There Are No Plans To Bring Ultra Street Fighter IV To Wii U


Last week, Capcom revealed Ultra Street Fighter IV – an updated version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition that will launch as downloadable content and as a standalone game. The publisher has confirmed that the game will be released in 2014 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The game’s producer, Yoshinori Ono, yesterday announced via Twitter that there are no plans to bring Ultra Street Fighter IV to Nintendo’s Wii U.


        1. The thing is no coding apart of just adding the new characters and a few new levels also why is always a need to say a game is not coming to wiiu in almost bold letters?.

          1. Ono also said in a couple following Tweets its not coming to PS4 and Xbox One right now, do to a super small budget on the game. I don’t think they expect too many people outside of the people who are really into the game to buy the DLC, so they budgeted the process really low, like just enough to add code to the original builds.

            Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One would all require some kind of new build, even if it repurposing code.

            I hope it comes to Wii U or whatever the next Street Fighter game is.

    1. Yeah. Ninty needs to quit making systems… please please please… just die nintendo… die with some class so I can weep at your grave instead of dance.

      1. All the Nintendo franchises are going to die too :(….and we all know Nintendo is NEVER going to selling their IPs

  1. “so sry, we don’t have plan for Wii U now…”…..So its not off the table yet maybe they are watching the wii u to see what it does, not saying i care for street fighter four but it would be nice for the wii u. Capcom and nintendo are pretty close so its not impossible

  2. Yet you are going to release it for systems that next year will be starting to get ignored because of their successors, real smart guys

    1. releasing for a PC at the same time than a console is a self grave digging for those consoles
      still, i think this game is more generic than CoD itself

          1. Well that’s the right word for what you meant but not the right word for the game.

            SF4 was a very good and very successful fighting game, it basically sparked the modern interest in fighting games again, even till this day.

            Did Capcom make too many “versions” of the game? Yes. Super was fine, the arcade was another now Ultra, but it’ll sell. I sold my copy of SF4 and i wanted to get back into the game. And it’s also sold as a DLC, so it’s not that bad at all.

              1. …that’s not what i said.
                I never said “Street Fighter 4 is the best”, i’m saying it’s very relevant, prominent in tournaments, and revitalised fighting games to this generation, it’s not about what you may or may not prefer, money talks, and Capcom got alot for it, and for good reason.

                And Ultra IS a DLC. It’s a full release and a DLC for anyone who owns SF4, SSF4 or SSF4AE.

              2. but it does. it comes as DLC update for those who already have the game and as retail for those who don’t have it or just want to buy the physical edition. by the way.. i don’t care, I wouldn’t have bought it

      1. I don’t think so. SF4 is so much cancer. They dont add anything barely NEW. CoD makes NEW guns, New Story, NEW Levels, and NEW Functions in-game. Not that I’m a CODfag.

    2. Is it coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well? Didn’t know that. I’ll probably hold off on it till then. It’ll go nicely with KI.

  3. Wow…seriously?
    Especially considering they brought Tatsunoko X Capcom before, and that SF4 is way beyond making profit, it’s damn successful, just making a WiiU version wouldn’t cost them a thing.

        1. even with the limitation, it was a good game, but don’t know what they are going by right now, but its still to early to tell its not coming out till 2014. they said they have “no plans now…”

  4. I’m thinking it might get ported to 3DS considering how well SSFIV did. Or maybe DLC like the consoles if it’s possible.

            1. Capcom has already been paid to use the character. I doubt is based on porcentage.

  5. Pretty stupid move, considering this is just a repackaged version of the same game that’s been released two different times on the consoles it’s being sold for, only with a few new characters. Wii U deserves a Street Fighter title. Hopefully down the line they’ll bring it to the Wii U.

    1. Yeah! Not like they gave us Project X Zone, Ace Attorney, and put their original mascot in Smash Bros…

      Get a grip, it’s a stupid move by Capcom, but “don’t like Nintendo” is retarded.

  6. There’s really no point in this, though, considering it is nothing more than another re-release of Street Fighter IV.

  7. As long as I get my Ace Attorney fix I could care less. I really doubt nintendo gamers would pick StreetFighter over smash bros anyways. I believe Capcom knows that.

  8. Hardly surprising at this point.
    Not that I care though, I like playing fighting games with a PS3 controller much better. And who buys Nintendo consoles for multiplats anyway ?

    1. Multiplats sell well on Nintendo is the crapy ports that don’t sell. Look at star wars Nintendo consoles always get the best selling star wars.

      1. Many more people than you think. People who grew up with arcades will naturally prefer fightsticks for authenticity. But aside from that, people feel more comfortable with controllers and it’s hard to learn how to play with a Fightstick when you got used to the alternative.
        (Do they even have fightsticks that are compatible with Wii U? )

  9. I’m terrible with roman numerals…is this Ultra Street Fighter 4? If so my god NO MORE SF4!!! Whats there been 5 different versions? I have never in my 17-18 years of gaming ever cared about street fighter. Its just punch, kick, punch, finisher. Button Mash!!! The only fighting game I like is Super Smash Bros.

    1. 1. This is the fourth version. And unlike Arcade Edition, it seems like they actually added stuff.
      2. If you think street fighter is only about button mashing, you’ve clearly never played it
      3. Smash Bros is not a fighting game, it’s a party game. Or at least, it’s mostly designed as one.
      4. Why would you even care? It’s not like you bought the other three versions and are pissed at having to buy another one.

      1. 1. Delusional Sheep.
        2. 75% button mashing. 25% corner fighting.
        3. Smash is at the tippy top for fighting games.
        4.You’re right, why do people care about crapcoms SF4: Ultra rehash.

        1. Who are you to call anyone a delusional sheep ?

          Wait this is a waste of time, everything in that comment shows you have no clue what you’re talking about.

          1. Clearly, that was too much truth for you to handle at once. I have a rule, never to pull the blindfold off someone after a certain level of delusion has been reached, it’s dangerous. I did what I did because I can.

            1. I can’t tell if I should laugh or facepalm. Wait already did the latter on instinct, too late.
              I don’t think I was clear enough, so I suppose I need to elaborate….a lot so brace yourself.

              All the stuff I said on my first point were objective statements. Where the hell did you get that ”delusional sheep” accusation?
              The guy was talking about how there were already 5 versions of the same game. I corrected him and explained that USF4 was ”only” the fourth one (and last hopefully) and that it featured more additions then its predecessor which I didn’t even bother with because I saw it as Capcom being lazy.
              Wait what’s this? I just criticized something that Street Fighter did as well as the company that makes the game? I must such a uber sheep, and a delusional one at that!
              Especially the part where I said that Street Fighter was the tippy top of fighting games (on the sole reason that it’s my favorite of the genre (fun fact, it isn’t) )…oh wait I think that was you…talking about Smash Brothers. My bad.

              And as I said, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. If you were, you’d reply with legitimate arguments, not some melodramatic response that completely ignores my points by giving no counter-arguments.

              Here’s another fact, the only way one would ever win at any fighting game period (though there might be a few exceptions I’m not aware of) by button mashing is by playing against someone who’s equally bad or barely better.
              If anyone tries that against anyone who has a few months of experience, they’ll just realize their opponent has no skills and change their strategies accordingly.

              And yeah, I have no idea why anyone would care about Crapcom (ohhhh such a brilliant pun that I’m sure no one brought up before you did)…
              …except maybe that because people are excited to play as the 5 new characters…or because it includes many balanced changes that fans in the Fighting Game Community requested…yep I’m drawing a blank here.

              Sorry if I sounded mean here kid, but it’s all true. And I intend to educate you. You can’t win arguments by making things up and acting like a smartass with nothing to back anything up.

              And again I’m probably wasting my time because I can almost bet you skimmed through my entire post.

              1. Before anyone asks, I happen to enjoy writing. Quite a lot…
                I wish I had more interest and passion when it came to writing research essays in college…

                1. Another delusion. Free tip, nobody here gives a flying fuck that you enjoy writing or wish you had more passion @ the “college” you attended, but you probably know that.

                  Instead you are only trying to pat yourself on the back for the comment you made, but instead it dives even deeper into your delusion. It’s like saying “Look Mom, I got an F!” Wake the fuck up and keep your mouth shut and maybe you will learn something, I wont be on this site forever.

                  1. No, I was just saying it in advance in case someone asks ”why the fuck do you write those long paragraphs no one’s gonna read, get a life”. Also half of it was self-deprecation about how I only put effort in writing crap that doesn’t matter. But of course, being insisting to only find wrong in any argument that contradicts yours, you missed the point, again.

              2. Well son, most of your post is irrelevant nonsense, but I’ll clear some things up for you anyways. I sometimes assume too much and I type in point form to avoid long comments.

                1. Delusional Sheep comment.(Explained)
                “They actually added stuff this time!”
                “It’s ONLY the fourth variation!”
                “Smash bros is a party game, not a fightin game!”

                Irrelevant nonsense. (Explained)

                I tried to understand any points you were trying to make but it’s hard when your talking to yourself (and promoting yourself) for 70% of your own comment. Please stay in school kid, i’m getting tired of trying to understand “the gibberish” I keep running into in these comment sections. By the way, I was in no-way trying to pass off Crapcom as an original thought, only a fool would think I was, a very desperate insult attempt, indeed.

                1. Okay, at this point I recommand you get that head out of your ass. You’re insisting to argue about stuff you have very clearly have limited (by which I mean none) knowledge about and that’s pretty sad.
                  Didn’t you notice the second time I used only was between quote marks? Because my point was that 4, although still high, was lower than 6.
                  Stating they added things makes me a sheep? Because denying any kind of addition would make me so much better.
                  Smash Bros was, in a way, designed as a party game that casuals who have trouble learning other fighters could play just fine. But then, a portion of the Melee fanbase had to screw everything up by taking a game where you can make Pikachu fight Samus on a spaceship way too seriously.

                  Promoting myself? I’m done, arguing with someone who tries to makes stuff up is more trouble than it’s worth. As I expected, you ignored everything I said.

                  I must be the most bored person in the world if I keep going back to this website, just irrelevant articles and shit posters who have NO idea how to argue or what they’re even talking about.

                  P.S. I didn’t even insult you once during my rant (the crapcom comment was directed at the joke itself, not you), I only judged what you passed off as arguments.
                  And the rest were objective criticism of how you tried to argue about a game genre you didn’t seem know much about. You might actually be a nice guy and real life for all I know, a nice guy who arguing with is frustrating and a waste of time but hey, who doesn’t have flaws?
                  You’re the only one of us who used insults; you’re the one who said ”delusional sheep” out of the blue for still unfounded reasons. In fact, even now you’re not providing any counter-arguments and just relying on vague insults to convince yourself you won the argument.

      2. Street Fight 4 was my first 3DS game…sold it to EBgames for $2.50 cause thats all it was worth.

        1. It was my first 3DS game as well. Granted I don’t exactly play it much anymore, but I still have some sort of respect for it for introducing me to fighting games.
          You may as well have kept or sold it on the web instead. If you’re to sell a video game for the same price you’d get a chocolate bar from, even if it’s a game you hated, you may as well just keep it.

  10. Nintendo is getting Monster hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster hunter 4. Nintendo fans please for once let us keep quiet. Pikmin 3 is selling consoles in Japan. The WiiU is fine. We have Street fighter on the 3DS hello! let us celebrate for once :).

  11. Im getting sick of this shit, when devs dont even think about wii u when they are developing games. I understand if ps4 games cant run on wii u, but this is comin to ps3 so it could run on wii u even better than on ps3! I dont get it 3DS gets lots of support like all N handheld but when it comes down to their homeconsoles like Wii u its always something like this, “No we dont have plans now, lets see after few years what happens”. Well atleast there is 3DS the king of gamin, none of the other game systems will ever beat it!

    1. At the end, the only one to blame is Nintendo for creating a console that doesn’t catches everyone’s interest. Don’t get me wrong, i’m going to buy a wii u because i love nintendo franchises. But what about non-nintendo gamers? There are no reasons to buy a Wii U, at least for now..

  12. wasn’t planning on getting it on my ps3 anyway so really don’t give a damn. of course if it was sfv then I might have given a damn.

  13. Ultra street fighter IV ??? Is capcom serious I thought this was a joke lmao wow they gta stop with all these different versions of the same game

  14. I’d buy this if it came out for the Wii U, but I’m not going to buy a PS or Xbox to play this game, so I guess, they’re loss, not really mine.

    1. Same here. I have SSF4 on my 3DS and it’s not bad. Thought it sold well and SF2 was big on the SNES, so obviously there are lots of Nintendo fans keen on SF games. Hopefully they change their minds if there is a bigger user base after the big Nin games arrive in the fall. Someone should start a petition.

      1. There was one for Guilty Gear Xrd (so excited for that one) and it seemed to be working quite well…though we haven’t received any news about it.

  15. SF4 is honestly the reason that the fighting game community has risen from its ashes in the last four years. I have a feeling that the decision not to make a Wii U port has a lot to do with concern that actual boxes may not sell, as so many people already have some iteration of the title already. I do, however, anticipate that if the DLC (or box) sells as well as it should, that Capcom will push to get this game ported to the Wii U. It would be an excellent move, honestly.

    Ono is known for changing his mind, anyway :)

    1. Ono I can trust, he’s a nice guy who’s very passionate about his job.
      The company he works for (that forced him to be hospitalized by overworking him) however…

  16. The only 2D fighting games I have ever considered worth a purchase are Soul Calibur and Super Smash Brothers. Aside from them, everything else is BOOOORING and has no lasting appeal!!! 💋

    1. Soul Calibur is a 3D fighting game -___-
      And the last sentence is your opinion; don’t phrase it like it’s an objective fact.

      1. Oops! I forgot that you could move “3D-like” in Soul Calibur. Doesn’t change the fact that Street Fighter has no lasting appeal though… 💋

        1. I liked it, if you watched EVO you would have also seen that the game appeals to that thousands upon thousands of people.
          It may not appeal to you, which is completely fine as it’s impossible for everyone to like the same thing, but don’t generalize and say it has no appeal for anyone at all. Maybe that wasn’t what you meant, but it’s what you’re phrasing implies.

    2. Soul Calibur is a 3D fighting game, you’re obviously just trying to eat Nintendo’s shit up without knowing anything you’re talking about :/

      1. Your right! I always forget that Soul Calibur is a 3D fighting game. Guess that means Super Smash Bros is the only 2D fighting game worth a purchase… 💋

  17. Doesn’t really bother me because I figured this game was just rehashing SSIV with a couple of new characters/stages. Not worth the asking price if you ask me. Anyways I’m in a good mood because I picked up a pro controller for $25 and bought Shin Megami Tensei IV.

    1. THIS was my plan for today…but best buy ran out of stock online as I was ordering the controller and suddenly couldnt ship it to my address anymore >.>
      oh well, I want a black one anyway
      hows SMIV?!?

      1. I haven’t really gotten the chance to play it. I’ve been busy with Calc II homework. I hope to get some quality time in with the game over the weekend if possible. I do enjoy the limited edition packaging though. Well worth the $50 and plus I gained $30 credit so really it only cost me $20. So today I have saved $55. Sorry to hear about your luck though. I hope you are able to jump on the next big gaming deal!

    2. Nintendo fans are one to talk about “rehashing”…
      It’s DLC…
      With that logic, New Super Luigi is rehashing as well.

      1. It’s not just DLC it’s also a full retail game. New Super Luigi U does feel a little rehashed but to me it’s fun enough to fork over the $20 asking price. Hell it was worth it just to be able to use the propeller suit again. I love that power-up!

    3. At least, people can also buy it as DLC for 15$, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me. Yeah, I should get back on SMT IV as well.

  18. Well thats a shame you can release it 10 times on other systems but not once on the wii u.

  19. Wow no surprise there. As for all you naysayers, Pikmin 3 is pushing HUGE numbers in Japan right now as well as pushing Wii U consoles. Nintendo isn’t going anywhere. It’s got nothing but money. They have been around since 1889…. Seriously just read the book “Nintendo Magic”. Nintendo is sitting pretty…

  20. Can’t believe I got to this point…after being a long time fan of Nintendo…I feel like I have to use the term ”Nintendrone” to express my current feelings.
    Those Nintendrones who act like Smash Bros is the only good fighting game out there (which they would totally ignore if it didn’t have Nintendo characters in it) are seriously making me cringe.

  21. Sooo… you make 3D edition of SF4 but you aren’t gonna put USF4 on the U? Seriously? -sigh- yet devs keep saying the system won’t sell, so instead of putting an obvious system seller on the system you lot choose to sit back and watch.

    1. Importing a game to a portable system had more benifits however.
      And I wouldn’t call SF4 a system seller, as the fans of the game already have one or two of the consoles that they can play the game on. I doubt they’d buy a Wii U for the sole purpose of playing Ultra Street Fighter 4.

    1. Too bad Capcom caught on the joke and didn’t want to play along with it decided to make the title shorter lol.

  22. It’s just the same game as the one for 3DS and all other Street Fighters anyway, no big difference whatsoever…

    I would much like to have a reboot of the Resident Evil series for Wii U…

  23. How could they not wanna put this on wii U and Nintendo was the ultimate brand where street fighter started at…….I thank the Wii U deserve one…….look at the 3ds success they sold fairly well and I myself have a copy of the game on 3ds and PS3 and I love everythang about it…..Im glad I skipped the arcade edition because I knew some whe down the line they would release a new version later on….If they don’t release it on Wii U then I mite get the dLC upgrade

  24. So, Tekken is the only sheriff in the town :P Good for Namco. I hate that type of fighting game anyway, so that’s not a big loss for me personally…

  25. Would’ve loved a Wii U version but at least this’ll save me some money as I plan to buy this on PS3,360 and PC.

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