Grab A White Wii U Pro Controller From Best Buy Today For $25


US retail chain Best Buy is currently selling the White Wii U Pro Controller for a reasonable $25. The White Wii U Pro Controller normally retails for $49.99, so if you’re after one, then be quick about it. The offer is only for today and is only available to online customers.

Thanks, Angelixshadow and Sean



      1. Just watched for the German Store, I’m Dutch and saw dass die Deutsche Amazon isn’t cheap ;) But the UK is the same region, isn’t it, so why don’t we buy one from the Brittain Amazon?


      2. I could do that, but then I would have to register and all that stuff. I may just do it at some point, though.


      3. All three should be Pal, so game disks should work and controllers arent region-locked anyway (except for the GamePad).


  1. I was going to pick one up…then got there only to find out Bestbuys in Canada dont have the deal going on…BOO. Canada never gets anything these days lol.


    1. Exactly I missed out on this deal too although they would hold it until the 24 if I had bough it now but its hard to get around right now.


  2. I was going to order 3 so that I could complete my set of 4 in preparation for Smash Bros… but then I realized it was in-store pick up only. :c


  3. woah… I wish I could buy it in Germany this cheap. Here I have to pay 45€ …that’s about 59& …. I could buy there 2 instead of one for the same price :,D …

    Please “Yeah” my Wario picture in Miiverse :3 … (ID: reem86, or just click at my homepage)


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