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Pikmin 3 Is Apparently Selling Well In Japan


Major japanese retailer and rental chain Tsutaya says that Pikmin 3 is the best-selling game this week in their stores. Taketo Matsuo, Tsutaya’s Director of the Game Rental Planning Group, says that sales of Pikmin 3 are similar to those of New Super Mario Bros U and are helping drive hardware sales at the retail chain. We should get official confirmation on Pikmin 3 and Wii U hardware sales in Japan when we get this week’s Media Create sales figures.

“Pikmin 3, that came out nine years after Pikmin 2, is having a really good start. Sales at Tsutaya are comparable to the release of Super Mario Bros U and have driven greater sales of  Wii U units.”

Thanks, Kallum and Gaminglord

144 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Is Apparently Selling Well In Japan”

      1. I don’t think its overrated at all, and I think Naughty Dog are the best developers, notice how people can have 2 different opinions?


        1. Best?? WTF have they done?? They are best just because of Uncharted,Last,and Crash?? Dont be so ignorant you idiot…Only in a million years they will be best!! Rockstar are way ahead of them and Nintendo is the best!

          1. You obviously don’t know what ignorant means. I can like whatever game company I want, and im allowed my opinion on who is the best developers, does that make you mad? You should get over yourself.

            And look at yourself before you call someone else ignorant or an idiot.

              1. “I think Naughty Dog is the best developer…” That’s what you meant to say. Trying to prove something as a ‘fact’ ain’t gonna help.

            1. Giving the title of best to some studio its not a matter of opinion…They have to deserve the title for someone to say that…So yeah i know what ignorant means…If they want to be the best they have to do more for the industry,thyey have to make alot of inovations(not ideas taken from others) they have to do all that to deserve that title. So your still an ignorant!!

    1. That’s not true at all. There are lot’s of really good game that don’t do well like Psychonauts and Custom Robo.

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  2. This will keep happening, from Pikmin to next year Zelda WWHD. Games will drive console sales. My prediction is that Nintendo Wiiu will sold 4million units maybe more.
    With 5 million units, every third party will come to the console again, even EA.
    For ps4 and xbox one, to gain 2+ millions units sold they will need all 2014 with games,they will do it. But wanted or not, Nintendo WiiU will have an advantage. Nintendo needs to have at least 3 good system sellers for 2014, to keep the momentum. Smash/Mario Kart/ and..?
    (sorry 4 my english and bad grammar)

    1. 3D Mario, Smash, Mario kart and the exclusive Sonic games are all system sellers. Lets not forget Wii fit U, the first one was a massive success. After this year passes, Wii U will be a juggernaut.

      1. I hope Wii Fit U drives sales.

        I just looked up the first 2 for Wii and they sold over 20million copies each.

        That’s insane. I had no idea it was that popular.

        If they put on a big marketing campaign with lots of ads for Wii Fit U, that should take care of the casual audience pretty damn quickly.

    2. If you did the calculations from End of March (3.46 million) to June, based on estimates (US) and sales totals, they are around 4 million (more than likely above) right now for world sales.

      1. I didn’t knew about those numbers, then, It’s perfectly fine to say they’ll end this year with 5million units sold worldwide? Could they?

  3. Can someone tell me, apart from this and wonderful 101. What other exclusives do I have to look forward to this year (Wii U). Seems like none. It’s a major wait until mario in December.

        1. Yea, DK is due out in November.

          There’s a limited but steady flow of games following Pikmin.

          July – Pikmin 3
          August – Wonderful 101
          September – ?
          October – Sonic Lost World, Wind Waker HD
          November – Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
          December – Super Mario 3D World.

          1. Also,

            October – Wii Party U
            November – Mario and Sonic at the Olypmic Winter Games
            December – Wii Fit U

            Probably not the most anticipated games by most of us. But it interests other audiences.

          2. September- Rayman legends,Splintercell blacklist, This is the only month withhout a exclusife game.
            OKtober-Wii party U
            December-Wii fit U

  4. my pussy is so wet… im horny… and am squeezing my wet pussy between my sexy thighs… I want olimar to attack me with his rock hard pikmim. aaaaaaah!

  5. This is good news, I’m glad to see Pikmin doing well. I’ve always loved the series and I genuinely hope it does well here in the west as well.

    I recently bought a Wii U especially for this

        1. You have no idea how many people want to play Pikmin 3. I know a bunch of people who stated they would buy a Wii U to play this game.

          1. Even if you knew 100 people who stated that (which I doubt), it wouldn’t be considered a system seller.

            Of course people want to play the game, I’m going to get it when it comes out too. But it’s not one of the games the majority of the Western gaming community have at top priority.

            1. Well if everyone knew 100 different people that would buy a Wii U to play Pikmin, that’s 7 billion times 100, so 700 billion Wii Us sold! Guys! Guise! Half life 3 confirmed!

            2. Even-though it might not be a system seller, Pikmin have sold more in the west than in Japan, actually just N.America have sold more Pikmin than Japan.
              Also SSB.B (which is way more popular in the west than in Japan) have “introduced” the franchise to a massive audience to say the least.

    1. Well nintendo is selling the console at a loss. One WiiU game purchase makes up for the loss. If they bundled the game with the console, they would loose money.

      1. Kinda disagree here, If they bundled it, people would buy the console get Pikmin 3 for free as a nice incentive and then proceed to buy some of the other stellar (not system seller) games for the console, Lego City, NSMBU/Luigi U, MH3 Ultimate, Scribblenauts,

        I don’t think they’d take a loss in fact I believe bundles help in the long run so long as they sell enough

  6. animal crossing is selling a shitload of copies i in the usa and uk hopefully this does well in states to i know im picking this up at launch my first pikmin game

  7. From now every month a nice game, some months more nice games. you can choose from, Pikmin 3, Wonderfull 101, Rayman legends,splinter cell blacklist, Sonic Lost world,Zelda WW ,Batman origins,Cod Ghost,Watch dogs,Mario 3d world,Donkey kong,Assasins creed 4. And Iwata says that there are more games to confirmd?????

          1. If you’re intention was none malicious then you are forgiven :) .

            But seriously man… I’ve been waiting 9 years for this game and i’m avoiding ALL spoilers!!!!!

            I only like watching Spoiler free trailers… not walkthroughs and shit.

            1. Hah. What’s a spoiler-free trailer? The later trailers that Nintendo has released have that character in it.

        1. I seriously hate it when people do that. The fact that you spend your hard earned money on a game that has a big story, and were so close to the release date it just pisses me off.

  8. THis should really happen, its the only real normal Wii U exclusive. monster hunter was available on 3ds also, and this is only on Wii U. It needs more exclusive titles and it will work. Pikmin wont rescue the console but it will stabilize it for the time being!

    1. NSMBU was a real Wii U exclusive, but I get what you mean. Pikmin 3 is the first “good” game in the public’s eye that has come out for the Wii U.

            1. Yep. Let’s see… Better graphics and overall polish. Local Multiplayer , Maybe GTA style online Multiplayer (cops and robers etc) , Off tv play .

              If it had those things it would be a trully AMAZING game.

  9. That’s good news! I guess the Wii U won’t “go the way of the Gamecube” in terms of sales after all. I might buy this soon since I heard that Olimar makes a cameo.

  10. I’m not surprised. It is the best Wii U game to come out in Japan and it came out in the middle of a drought. If it didn’t sell well I would be like WTF!?!?

  11. People kept saying that Pikmin 3 isn’t big enough to move units, but I always suspected this would happen.

  12. WiiU as was told to you unbelievers is selling well due to Miyamoto’s genius.

    Of surveyed AskMen users, significantly more said they’d purchase a PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One. 39% of respondents said yes to PS4, compared to 12% who expressed interest in buying Xbox One. 3% said they’d buy both, while the majority — 46% — said they’d spend money on neither.

    Quote : IGN article

  13. The Wii U’s revival has begun. Let’s hope the momentum continues with Wind Waker HD and whatever surprises they have for 2013.

  14. Wow I’m actually surprised. I didn’t really think it would be a system seller anywhere but it’s nice to see that it is selling systems over there. To what degree it’s selling remains to be seen but it’s nice to finally see some positive news of Wii U hardware sales. Don’t know how well it will push sales in the west but once again we’ll just have to wait and see.

  15. Even though I don’t have a Wii U yet, I’ll probably buy Pikmin 3 when it comes out. Because I KNOW I’ll EVENTUALLY get a Wii U. And I really want to show my support for this game.

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  17. This really shouldnt be a surprise…its Japan, its a Miyamoto game…therefore its a big success. I wish Iwata (Since he is the COO of Nintendo of North America now) would make ALL games get global launches like Pokemon X/Y.

  18. What a shock a quality production exclusive to the platform sells well

    Oh and haters please fuck off now, move on to dooming the Xbone post launch

    The Lark

    1. Funny how this good news only one article about this is found. Yet if Pi min was not selling it would be about 12 journalist reporting this in seconds.

      1. Indeed, it’s just further proof that the western gaming society hates Nintendo and its games…


        Just another example of how they make Nintendo look as if its close to its doom when it’s not even near that…

        But ofcourse High Command is resposible for almost 50% of the failure with the Wii U…

        But to say that they have failed completely is not correct in any way as 3DS continues to deliver great first party games and third party alike…

        1. 50? They are responsible for every thing. they push the wii u to a corner and give 3ds all the love. Then they think it will sell good or even great? I heard that you are a swede, please tell me are there any commercial about the wii u there? Europe is the worst place for wii u no advertisement at all

          1. In Sweden and I suppose it’s similar to most of Europe, Nintendo used to be very popular here but when the Wii came, everybody started treating it like a child’s toy even though many bought it in the end…

            However Swedish people are very USA friedly and would gladly bend over for them at any time which they are doing right now anyway…

            And thus comes the love for the Xbox and PS3…

            PS3 because it has power and games and the Xbox mostly because it’s american and has the same games people here likes like FPS and Sports…

            Nintendo advertised the Wii quite alot here but people still hated it after a while and now rejects Nintendo because they do not have these FPS games they love and now they take their “hate” on the Wii U automatically…

            So in my country it’s both the consumers fault and Nintendo’s for the immense lack of advertising…

    1. I googled Wii U and clicked news. Still new articles of doom and gloom. I googled Pikmin3, still only one article showing how that game boosted up Wii U hardware sales. WTF is wrong with this picture?

      1. Also if Pikmin 3 alone has done this, this should worry Patcher about his so called predictions. Regardless of how the graphics and lack of online, in reality 3D Mario will make groundbreaking turnaround sales for Wii U. FACT!!!

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