Two Tribes Director Says Passing On Toki Tori & Angry Birds Collaboration Was “Worst Decision Ever”


Two Tribes director Martijn Reuvers says before Angry Birds became a phenomenal world-wide hit he was approached and asked whether he would put one of the Angry Bird characters into Toki Tori and also have Toki Tori characters feature in Angry Birds. This was said to be done in an effort to raise the game’s awareness. Reuvers says that he politely declined the idea as he didn’t feel that it was the right fit for Toki Tori. He says that this was his worst decision ever.

“The idea was to put an Angry Bird in Toki Tori and they would then put Toki Tori in Angry Birds. But when I played the game, I strongly felt that it wasn’t a right fit to put in Toki Tori. And I declined. A couple of months later, the sales suddenly picked up massively. The rest is history. In retrospect, it has been my worst decision ever.”


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  1. I never met anyone who wanted to buy a Wii U or 3DS just to play Angry Birds on it….

    But then i never speak much to 360 fan boys.

    1. no dude
      i have angry birds on my xperia play
      you really think i have money to have wii u or buy games to it?
      my mom dont give me a week money everyday i have to wash dishes to earn it!
      sony wins

      1. Dude everyone and their mom has angry birds on their phone. I had a Play and it was great to play NINTENDO roms. Got rid of it for a Nexus S, then traded them both for my GS3 Sony does not win

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        I wish I could just ban every single one of them and make a community for the good people who deserve it!

        Even coherent anti Nintendo comments are more than welcome here. But the comments like Ben sanders and Why u mad are just sickening….

      2. It’s BEEN infested, for like, AGES. Almost all the people with brains have fled…

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      1. Nintendo owns Monolith soft you thick idiot….

        X is a Nintendo IP just like The last of us is a Sony IP.

        Nintendo EAD is Nintendos internal division. but they have tons of other studios who are all Nintendo. Retro studios is Nintendo , Monolith Soft is Nintendo , Gamefreak is Nintendo , Brownie Brown is Nintendo etc….

  2. Does this site have any moderators. I mean come on, the comment section is 90 % full of crap all the time. One of the reasons why i dont leave comments that much.

      1. You know that could be his name. But again who name their children like that anyway? XD

  3. I guess he didn’t see Angry Birds as the phenomenon as it is today back then. That must really suck missing out the glory. But then again, the collaboration could’ve played Angry Bird’s universal success a little differently or the other way around.

    Well, its still not too late to try the collaboration idea again. :)

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      2. If Sickr and co. focus mainly on the comment section, there will bee less news lol. I don’t mind if there are a few trolls here and there but if there are comments containing such and such as Jaded_Dry Bones stated above minus the swearing, then there’s a problem.

  5. I literally have to skip down like 30 comments just to see people discussing the topic

    1. You’re not alone! Seeing logic, sarcasm, irony, trash, unreasonableness.and male genitals all mixed in a blender and smoothly thrown in a comment section is joy for my eyes <3

  6. LOL!! Just goes to show these developers only care about one thing. Had they had knowing about the $$$ they would have sold out immediately — that proves they don’t care about creating something of quality. Just like when they complain about their ports not selling on the Wii U. They feel entitled to huge sales, no matter how cheap or gimmicky the method, they want the short cut — always.

    1. Dude. It’s a business. I don’t know why people think they are their friends. They got to make a living to.

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