Precursor Games Asks Which Platform You Would Prefer Shadow Of The Eternals On

shadow of the eternalsIn an interesting twist to the Shadow of the Eternals development, Precursor Games are asking you – the fan – to vote in a poll as to which platform you would prefer to play the game on. Just yesterday we reported that the Kickstarter funded project would relaunch on July 25 in the hopes it would attain its funding goal after its first attempt failed to reach even a quarter of its target.

Shadow of the Eternals was originally planned to launch as an exclusive on the Wii U after its predecessor Eternal Darkness was released on the GameCube back in 2002. But as the funding looked less likely to reach its intended $1,350,000 goal, Precursor Games offered the PC as a playable platform. Now, however, the developers want to ask you which platform you’d rather play the title on, and have opened the field up to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is rather unsurprising, though, as the company’s COO Denis Dyack had revealed prior to the Kickstarter suspension that he was considering the Xbox One as a future platform for the game. At the moment of writing, the Wii U looks to be the winner garnering over 50 per cent of the votes. Let us know what you think of the poll system in the comments below, and if you would like to vote you can do so here.



      1. I said that I would only buy the game if it was exclusive to Wii U and Denis Dyack (the REAL Denis Dyack!) Rated my post as “Informative (positive).” :D


  1. Voted Wii U for the obvious reason: The game is the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, which was a damn fine GameCube game.


  2. Is that even possible to release the game on competing hardware?? I can understand PC because that’s more open ended I guess is a good way to put it. Doesn’t Nintendo own the rights to the insanity game mechanic?


    1. Nope. Original was by Silicon Knights, not Nintendo. And I don’t think it actually uses any of the Eternal Darkness IP (previous characters, locations, etc) anyway, it’s just a ‘spiritual’ successor, so they can do whatever they want.


  3. More evidence that Microsoft have a finger in the shadow of Eternals pie. First they meet with Microsoft and then cancel the kickstarter. Now they’re asking if we’d like other platforms. I’m happy Wii U and PC are the top.


      1. Says the one who pretends to be a commander in the “Nintendo army” and ends every sentence with an ellipsis.


    1. Agree with you. My big problem and question is… why is Nintendo not assisting to make the game happen, be the best it can be and be exclusive. I really not sure what the hell Nintendo is doing. What is killing Wii U sales right now is lack of 3rd party support and games. Are they really just damn arrogant/foolish or living in their previous years of glory and not realizing the glaring problem the Wii U face.

      We hear and read more reports of which games not coming to the Wii U vs which games are. The next game I purchase for the Wii U is the soon to release Assassin Creed.


  4. Everything but the Xbox One!!!! I personally would prefer the Wii U to be the lead platform and then port it to the PC and the PS4. That way there’s no way the Wii U version could suffer from quality issues and the other two are powerful enough to even handle bad ports properly.


      1. Though for true authenticity, 64, seeing as it was developed for that and then just ported onto the cube at the last minute. Hence the clunky character models.


  5. Im hoping for WiiU, just imagine the sanity tricks you could pull… Such as having one display lag, flipping a display, faking signal loss or low battery! Literally endless possibilities with that 2nd screen!


  6. I say ps4 and wii u because how the fuck is this game gana work on pc unless u have a controller. but if Nintendo wanted to move consoles they would fund this game and make it happen so Nintendo surly dosent give a shit which is sad.


  7. there is no way a game as good as this will get funded and will go to nintendo….. it wont get funded and whatever because the wii u is becoming shittier each day. this apparently doesnt matter much to most nintendo fans but that stupid point and click amorhog game, or whatever it is called is. thats pathetic.


  8. Ooopse! I didn’t realize already posted an article on this so I sent them a “tip” hoping to get more Wii U supporters to vote. Oh well… sometimes mynintendonews reports articles and sometimes it seems some are overlooked. Looks like they caught this one ,though. 💋


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