owns all of ya trolls and their companies lol.

  10. Saw this yesterday on and I was like “Who says Wii U get’s no mature games!!!?” lol! 💋

  11. sony has this gen won, nintendo aint even a player with their last-gen counsole called wiiu.
    haha, drink that instead of that sheep piss your all drinking.

    1. And you need to stop drinking the “make your ass a stupid fanboy” Koolaid and learned how to correctly spell “Console” right Sony’s favorite jackass hanging with its own herd of black sheeps.

    2. @its me= You wouldnt know next gen if if was rammed up your ass… oh wait, the great next gen lie has been rammed up there already, actually believing that more interactive cgi movies, is next gen- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hey I heard there’s a great special going on at blockbuster for popcorn! Take advantage of it! OH! A “Last gen” system running MK8, BAYO2, X, DK, ETC. at 1080p 60fps says kiss its ass troll lol! Lat gen consoles could only dream of achieving that with their SUB HD upconverted rez LOL! Try 480-600P upscaled losers! Get educated, a mind is a terrible thing to waste! Compare WIIU to last gen… and its OBVIOUS WIIU is next gen in terms of power thanks to its fully customized tech… so unique with its extra cores, short pipelines, gpgpu, new cpu, 2 gigs, etc eats your dinosaur consoles alive. When compared to Ps4, considering its customized gpgpu, all the ps4 can really tout is its RAM, and slightly better OFF SHELF GPU!!! You drones are truly naive. Thats why so many devz are looking at the likes of MK and BAYO2 scratching their bald heads wondering HOW THE HELL they do that??? lol!

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