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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Teased For Wii U

call of duty ghostsCall of Duty: Ghosts has been teased as coming to the Wii U, according to Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin. However, the title is still yet to be officially confirmed by publishers Activision, who are still making neither heads nor tails of the decision.

Earlier in May, we heard wind that Activision may reveal the Wii U version at a later date, then earlier this month a Wii U version was disproved by no mention of it on a PR listing. Now it appears there is hope for the first person shooter after all, and it’s all stemmed from a GameSpot stage show at E3, where Mark Rubin stated that a Wii U version has been kept hush-hush all for a spot of PR mystery. Yeah, we don’t get it either.

“That’s probably in the next-gen bin, but we’re not actually talking about Wii U yet. ‘Cause we want to keep it mysterious.” – Mark Rubin, Exec Producer, Infinity Ward

34 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Ghosts Teased For Wii U”

      1. My god, ever since your Elder God Microsoft had fallen your powers of trolling seem to be getting weaker every day

  1. The Wii U version will be release at a later time, that way they can adjust the gamepad so we can pet the dog with the stylus

    1. I wouldn’y mind as long as they do it justice and use proper Gamepad integration like touchscreen airstrikes an shit.

    1. Speaking of campers, it’s hilarious to see people complain about snipers who camp.

      It’s like, what the hell do you think snipers do in real life?.

      I wish people understood this.

  2. doesn’t matter if it is released on wii u, I still wont buy it. the only time I ever play cod is at my mates place, never got into it. but hopefully it does come anyway, and hopefully other wii u owners buy it. wii u games need sales no matter what type of game it is. as long as its not shovelware.

  3. Call of Duty Online with better graphics? Okay, maybe that is a bit of a leap but I think Ghosts would be okay on the Wii U. It will give the CoD players on Wii U what they want and most of them are actually more mature… well a few are just twats

    1. I smell a last day of e3 direct. Imagine all the sad people saying hey wiiu wont have kingdom hearts 3 then boom anounced for wiiu i think it will be a great way to end e3.

  4. I just want them to let me know if it’s coming or not so I can know how much I need to save up for the games this year. And if it comes, it better have Elite and DLC -_-

  5. I don’t care for those games, but they sell pretty well. It could potentially help sales. So I hope that it does come.

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