US retail chain Best Buy is currently selling the White Wii U Pro Controller for a reasonable $25. The White Wii U Pro Controller normally retails for $49.99, so if you’re after one, then be quick about it. The offer is only for today and is only available to online customers.

Thanks, Angelixshadow and Sean



  1. I was going to pick one up…then got there only to find out Bestbuys in Canada dont have the deal going on…BOO. Canada never gets anything these days lol.


    • Exactly I missed out on this deal too although they would hold it until the 24 if I had bough it now but its hard to get around right now.


  2. I was going to order 3 so that I could complete my set of 4 in preparation for Smash Bros… but then I realized it was in-store pick up only. :c


  3. woah… I wish I could buy it in Germany this cheap. Here I have to pay 45€ …that’s about 59& …. I could buy there 2 instead of one for the same price :,D …

    Please “Yeah” my Wario picture in Miiverse :3 … (ID: reem86, or just click at my homepage)


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