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Nintendo Creating Brand New Types Of Games For Wii U


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained that the company is working on brand-new types of games for the company’s latest home console, Wii U. Iwata says that they will announce them nearer to completion to minimise the chances of other development studios copying their ideas. He concluded by saying that with Wii U Nintendo wants to satisfy existing video game fans first and provide new surprises later.

“When it comes to brand-new types of games, we have to announce them not too far in advance of the actual release dates in order to have a strong impact in the market and minimize the chance of others introducing similar or competing products. We are working on new types of games, but we would like to announce them much closer to their actual release timings for this reason.

“When it comes to Wii, as ‘Wii Sports’ spread throughout the world at a sensational speed, some misunderstood that all Wii could do is enable them to play games by moving the Wii Remote. With Wii U, therefore, we planned to satisfy existing video game fans first and provide new surprises later.”

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110 thoughts on “Nintendo Creating Brand New Types Of Games For Wii U”

  1. Fucking about time they announce that they’re working on something COMPLETELY new. And what kind of game would be something that the competitors haven’t used? Pirate Simulator?

    1. All it means is they are working on a game that uses the gamepad in ways we have yet to see. It doesn’t mean a new IP or anything. It could still be Mario Party or another DK game just with new controls. 💋

  2. Ok that’s nice, they should’ve just made it closer to launch date. Now all year ahead of competition start is wasted.

    1. “New types of games…”

      Obviously new IP’s whether it’s from existing franchises or new ones…

      We already know Lord Miyamoto is working on one anyway…

      This is why the gaming universe in the west is pathetic, they have 0 patience…

      I’m sure many will still complain about the same garbage by these news…

      Pure ignorance…

    2. If it were new IP’s he would have said that, or “New GAMES.” But Miyamoto said “New TYPES of Games” which only means that they are moving away from using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck stuff with DK and Pikmin 3 and they are going to work on games that utilize the Gamepad in interesting ways. I would guess Zelda Wii U is one of these, because they said they have been working on it for a while now, but wanted to reveal it at later date than E3.

  3. I really want another international direct. Perhaps with some smash bros news. However with the two japanese directs very close together I don’t see it happening next week. Or even further than that.

    1. We could be getting one specifically for North America or Europe since Japan’s been getting all the love. 💋

  4. let me see…….. a shitty game like wii music or another mario game. well you wont get the core back but you will get these stupid blind fanboys again. so long nintendo. 1985- 2013

      1. Sony has a game for you next year called Infamous: Second Sun, you know the series that no one cares about.

        1. Big three are overrated

          Sony is awesome. They make great hardware, get support, make new ips like knack. I liked Nintendo more than Sony once but blind sheeps ruined Nintendo they just bought same games and cheap hardware over and over again.

            1. Big three are overrated

              I dont give a shit about sales i care about games. Keep playin those 1000000000000000000000 same mario games over and over again.

              1. ^^^^^ this is the freaking problem. they will hide behind sales, but knowing in the end that they have no games but the same exact ones. non other than carnival game.

                1. Sony is bleeding money dude. They want people to buy their games. Apparently not enough people care about their games.

                2. Big three are overrated

                  Yeah you get it dude. Thats the main problem they think that sales justify everything from overpriced hardware to same games, they just keep on sleepin on their day dream. They are those people who ruined Nintendo and they know it, thats why they bring the sales up so they would feel better for what they did.

                  1. If people don’t buy Sony’s exclusives what do you think will happen to their studios? Dumb shit.

                    1. Big three are overrated

                      Thats their problem not mine. Again i dont give a shit how much money some company makes how much consoles and games they sell, i buy the games to entertain me, my purpose isnt make money to other people when i buy game. My favorite 6th gen console is dreamcast even though it didnt sell it just had the games i liked and i enjoyed it, when sega stopped makin consoles i didnt give a flying shit because now i dont need their console to play their games i can play them on Sony,Ms or Nintendo consoles cheaper for me. Im selfish bastard hahahahahahaa. And to be honest it would be cool to have Nintendo as 3rd party atleast then i wouldnt need to buy their overpriced systems.

                    2. why does nintendo never bring anything west????? oh yeah because sheep like you wont but them. fatal frame 4, mother 3 captain rainbow, didnt even want to bring the rainfall games over. their is plenty more, like tales of graces and ni nu kinu, still more. those to later went to sony because they knew it would sell. stupid nintensheep are the reason why nintendo has no games.

                    3. @ Iceazeama

                      When did I say I didn’t want some of the titles that Nintendo don’t bring to to the West.

                      Nintendo has games coming out this year. You’re delusional.

                1. how do you know we like sony???? have something like heavy rain demon souls and more…… while nintendo gets carnival games in their bargain bin. yeah clear winer their is nintendo…..

                    1. @Iceazeama

                      Yeah, carnival games is one of Nintendo’s big IP’S. Sigh. (sarcasm)

              2. Exact same games?…

                Fact: 3 games in the NSMB series released within a period of 4 years, each on different consoles, Wii,3DS and Wii U…

                Sony games:

                Within 3-4 years 1 game and 2 sequels released with barely any change to gameplay other than graphics and story…

                Yes we might play the same type of formula from time to time but that’s hardly anything compared to your games which are all played basically the same and are released very frequently…

                  1. Lets do a comparison. Halo and Mario. Lets see. Focusing on only the home consoles since Microsoft does not have a hand held one. Nes Super Mario bros 1, 2 and 3. SNES Youshi’s Island and Baby Mario, N64, SM64, Gamecube, Sunshine, Wii Galaxy 1 And 2, NSMBWII, AND Wii U, NSMBU, 3D Mario World. Halo, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 .At least Mario games have wayyyyyyy more changes!!! What else, Halo franchises are catching up faster than Mario games. In about 7 more years, there will be as many Halo games as Mario games. One Xbone expect 3 to 4 more Halos. *yawns!

                  2. I just wish they worked on F-Zero Star Fox or create some new IP. All of which could use the game play in each of its own great way. While I think Mario games do change, we need something else besides Mario. So I’ll give you that, but why troll fans with this?

                    1. Nintendo Commander

                      Who says they aren’t or won’t?…

                      Nintendo always does the opposite or unexpected from what most believe…

                      Everybody thought that Retro was making a new Metroid or Starfox but nobody ever thought that they were making DKCRTF…

                      I’m sure that if Nintendo can “dissapoint” a bit, so can they ignite the surprise aswell…

              1. Fact Halo is more the same than Mario. After all I never played a 3D Mario going up to 4 players before. So who’s kidnapped? Any Sonydrones know?

          1. nintendo had cheap hardware since the start. and they are the only exclusive devepolers with the most Still ongoing franchises. so i cant see when you ever liked nintendo. i love their games, dont care about the console as long i get the games

      1. no…… thats when they became a huge console manufacturer, and the time they end. they are so irrelevant in the last 8 years its not even funny.

        1. Why? Because they don’t get the exact same Third Party games as everybody else?…

          Because you don’t like NSMBU?…

          That’s your problem, not Nintendo’s…

          The only thing I agree with everybody on is that they failed at launch again…

            1. So what you ignorant Xbots and Sonyans are saying is that if you fail with a launch, the console and it’s games must be bad forever?…

              No wonder you have such small brains…

              And I don’t need to “understand” anything unless they pull the exact evilness the Xbots do…

              Aslong as Nintendo does not try to violate my private life and information in any dangerous way, I’ll keep my loyalty…

              1. yeah….. that why nobody cares about the shitbox. sony and even pc if not by microshit wont have that problem. stop trying to dodge that nintendo has gone down the drain.

        2. Iceman ignoring the current articles about Nintendo working on allll new games. I guess it takes another Nintendo direct for you to believe.

        3. Irrelevant to who? They are the only console manufacturer to come close to 100 Million in console sales, the other 2 are in the 70’s. Get real with that statment. Just because you dont care doesnt mean others dont. Sorry the future is bright for them. They are late to the HD party which has bitten them in the ass, bit wait until their full potential is reached with this hardware. Their games will be more beautiful and more fun than anything on the other two

    1. Well you don’t know , they might be making a good all ip after all , let’s hope this happens :)

  5. Did he mean the games for this year and those announced are for loyal gamers then the surprises are for general (mostly casuals)? That is my intrepretation…

  6. Fan From the Future

    Good news guys.
    I came back from the future to let you know Nintendo will be fine.
    You are living in a pivoting point for the company. They have realized:

    1. They can’t print money by saturating the fan base with Mario titles anymore.
    2. When they finally understood how to make HD games, they realized they in fact did build an underpowered console.
    3. The WiiU keeps it’s head just above water, but never becomes a commercial success. However, at the dawn of the 9th Gen, they bring back the IP’s AND the power, launching a tablet controller console with heavy specs, and Launches with Zelda, Mario Kart, a Mario title and 20 Gamecube VC titles.

    You just need to wait 4-5 years. Nintendo realizes the WiiU was a small step into the HD world, and decides it needs to launch a successor sooner than later. While there are huge organization changes while Nintendo loses 40% of it’s liquid assets, their handhelds keep them financially sound. Iwata remains with Nintendo as a consultant.

    And wait until you see the 3DS HD.. But that’s for another time…

      1. Fan From the Future

        Keep doing what you’re doing. If Nintendo doesn’t take a moderate fall, then they don’t rise up stronger.

        There is a bleaker future, where Nintendo doesn’t take a fall, and they don’t see the cliff until it’s too late. They are forced to scale back and focus on handheld hardware and software, cutting jobs by 37%. The console market crashes and 89% of gaming development is for cheap, assembly line apps. (with a few gems here and there.)

    1. Big three are overrated

      2. When they finally understood how to make HD games, they realized they in fact did build an underpowered console.

      I really hope they realize this. I really miss my powerful N consoles.

      1. no shit snes and n64 blew the water away. if n64 could of had 3rd party, it could of been one of the best consoles ever, maybe even past the snes. then gamecube has to be one of the most underrated consoles ever. then went down the drain wiiiiiiii!!!!!)

        1. Big three are overrated

          Snes, N64 and gamecube were worth the money. They werent overpriced like wii they had games for gamers, then iwata and sheeps ruined everything.

    2. Care to share any tragedies that we could prevent? The next Newtown or even 9/11? Or are you only concerned with the minutiae of the game console industry in THE FUTURE.

          1. Nintendo Commander

            Indeed, I’m betting you also saw that 99% of all humans have lost their sense of humor,sarcasm and fun?…

  7. I love the fact that Nintendo is the only company that cops to their mistakes and is at least trying to do better. The new era of their games starts with Pikmen. You can diss them all you want but lets look at a few facts.

    Their first year ever making a HD game ever is 2013 at least 7 years later.
    With no outside help no experience at all they have already caught up and surpassed companies making HD games for years.
    History has proven that if you have enough practice you will get better until you’re at the top of your game.
    The Key thing is Nintendo took shot’s at the other two companies. They have flat out said hey if we show our games then Soy and Microsoft will copy us so although people don’t want to hear it, it is what it is.

    1. Back in 2011, when the Wii U was unveiled, the Zelda tech demo showed (at least somewhere in Nintendo) they already knew HD gaming… and they made the engine for that demo in a matter of weeks.

  8. well it’s about fucking time. been waiting for a news like this for a long time now. now we just have to hope it’s not some fucking $4 eshop game or some shit. triple a or gtfo.

  9. Why the fuck does everyone think they are all casual games? Whenever Nintendo does a new IP, it’s a genre not from LoZ or SMB, like RPG (Pokémon (counting this since it was released first in 1996), Denpa Men, Fire Emblem (counting for a multitude of reasons)), puzzle (Pushmo/Pullblox), and more. Whenever they make a new IP, it’s usually not based off of an existing Nintendo IP, so I really don’t think this is a casual shit, but more of a new IP with a genre Nintendo barely ever did before.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      They are blinded by the Wii’s games although the Wii still had plenty of games not primarally directed towards casuals…

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  12. Proud Nintendo Fanboy

    As much of a Mario fan as I am and will always be, I have to admit that it’s getting a little tiresome seeing Mario appear in SO many games lately. I’ve actually been losing interest. That’s why I think that new IP’s and characters are important to keep things feeling fresh every now & then. The only Mario game that I DO want is one that hasn’t been announced yet. A new Super Mario Galaxy-like game. Super Mario 3D World was NOT what I was hoping to see announced at E3. And I think everyone feels the same way.

  13. I hope if they make a Mario Party 10, that it’s completely redone and different. Because Mario party has needed an overhaul for a LONG time. But I must admit, it would sure be cool to see every Mario Party game all piled into one. I mean, with every mini-game and board from every Mario Party, all in one game (not just 9 Mario Party games that are selectable on one disc). I’ve been wanting that for ages.

    1. Mario Party, in my eyes, just needs to die. Wii Party can take over for it, and eventually the Miis in general can…

  14. This does not necessarily mean new IPs though. I am curious as to what they have planned. I have a feeling they have something big planned for the next Legend of Zelda. Can’t wait to find out more.

  15. i think they mean mario with a different color hat, to a filthy jap with no crfeativity, that is brand new.

  16. Remember e3 last year? Where they showed the WiiU’s trailer? THAT showed what the WiiU’s capable of. One of my favorite parts of it was when they showed a golf game and the Gamepad was on the floor, and it showed the tee on it, the player swung the Wiimote, and the ball went off the gamepad and onto the TV. They DO know what the WiiU can do. They just haven’t put their mind to it, as far as we know. They’re geetting out those best-selling franchises to boost WiiU sales, then they’re gonna focus more on the Gamepad’s capabilities (which I think they should’ve done in the first place).

    You never know what Nintendo wil do next, they could amaze everyone withe a new type of Mario game, just like they did with Super Mario Galaxy, or something completely new. I heard someone suggest that they should make another Pokemon Snap for WiiU, you know, where the Gamepad could be the camera? More capabiliuties shown right there.

    1. Nintendo’s E3 last year was dire (shudder). The only notable thing I can remember was Nintendoland.

      E3 2011 for Nintendo however; remember when they showed a golf game and the Gamepad was on the floor, and it showed the tee on it, the player swung the Wiimote, and the ball went off the gamepad and onto the TV.

  17. I don’t know why everyone’s underestimating Nintendo. Maybe they’ve forgotten how well they’ve been doing in the past.

  18. Little known fact : Iwata has worked and helped create many good games alongside HAL Labs (SUCH AS ssb ON n64).

  19. This news makes me happy, although I am skeptical. It might just be Iwata-style ifs, buts and maybes, in order to appease angry shareholders. Still, fingers crossed for some NEW, HIGH QUALITY, GAMER FOCUSED titles.

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