Shigeru Miyamoto: I Don’t Think There’s Anyone Better To Manage Nintendo Than Satoru Iwata


Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has sat down with GamesIndustry International to discuss whether he feels the same pressure as Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata when it comes to the business side of things. Miyamoto said that the amount of attention focused on Nintendo’s earnings is “silly.” Miyamoto also said he stands by Iwata and thinks that no one else would be able to manage Nintendo better than him. Read more on what Miyamoto thinks of Iwata and Nintendo’s earnings below:

GamesIndustry International: With Nintendo missing its sales forecasts lately, do you personally feel some of the business pressures? There’s been some talk about Mr. Iwata and whether he can remain the CEO – does that ultimately affect you and your teams in terms of feeling like you have to do better to save his job?

Miyamoto: Well, first of all, the entertainment industry is one that is inherently unstable and if people decide that they no longer need entertainment anymore then there’s no way for you to make money off of that. Because of the waves in the entertainment industry and the way the cycles move, personally I feel that aiming for a specific numerical goal is almost silly, and instead our focus should be on doing our best to create something that’s new and unique. So all of this talk of “Oh is Nintendo going to hit its numbers? Is Mr. Iwata responsible?” and all these discussions I think are just silly ones to have because Mr. Iwata is managing our company and I don’t think there’s anyone better to manage it than him.

So for me, I’m really focused on creating the most fun and unique experiences I can so that the entertainment can appeal to a very broad audience, and we’re having fun doing that. So certainly I think there are other industries where I think their chance to appeal to a broad audience has been lost, but I still think within our industry we have a lot of opportunity to do that.

61 thoughts on “Shigeru Miyamoto: I Don’t Think There’s Anyone Better To Manage Nintendo Than Satoru Iwata”

  1. That is true. Mr. Iwata is a great CEO :). Btw guys, according to, there is “confirmation” that CoD Ghost is in development for Wii U. Just wanted to share that

  2. The trouble with the industry is that it’s fickle, narrow-minded, and it has lost focus. Nintendo fans get shunned the most because of lack of quality third-party titles, or because Nintendo exclusives are seen as being too kiddy. It’s easy to blame Nintendo for everything that’s wrong in the industry, ergo everyone’s a qualified critic in that respect.

    Would Nintendo be better off without Iwata? If the above holds water, I, or anyone else, could run the company better than him in that respect.

    1. The trouble in the industry is the west and its “gamers”…

      The only thing they want is to play games that are as realistic and as low creativity as possible…

      They are the ones that “hates” Nintendo…

      IF you love killing so much, go join the US army…

      Or go play real sports!

      1. Woah woah woah, slow down there Commander.
        I may be no analyst but look at the sales for Lego games, Pokemon and Mario.
        there may be an internet fan boy war, but at the end of the day the groups that you despise so much end up buying the “kiddy games”.
        (And a nice bit of COD is ok once in a while don’t get your knickers in a twist about it)

        1. Maybe some but most who buys them are either us Nintendos or people that did not play games as much or at all before…

          Just look at the Xbot community, I don’t think that the majority of these even bothers playing our games…

          I’d be entirely surprised if they did consdiering how much they seem to “hate” our games…

              1. Here is your proof,
                Nintendo fans aren’t this secret club with a super duper secret zelda handshake the games literally make up most of the experiences that get people into games.
                Christ, the trolls are just saying “Wee iz 4 baies” because it sets people off and makes them angry, Ness and stuff are doing it for the same reason.
                (like you have just done with me, bugger…)

    2. Too kiddy, yeah monolith soft x technically put the rude finger and the fuck you to xbone and ps4 showing that Wii u is powerful and produces monster games that put others to shames, its sad they do get shunned tho, and was any anyone disappointed in the new 3d mario game, super mario 3d world, it was not what expected when we asked for a successor to mario galaxy, I guess they set the standard to high after, but just feel like an extension to 3d land, I means where’s the stars? Where’s the sand box design, feeling: I feel the real 3d mario is in development like wind waker they made this as a place holder I don’t no I guess I’m not satisfied with this, it feels like the new super mario series all over, oh yeah and retro that game announcement sucked I waited for 3 yrs hoping for a new star fox or metroid what do we get do wat the junk retro

      1. funny bro, I’m a Mario hater personally (bad experience as a 5yr old just couldn’t get over my hate >.>) and I’m really interested in 3D world, smash bros got my real attention though with the adorable lil Megaman in the game now. Oh, and wind waker, this might sound blasphemous but I’ve never played ny zelda games yet :D I want that wind waker! See? These are good titles to get new audiences ;) I’ve been mainly a handheld nintendo fan but never cared for their home consoles and their games

        1. I think Wind Waker is a Wonderfull game, but if what you said is true “I’ve never played ny zelda games yet” I don´t think WW should be the game to start, meaby Ocarina of Time, A Link to tthe Past, or Skyward Sword, Minish Cap or Spirit Track, those are, for me, the best games to get into the Zelda franchise.

          1. The reason why I haven’t played any Zelda games yet is because I’m honestly confused. Which to play to start the main story? Are they all related or completely unrelated brand new adventures just same main characters? I don’t like playing something only to find out it’s smack in the middle of the ongoing story -_- happened to me with FFX-2 I hadn’t played FFX before it :'(

            1. There are different Links(the character) in each Zelda game. There’s a timeline for the whole Zelda series and where each Zelda game falls into place. Skyward Sword starts off the whole thing.

              1. wow different links O.o I thought it’s the same guy… isn’t Skyward Sword a fairly recent game? :S.. well I’ll google around this is sounding even weirder than I thought xD

                1. Skyward Sword got a 10 by IGN and a 7 by Gamespot. And if you want to you can search up the Zelda Timeline. Very confusing timeline!

    3. Nintendo had third party problems before Iwata took over, and people have realized calling Nintendo kiddy is moot and that they appeal to all audiences. Not even all of their games are kiddy. Is the Metroid series kiddy? Is Zelda: Twilight Princess kiddy? Even the Mario, Pokémon, and Kirby games can get really dark. If anything, COD is kiddy because its audience is more kids than anything else. Nobody can seriously call Nintendo kiddy anymore.

      1. I hear people complain all the time that COD has 12 year olds yelling in their mics. COD isn’t even that appealing.

  3. This is why I love Miyamoto and Nintendo. I really respect how the guy isn’t all about numbers but more about entertainment than anything else and making games that gamers can enjoy. Nintendo can pull through these circumstances like they’ve always had! Games are what sell a system and Nintendo has the best first party exclusives imo so they’ll be fine like they always have!

    1. him and reggie, iwata fucked up nintendo in general, reggie is the worst fucking president of nintendo ever, and brings nothing good over that nintendo has, while sony does!!!!!

  4. Hiroshi Yamauchi must come out of retirement and run Nintendo,when he ran the company,there was no half baked Mario games like NSMB U and Super Mario 3D world,back then Nintendo was about taking down names and kicking ass,innovation and power,now its just gimmicks more then innovation.

    the 1st time they posted a loss it their history as a was with Iwata as Global President.

    sub par games like The above mentioned just proves Nintendo has a hard time adapting to HD


    1. It’s not Almighty Commander Iwata’s fault entirely, the market and industry are not the same as it was back then and during his time there have been many succesful games with one even reaching the number 1 game of all time, Super Mario Galaxy…

      If anyone has bad leaders it’s the Xbots…

      And that Sonyan leader Hirai…

      Although the Sonyan leader Tretton seems to have lowered his arrogance a bit…

    2. They also released their 2 most successful systems under Iwata. Which also happen to be the 2 of the 3 most successful systems in video game history.

      So, I think he’s done alright. Alright being a bit of an understatement I think, given the enormity of 2 of the 3 best selling systems ever.

    3. Let me explain what this “loss” actually mean. When you make a console that make 100 millions units sold in 5 years and then the console stop selling that well in the 6 year, that year you will have a loss.

      The “loss” does not mean Nentendo loss money, far from that, actually Nintendo keep making money, it just mean that Nintendo does not do a shit ton of money as they did in the first 5 really successful years for the Wii.

      And you really have to be really stupid thinking that the quality of a games is related in any kind of way to the resolution of the graphics, so please, if you know someone like that slap it in the face with a rubber chicken and tell them that graphics are not in any kind of way related to the quality of a games.

  5. So Miyamoto can say silly twice…I said it once on Miiverse and got a 2 week ban…cause silly is bullying and hateful. Come on now.

  6. This is what an Xbot Zealot said in my country just yesterday…

    “I will buy ONLY the Xbox One JUST because I LOVE their controller, I don’t know if the console or the games are good (I don’t care) I just like the controller, so the Xbox One is definately my only choice…”

    This sums up the majority of the Xbots, fanatics to the end even if their Realm screws them over totally…

  7. Too many people think that video games is like football and that they have to choose a console and believe it is the best and they are superior. Too many people buy a console just because they know someone who likes it. Too many people pretend to be gamers but really just play an hour every couple of days maybe, and know very little about anything gaming in reality.

    Too many people are stupid.

    1. Xbox is more dead than Wii U. Of course you guys forgot Nintendo reversed the more cores more graphics strategy to the less cores more graphics. While its outdated rivals are still doing the more pistons the more horsepower strategy. Also the gimmicky controller can’t be that damn bad on account it caused Sony to finally release their Move 8 years after working on it and changing the design to the Wii mote. It can’t be too bad the Nintendo consoles show more innovation than its rivals.BTW, Wii U proved it can show off graphics as if it had 8 cores any time it wants to. Makes the 8 core consoles look bad.

  8. Have to disagree, Iwata is almost provably a bad CEO. Their job is to improve the company’s share value and whilst he had initial success, it has fallen dramatically under his watch. That’s not the same thing as saying he’s a bad lear, on the contraty, I absolutely love the guy, he’s great in presentations and has an obvious passion for what Nintendo does and I certainly wouldn’t want him to go but that’s based more on his personality than his ability to perform well as a CEO.

    1. except Iwata realizes that share prices are actually useless, especially when compared to the $15 billion war chest they have. His ACTUAL job is to keep the company secure and profitable. And they ARE. Iwata is more concerned about long term security than he is about short term stock prices.

  9. Miyamoto is so right about how unstable entertainment business is, thats what even Gene Simmons have tried to tell many years but no one never listens!

  10. I guess the higher ups were doing high fives with the Wii sales awhile back but that was a double-edged sword. It neglected other segments of gamers and pushed away 3rd party devs/publishers in North America. Although Iwata oversees all of Nintendo, marketing dept. is the problem. Isn’t Reggie in charge of that? Although people like Reggie for his character, I think he has to go.

    Their problem of recapturing the mature audience can be remedied slowly by partnering with different studios/devs that has experience with the so called hardcore games. They are doing it right now. It will just take time and a very open mind. Nintendo has to embrace that North America is a big chunk that will contribute to their success. Fans have to acknowledge that as well and not stick to “I only support 1st party i don’t care about shooters and violence” mentality. I mean c’mon, don’t tell me that you didn’t like Zombi U, Mad World or Arkham City because those were great games….

  11. Looks like Miyamoto’s trying to cover Iwata’s ass. I’m not surprised. They keep putting themselves in the position where they have to apologize and rationalize everything. What the heck.

  12. What I don’t like about Iwata’s philosophy is that he will promise the core game that he will take care of them and then garner his console out to casual players causing third party devs to take their blockbuster titles elsewhere which affects me! Well you lost me as a loyal customer Nintendo. Way to fucking go!

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