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Game Freak Announces Sky Battles And Horde Encounters For Pokémon X And Pokémon Y

Game Freak has announced a new type of Pokémon battle debuting in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Sky Battles will be featured in the upcoming games. Select Pokémon Trainers that players encounter will challenge them to battles that take place above ground. Players can only participate in Sky Battles if they have certain Pokémon in their party that can fly. According to Game Freak, the “Sky Battle is a visually stunning battle scenario and an exciting new addition to Pokémon video games.”

Game Freak has also announced Horde Encounters, where the player wields only a single Pokémon while battling against multiple wild Pokémon that attack simultaneously. Game Freak says, “Players will need to ensure their Pokémon has moves that can attack multiple Pokémon at once or they may quickly find themselves on the losing end of the battle.”

Watch the above trailer to witness the new type of battle and encounter. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will launch worldwide on October 12th, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.



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    1. Except you can only use Pokemon with levitate or “Flying” as their typing. I bet they’ll add things like gusts of wind that affect the turnout of the battle and stuff. 💋


      1. That’s definitely a movie, I’m waiting for the sequel! I hear rumors that it might come to cinemas early 2014! :O


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  2. I like this, it makes some pokemon harder to catch if you don’t have a flying type…

    I also laughed at the Wii Fit Trainer character for Smash Brothers…

    She looks as if she could be Tabuu’s Wife…


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  3. Ok it’s official, I’m getting X or Y. I’ve been waiting for Sky battles for years. Pidgeot and Braviary would look great in those.


  4. Pokemon X and Y is basically going to be the greatest Main Series Pokemon game ever to be created. Good job Game Freak! You are living up to expectations and then some! 💋


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