Miyamoto: What Makes A New Game Is New Gameplay And New Interactions, Not New Characters


At last month’s E3, rather than revealing new IP’s, Nintendo focused on its existing franchises. During the expo, the publisher showcased multiple sequels for Wii U, including Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze. And this has lead people to wonder whether Nintendo is working on brand-new IP’s for its latest console.

Game Informer had the chance to ask Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto whether the company feels the need to create all-new franchises as well as new characters. Miyamoto responded by saying he doesn’t think new characters are what make a new game. According to the video game designer, a new game is one that offers new gameplay and new interactions.

Game Informer: The game’s that you’re showing today – Pikmin, Mario Kart, the Zelda games, Mario 3D World – they’re all definitely part of your core franchises that have always carried Nintendo forward. Internally, do you guys feel the need or have the desire to create new franchises and new characters to add to that stable of the Marios, Links, and Donkey Kongs?

Miyamoto: Certainly within Nintendo, we have people internally who are saying, “Well, we have our old characters from our old games, and that’s old IP, and we should think about creating new IP.” But the question that we always ask is: “Does a new character really make it a new game?” And to me, the answer to that is, “No.” What makes it a new game is new gameplay and new interactions. So when we’re creating a game, we’re always looking at it from, “What is the gameplay, and how are making that gameplay new?” And then, “Who is the character that is best suited to that gameplay?”

By taking this approach, for us, we feel like even when we’re creating new installments in existing series, we’re creating new experiences, because the gameplay that’s in there is something that’s entirely new. And in some cases, we may even end up creating new characters. Pikmin was an example of how we ended up creating new IP, because we created this new style of gameplay, and it really needed a new character in order to have that gameplay work, and that was the approach we took. We created the gameplay mechanic first, and then created the characters afterwards.

What we always stress, when we’re working with our development teams is, “Focus first on creating fun and new gameplay, and then we’ll figure out what the character is or what the IP is that’s going to go with it.” In the future, we may see that that will bring us some new characters and new IP, but what’s important to me is that, even with the existing IP that we’re releasing games for, they’re all new gameplay experiences.


  1. Miyamoto el mejor. Con esto es mas que claro porque Nintendo se mantiene estable.

  2. you have to think of characters of mario like an actor. Hes in a variety of different games with different gameplay in each

    1. @number1bowserfan Nice article, “Alba; keep up the good work.;)” and not post anything that has to do with that good for nothing piece of shit pachter

      1. Here, here! Aye, even though Pachter is 99.9999% wrong, it is interesting as a reader to see what wrong mistake he would say. I’m not gonna lie— it’s pretty interesting what Pachter has to say for me to laugh at how my times he has proven wrong; so the way I see it is Nintendo News.

  3. though i respect miyamoto greatly, i feel that for smash bros, that statement doesn’t work. part of the reason people buy and play new smash bros is for the characters.

    1. But aren’t the “new” characters in Smash Bros. not really “new” at all? Don’t know about you, but I don’t think there’s ever been a fighter that was a completely original creation for Smash Bros.

      1. Perhaps not a fighter but Smash does have a lot of original villains. Take Tabuu for instance and a lot of other bosses from Brawl. They were exclusive to the Smash Universe.

        1. I know but how he said “new characters” made it seem like he was referring to the playable fighters. I mean, who gets that excited about boss characters? It’s all about who you get to play as.

            1. I like bosses too, but in Smash Bros. it’s kind of meh. I prefer to fight against actual people there.

              1. To each his own I guess. I really enjoyed playing with my bestfriend on an intense difficulty for the boss rush mode. That’s one of my most memorable gaming moments. My other is a bunch of friends playing Brawl against each other until five in the morning at his birthday party. I guess it’s about half and half with me.

                1. I remember I did the home run contest with a friend I used to have. We were both Ganondorf and had a system that we tried over and over and eventually we got it perfect and sent the sandbag FLYING. I think it went over 3,000 or something. I’ve traded in Brawl since then cause it got boring with no one else to play against.

                  1. Aww damn I was just about to ask you for your friend code. Oh well perhaps we can compete on the Wii U and 3DS versisons of Super Smash Bros.?

      2. Fox McCloud and Captain Falcon were basically created for Smash Bros. Sure, the characters had existed before, but you played as their vehicles, not the characters themselves– whoever heard of Falcon PUNCH!!! before Smash Bros? When had anyone ever thrown a punch in F-Zero? But now it’s an indelible part of the character.

        1. To the point that that Captain Falcon did that attack during the last episodes of his anime.

      3. IKR! From what I’ve heard, they have Megaman in the new one. Which in terms was just a male Samus to begin with. I feel that it’s just going to be another Mario/Luigi/Dr. Mario, Roy/Marth, C.Falcon/Ganondorf, Pikachu/Pichu, Link/Young Link, Ness/Lucas, Fox/Falco/Wolf Ridley/Meta Ridley thing. (Please hint the fact that I pointed out that half of the characters in the series are just duplicates with a twist) They really need to get new characters in there. They have thousands of games to choose from, and they do nothing but make repeats. Granted Diddy, Dedede, Sonic, Snake and a few others were new. But they had to pay Sega to use them in the game. I mean, they could easily just make Terra from FF6 a character to replace Sonic. Obviously the fighting style would be different, but they could have the same FS. Terra transforms into an Esper, and flys around, much like Sonic does. And I believe it would be more or less free since I think Nintendo still owns partial rights to SquareEnix. This ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would. Sorry. But I hope you see the point I am trying to make. Have a good day amigo. :)

        1. Mega Man is NOTHING like Samus, just FYI. I hope Sakurai gives Luigi his own moveset (use his vaccuum cleaner!) and I hope he gives Falco and Wolf there own movesets two. Maybe he can even replace Wolf with Krystal? Also, all the final Smashes need to be different from each other and some final smashes need to be changed. For Example: Peach could summon her Peach’s Castle Robot from Mario and Bowser’s Inside Story and destroy everyone. Meta Knight could summon his minions, the Meta Knights to attack everyone like DeDeDe’s Smash, but not with Wadlede’s. Luigi can pull out his vaccuum cleaner and press the reverse button, releasing King Boo to come and KiLL! Ganon should turn into beast Ganon, BUT you should be able to control hom like Giga Bowser is controled. Fox keeps the Landmaster, Falco gets his Airwing and Wolf can call on his Star Wolf team to bombard the playing field. There are others, but I can’t list them all. 💋

      4. Wrong buddy This is a list of them that have been made just for SSB, Pit was put in before a new game was put out on 3ds, Rob the Robot, Snake, Wolf, Mr game and watch, and I’m sure a lot more with wii u

      5. Well Roy was a playable character in Melee before his game even came out. Also, R.O.B was designed for Super Smash and was based off of a videogame console. Sure he appeared in Mario Kart and Star Fox Adventures, but he was completely redesigned to fit this game. Those are the only 2 I can think of. 💋

  4. I agree to an extent but I think Nintendo really needs to create a new IP that will appeal to older consumers that may have left Nintendo and need a new reason to come back that doesn’t seem ( and dare I even say it) “kiddy” to them. I know Nintendo has plenty of talented people to make a more mature game that will have more people come back to their games. Anyways I’m still a huge fan of their software and can’t wait to get more of their upcoming games.

      1. Before you say anything please note that I love Xenoblade a ton and consider it one of the best 3 RPGs of last gen. With that being said, Nintendo of America did a piss poor job of localizing the game. They just cheaply imported the UK version, made it exclusive to Gamestop, and produced limited quantities of it and that was after a HUGE campaign of begging. Why in the hell do we have to beg Nintendo to give them money? Nintendo sure as hell can bring over Wii Music like no problem but when we want something like Xenoblade they freak out. Plus Xenoblade is made by Monolith. I’m talking about Nintendo EAD or even Retro making a new mature IP. Once again I love Xenoblade Chronicles so much and can not wait to play X on Wii U.

        1. I agree, they did a piss poor job of localizing the game.
          They printed little to no copies, and I’m currently going through hell and back trying to get one. I was one of those people who begged and pleaded.

          We were promised that they’d do a better job localizing Japanese games this gen, however, so we’ll have to wait and see.
          The 8th generation started (For home consoles) only eight months ago, so we shouldn’t judge yet.

          1. That’s why I bought the game day one with a pre-order. Sorry you missed out. It’s as amazing as everyone says it is. Very epic and grand in scale. Perhaps the best RPG of last gen if not then maybe The Last Story.

              1. Good. At least you got that and Pandora’s Tower. I also recommend Monster Hunter 3, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and The Tower of Mirrors, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers, and Echoes of Time if you have a Wii RPG itch. I hope that you one day will get to experience Xenoblade Chronicles and if not on Wii then hopefully and HD remake on Wii U.

                1. Got Monster Hunter Tri, I just need the 3DS one.
                  Radiant Dawn is also stupidly expensive and I’m trying to get that. Also, I don’t know if you know this, but Echoes of Time is a DS game, not Wii.

                  And I will get the entire Rainfall Trilogy. Mark my words.

                  1. Nope. Echoes of Time is a DS and Wii game. You can have cross-platform play between the DS and Wii versions as well as play online. I believe Echoes of Time was compatible with Wii Speak and the typing board.

                    1. Wait, it’s on Wii?
                      Cross-platform play?!
                      I’ve gotta pick this up now! Thanks!

                2. IMO Crystal Bearers wasn’t that great. It was an interesting game, but the motion controls could’ve been pulled off better….Maybe I should revisit the game, it’s a long time since I played it.

        2. I just wanted to note that Monolith IS Nintendo. It’s owned 100% by Nintendo, meaning it’s fully first-party.

    1. Plus, Nintendo did develop Pandora’s Tower.
      A new, “mature” IP.
      Whether we have new IPs thrown at us every year or not, I play games for what they are, not for what they look like.

      1. Unfortunately, despite my own personal opinion on the game, Pandora’s Tower met with mediocre reviews and did not appeal to the masses. Nintendo needs to make a game that will appeal to a broader audience. Not necessarily make Call of Duty but make a new IP that will kick the ass of Call of Duty in terms of quality, sales, and number of participants online.

        1. You have a point. Pandora was more of a niche game.
          Personally, I loved it. But critics say otherwise.

          I think that IP still has life in it, though. Or they could make something else. Maybe make a Prime-style game and give it the weapons customization of Call of Duty and the like, it’d destroy CoD. Instantly.

          1. Well it doesn’t necessarily have to even be a shooter. It just has to appeal to a lot of people and get a huge fanbase. Not necessarily a dudebro fanbase but it wouldn’t hurt it dudebros fell in love with a new Nintendo IP and Nintendo was guaranteed to sell at least 4 million copies with over a million players online each month. Maybe then trolls will stop calling Nintendo kiddie and for babies……oh wait that will never happen. XP

          2. Actually, a real good idea would be to incorporate stuff like that into Sin & Punishment.
            The frantic battles of Sin & Punishment with multiplayer that can rival Call of Duty? It’d be fantastic, but Nintendo needs to market it properly if they want to sell it.

            1. It would be a super tough challenge. I am the only person that I know that owns Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. Great game, poor sales.

              1. The thing is, I know Nintendo’s capable of making something to appeal to the same dudebro audience as CoD.
                An enormous selection of weapons? Kid Icarus: Uprising.
                First-person gameplay? All four Metroid Prime games.
                Dark, gritty environments? Sin & Punishment, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower…
                Lag-free multiplayer with hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million players? Mario Kart Wii.

                They can easily make something to remove this “kiddy” label, I wish they would, but I won’t let it ruin my day.

                1. Personally, I would love to see them make an action game. Maybe a ninja game where you have to stop a zombie apocalypse or else demons will take over the world. I don’t know. I just want them to kick the shit out of Team Ninja because they are the main company that I go to for Ninja games. Or better yet, just have Nintendo take over the Ninja Gaiden titles.

                  1. A zombie game like ZombiU was amazing. Nintendo could have made something like that.
                    I really wish they didn’t ditch Silicon Knights, maybe they could make something with the atmosphere of Eternal Darkness. They were incredible.

                    1. ZombiU is how I wanted Resident Evil to be so I am absolutely in love with the game. Yeah it kind of sucks that Nintendo ditched Silicon Knights but then you look at the game Too Human and go well maybe it’s not so bad after all. I wish they hadn’t lost Rare so we could be having Rare making Tropical Freeze while Retro makes Metroid Prime 4 or Metroid Dread. Personally, I want Nintendo to buy out Atlus let Atlus do it’s own thing but on Nintendo systems and maybe once in a while co-develop on Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, Mario&Luigi RPG, etc. What would have been cool is if Nintendo bought the Darksiders property and then made Darksiders III and marketed the hell out of it and made a huge hit out of it. But this is just me dreaming.

    2. fully agree

      miyamoto is spot on with what he’s saying but nintendo is lacking mature franchises

      and no bayonetta is not enough (and most likely doesn’t appeal to everyone gameplay wise.. at least that’s the case for me)

  5. Cue the Mario hate comments.
    A new IP isn’t necessarily an entirely different game.

    If Nintendo wanted, they could make a game starring Link and have it be a 2D platformer.
    Personally, I don’t mind small and subtle changes instead of a complete overhaul.

    We also have new IPs. Xenoblade, Pushmo, Dillon, and Wonderful 101 are all-new IPs with different gameplay styles.
    I feel like people are more quick to cry rehash than they are to actually see what is released. And if you’re expecting new IPs every year, go with third-party games. It’s why I have a PS3 to accompany my Wii. Same with my handhelds.

    1. Do you realize how stupid you sound by saying “cue the Mario hate comments”? First off non of my comments are hateful towards Nintendo, second you are totally misreading what I am saying, and third I am damn sure I am a bigger Nintendo fan than you. Think before you speak next time Nintendo Wannabe.

      1. Oh, that wasn’t directed at you.
        I was referring to trolls who will instantly say that Mario games are the same thing over and over.

        Sorry about that misunderstanding.

        1. Nah dude that was my bad. I’m just paranoid because people attack me all the time on here saying I hate Nintendo when I am so freaking close to owning every single one of their games they have ever produced. So close…..

          1. Kudos to you for being dedicated.
            Honestly, I try to be as civil as I can when on here. Why would I wanna go on a Nintendo site if I hate Nintendo? Plus, I try to see things from everyone’s perspective, cause not everyone has the same tastes. Obviously. I’m one of those guys who’ll play anything.

            1. I don’t get why I’m a called a Nintendo hater when I have a Super Mario Galaxy Fire Mario pic as my gravatar. I’m willing to play anything too but Nintendo has always been my number one choice for gaming. I poor most of my gaming budget into their hardware, peripherals, and software.

              1. Nintendo’s my number one choice when it comes to gaming, too.
                PlayStation’s just my backup. Unless it’s a godawful port, the Nintendo version of a third-party multiplat is the one I choose.

                Their peripherals and software is where my gaming budget goes as well.
                My PS3 and PSP may have gotten a lot of use, but my Wii and DS almost made me forget they weren’t there at times when stuff like The Last Story was released.

                1. I try to give other companies equal amounts of love amongst each other but they can’t hold a candle to my affection for Nintendo. With that being said, I think I’m completely going to ignore Microsoft this next gen. Sure I love Halo but the Xbone isn’t worth Halo 5 to me. Yeah it has a lot of new exclusive games on it but that isn’t enough for me to get a system that will spy on me. I like the PS4 but there is nothing at launch that I want. 2014 is going to be my big year for gaming because that is when most of the good stuff comes out. I mean we are getting Smash Bros., X, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Infamous Second Son, Final Fantasy XV, etc.

                  1. The PS4’s gonna be a day-one purchase for me, just because I love supporting platforms as early as possible. I expect a drought, but I always make the most out of those by getting stuff from the back catalog, or getting the one badass launch title.
                    The Xbox One will never be worth it. Microsoft screwed over their customers twice.
                    The 360 had the RROD, the Xbox One was a PR nightmare, and they simply buy good press. They’re scum, I despise them, and I will never buy a Microsoft gaming console as long as I live.
                    2014’s gonna be amazing. The Wii U’s drought finally ends, and stuff like Bravely Default is released. I’ll have my four next-gen platforms ready, too. (3DS, Vita, Wii U and PS4) I am pumped.

  6. I fully agree. Can’t tell you how many games are out there that besides being different IP’s are still the same fucking game.

  7. Nintendo has so many characters so it doesnt matter if they dont create new ones. Almost everyone in smash bros is iconic. Im in for brand new characters like the one from pushmo as well but its just hard making a great looking character as well as a great game.

  8. WRONG! Nobody cares about the games if there aren’t memorable characters in them. For instance, who the hell would care about buying Mario spin-offs such as Mario Tennis or Mario Party if it weren’t for Mario? Who would’ve cared about Kirby’s Epic Yarn if Good-Feel opted not to include Kirby as the main character? Or who would’ve liked Pokémon Snap if it weren’t for the Pokémon in the game? And who would buy Smash Bros if there weren’t any Nintendo characters in it?

    I know the last one was an odd example, but it’s true. Granted that not all popular franchises have memorable characters, but I am talking about Nintendo now and what defines Nintendo first and foremost is all the famous characters such as Mario, Link, Pikachu and so on.

  9. I believe he is wrong in that one… If someone have all the marios from the past, give me a reason to buy the new ones.

      1. New Super Mario Bros. U featured a god-like power mode for the Gamepad user, and New Super Mario Bros. 2 gave plenty of reason to keep playing to collect one million coins. Plus, the New Super Mario Bros. games are highly competitive and have helped me hone my platforming skills for Mario games. The hardcore DLC for New Super Mario Bros. 2 is intense and New Super Mario Bros. U has a ton of content to keep me challenged.

        1. Yes but do you think that is enough for people like him? SM64, Sunshine and the Galaxies were all different, and were all unique in there own way.

          1. Well okay nothing can compete with Galaxy since to me that is the best game of all time. You see I used to play games at the arcade and so I have this mindset that I have to beat others high scores and then continuously beat my own high score. The New Super Mario Bros. series reminds me of those good old arcade days where I felt like gaming was a community event outside of online play. Then again I digress….

  10. I completely agree with Miyamoto on this. People think that the same characters mean the same game, which might have been why Paper Mario: Sticker Star was met with so much backlash. People expected it to be another Thousand-Year Door. Despite TTYD being my all-time favorite game, I am really glad Sticker Star took a different direction, because if every Paper Mario game had the exact same formula, none of them would be special. And Sticker Star’s game mechanics are a perfect fit with the Paper Mario series’ art style and personality. Every time I play a new Nintendo game, I am pleasantly surprised by how unique of an experience it is, even if it looks similar on the surface. It may be better, it may be worse, but it’s always fresh.

    1. Well Sticker Star got backlash because it was poorly designed.
      An RPG with no story or experience points, and terrible level structure.

  11. I agree with Miyamoto. He’s right. Gameplay is more important for a game that a new face. He’s a master and he know what he’s doing.
    On the other hand, a new character represents a new story to tell. Even if the gameplay changes completely, and the game evolves, we are living in a new era where the story has gotten a new and big importance on a videogame. Is not impossible to do that with old IPs, like what they did with Majora’s Mask (my favorite Zelda game), is not just Link saving Princess Zelda and Hyrule. But those characters have already a definition. Creating a new one brakes the limits and opens the door to new possibilities.

  12. X? W101? Not many big sites are even talking about those new IP’s (i know X might not be a new IP, but I mean Mechs?! Have you seen Titenfall, it has mechs! Have you seen X, it has Mechs!) But anyway, I can understand that you get tired of the same characters. The games are always fresh certainly, but the same characters over and over can be pretty boring.







    WII PLAY HAD 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% MORE GAMEPLAY THAN HEAVY RAIN DID

    IT WASN’T A GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  16. This is such bullshit. The reason they put Mario on the cover of every game, is because it sells more units that way. This is an understandable – yet for the consumer annoying – business decision, but they shouldn’t just lie about it. Also, they should advertise the very few actually new ip’s.

    1. Yeah you hit the nail dude. Im gald to see that not everybody here arent blind sheeps. Its one of Nintendos lame excuses to not work on something new. They play it safe because they just want to line up their pockets, which is understandable but its so annyoing cheap hardware with almost no support from 3rd parties, same ips over again which wouldnt be annoying if they would use some ips that we havent see in long time like starfox or f zero. God i hope that Aelous comes here back to put all those lame sheeps back in cage. He always had good points and he wasnt blind by brand like most people here. Respect to you and for Aelous.

    2. and each >>>>>>>>>>game<<<<<<<< is different!!!!!

      2d mario 3d mario rpg mario kart mario etc etc etc they all have there own sweet gameplay mechanics

      jesus even mario striker charged was a great game regardless of mario


      1. If Nintendo had pride and confidence in some of the golden games they produce, they wouldn’t need it to feature Mario in order to be a success. In the days of the NES and SNES, they were super creative all the time. I know Nintendo is still extremely creative, and makes fantastic games (wouldn’t be on this site if I thought otherwise), but it would be nice if it didn’t SEEM like they have to rely on creativity from 20 years ago.

  17. please explain mario then the most reppetive game ever…..

    i know it’s fun but he’s talking bullshit right here sorry but true

  18. I really worry. He may have to rethink this if Super Mario 3D World flops. It’s called fatigue.

  19. Its so funny that when Yamauchi was in charge we got Star fox, F-zero etc. stuff like that but when iwata came up they started this lets play it safe lets make lots of mario games and cheap hardware, screw those people who were always there day 1, lets make carnival games for casuals. Im sick of these stupid excuses. They dont even care when they got new exclusive content thats why they dont promote w101 they just safe the money and play it safe. When Yamauchi left the dragonballs of Nintendo were gone its not beast that had ips for older people and powerful hardware anymore. Heck Nintendo made more profit during Gamecube era than sony which is amazing if you think that GC sold somethin like 21 million world wide. They started this lets make everything cheap because Iwata wanted more profit, he is greedy you have to be blind if you dont see that.

    1. You are right about that they wont ever open their eyes because they are too deep in their “dreamland”, you know what i am sayin?

        1. Well what do you expect me to do when Nintendos support is just a joke, simply miss those games huh? Ofcourse i need to play with other consoles when Nintendo wont deliver!

  20. I can agree with that but sometimes a nnew character at the helm of the game makes the game even more new and fresh

  21. Well , he is right about that new characters with no deference in gameplay is not good , but a new ip with new gameplay wont do us any bad right ??

  22. That’s Bullshit. If you have new characters and a new story, then that is new intellectual property. Look at Naighty Dog, Uncharted and Last of Us have similar gameplay, but different intellectual property. If what he said was true, there would be no other 8-16bit platformers in existence after Super Mario Bros. because they were all similar gameplay as Super Mario Bros. He never should have made Mario Bros because it is too similar to Donkey Kong. He is full of shit.

    1. And you think that is good , I respect your opinion , but that is something that should chang about modern video games , I mean what the fuck the last of us ??? Come ON !! The same gameplay as uncharted and boom , different story ( which is a really good story ) and its praised by all reviews , come on guys , what is the point of video games ??? To be played or to be watched ?? I admit that gameplay is great as it’s the same as uncharted , and the story is superb and its a really good game , but fuck 10/10 ??? What the hell is wrong with these reviews ??
      P.S : the previous comment displays only the opinion of mine , any comment that contains insults are a prove of your weak argument

      1. Then there should never be another platformer after Donkey Kong, according to what you are saying. People enjoyed a lot of games that have similar gameplay, they all copy one another. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a new game that is awesome, it just has to be different and fun.

        1. yeah they should make a new ip for fucks sake, like they can kind of play the same. for instance rareware and banjo. dk was kinda the same but it was bigger and had mini games, challenges and a whole bunch of different shit that made it feel different, same with conker. so why cant nintendo do it????? just because a game kind of plays the same or is like one another, doesnt mean you cant make it different enough to make it its stand alone game, like the last of us, is like uncharted but is different enough to be a new ip.

  23. I usually have no interest in new characters/IP’s unless I happen to just give the game a chance and end up liking it. When the first Pikmin came out, I was a little reluctant, but I decided to give it a chance (because it was Miyamoto’s special project). And I fell in love with it. Though I will admit to hating it at first. I really had to get used to the play-control.

    I do however think it’s time to see a new face. Perhaps an evil aunt/cousin of Peach, an evil Toad, a female Bowser, Mario & Luigi’s parents, or a sister they never knew they had? The list goes on.

    1. They will not do that because Iwata doesnt take risks. Cheap hardware so every cosole sold would make more money, same games over again because they are popular and make money. Thats Iwatas tactic in a nutshell.

        1. So are you sayin that Platinum Games pumps out clone after another. They are probably the only devs worth of praise right now. Nothing can beat the music of hundreds of fanboys screamin in unison! This is sickenin…. you sound like chapters from a self-help booklet!

          1. Speak for yourself; calling out the one dev that isn’t taking the lazy route and fucking up due to it on the Wii U while conveniently ignoring the previous point made.
            Way to side-step.

  24. that may be well and good but sometimes its nice to see new characters… not the same lot(looking at the 5+ mario games that are out between this year and next)


  25. Xeno, Pushmo/Crashmo, Dillons Rolling Western, Wii series, We haven’t seen pikmen in 10 years, Wonderful 101, And there are still people who don’t notice there are new or revived ips right under their noses.

  26. he’s right and wrong. new experiences with the same characters can only go for so long before people move on. only nintendo franchise I’m still fond of is the zelda series. they better be careful with their way of thinking.

  27. “This is Nintendo. We are going to keep serving the same Menu over and over and over. We might add a little bit of salt and pepper to change things a bit but it’s basically the same Menu. The same Kids Menu we served you when you was a kid. We are not going to change our dishes into a teenager/adult content Menu. When you finally grow up and get tired of our Kids Menu, we will still be serving it to your kids and then the next and the next.”

    “Actually a few years back we used to have an adult/teenage Menu, we used to own awesome 2nd party developers like Rare (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini), Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), Left Field (Excitebike64,Kobe Bryant NBA Courtside), the special relationship with Factor 5(Battle for Naboo, Rogue Squadron games),Retro Studios (Metroid games). All these amazing and talented western studios used to make dishes for our adult/teenage audience, but we decided to shift our focus on our Kids Menu and sell all these western studios (we only kept one).”

    “You already could see our change in focus on our last product the Wii. It had a lack of more mature/teenage content. We believe there is no audience on our restaurants for these type of dishes. Yet our fans were clamoring for an adult/teenage Menu. It took “Operation Rainfall” to convince us to release Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower on the West, as we know our market and it is centered at kids. We still didn’t bother to release Fatal Frame 2 in the West, we know our audience and this type of dish doesn’t sell well on our systems.”

    “The only western studio we currently have left is Retro Studios and we ordered them to work on another Kids Menu dish (Donkey Kong). We could have given them the freedom to do their own dish but we told them to work on this kids dish instead as it is part of our Kids Menu program. (Obviously if you ask them they will tell you that they wanted to, we own them, they will do and say as we do).”

    “Come an enjoy our Kids Menu. We add new iterations of our popular dishes. Gone is the time when we made other type of Menus for our different audiences. Different people like different things but we aren’t interested in them. Our focus is our Kids Menu.”

  28. That’s true but some people just don’t want to see the same character all the time. I personally don’t mind but a new ip wouldn’t be a bad thing…

  29. I wonder why the rest of the entertainment industry hasn’t adopted this logic. Because it’s fucking BS. It would be like using the same actors for every fucking movie and tv series. Get a grip Miyamoto.

  30. That is stupid! Miyamoto is crazy, new characters can make a game better! new settings! New worlds new exploration new characters, Besides they kind of limit themselves because sometimes they wont be able to do certain things and go like “no, we cant let Mario do that, id against what we established” or “it doesnt seem like the right move for that character…”

  31. I see what he’s saying. There are some cases where they create and introduce a new character in an existing IP for the greater good. But. there other cases where it falls in the category of “jumping the shark.”

  32. I agree with his statement partially. When you look at Mario for example. While the 3d and 2d Mario games are different the story and cast of characters tend to be the same. Is that a bad thing? No! Why? Because the gameplay is usually great. Now, when you think about a game like the Last of Us, the story and characters are great, but at times the gameplay falls short. Plus, there are moments where the gameplay feels like Uncharted. Is that a bad thing? No! Why? Because overall it’s a good game. Anyhow, while I personally enjoy Nintendo games, I wouldn’t mine seeing a new character with his/her own story. Even though I like Mario and I understand why they use him (money), I wouldn’t mind seeing another character carry the torch for awhile whether new or old. Anyhow, sense Nintendo continues to receive questions about dormant franchises or new IP’s, I think they should take notice, and at least consider it. Why? Because many Nintendo fans, not non Nintendo fans are asking for this. Here’s hoping!

  33. Why does it always have to be one or the other with Miyamoto? Why not make new gameplay experiences WITH new characters. Or is that too much for the old has-been.

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