Shadow Of The Eternals Coming To Xbox One?

shadow of the eternals

IGN has gathered together a bunch of developers to talk about Microsoft’s upcoming video game console, Xbox One. Interestingly Denis Dyack, COO of Precursor Games was interviewed by the publication to give his opinions on the recently unveiled console. Dyack says that he is excited about the potential of Xbox One and appears to be considering  releasing Wii U and PC exclusive Shadow of the Eternals on the platform. Here’s what Dyack had to say when questioned about Xbox One.

“We are excited about the potential of X1 and look forward to speaking with Microsoft on how Shadow of the Eternals will be made available on their platform.”

Thanks, Jellybean946

179 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Eternals Coming To Xbox One?”

    1. I’m easily able to envision a humongoloid whose only goal in life is continually pressing refresh to get first (and gek’s dick up his ass, naturally).

    2. HAHAHAHA would be awesome if that game was Xbox one exclusive after all they had pay for it unlike that selfish scumbags Nintendo

      1. And wasn’t the game a spiritual successor of a Nintendo exclusive? Seems pretty relevant to Nintendo if you ask me …

        1. Youre right… This is a kind of sneaky tactic by MS… Imitate and shadow Nintendo! Oh wait, they always do that… anyway… MS is just rallying support doing whtever they need 2 do to stay afloat… Precursor… same thing lol. I would think Nintendo selling WIIU’s so slowly, that the competition sees an opening, they want to hit N while its “Down” lol… but they keep 4grtting that Luck of Heavan are Samurai…. BUSHIDO on that ass! WUUUUAAAA!

                  1. We should probably stop suspense then. That’s not a very nice thing to do a person. Killing hurts.

    1. Read my post on the deathstroke batman article…………. See more devs are using the word exclusive as…. A way to test the waters, if you put it on one system and the others that dont get it show enough interest then the game becomes more expsenive to make an exclusive, CURRENT GEN DEVS ARE MONEY NEEDING WHORES…….Devs are killing the gaming biz…. This guy started making this and was like help me pay for it….how about this idea…we give u money, u make the game we want, not what u want………

      So keep paying these AAA devs for dlc, micro trans, online passes, kick starters, half ass ports, Have fun guys

          1. “Devs are killing the gaming biz”

            Right. Lets just remove all devs from the gaming industry. Oh …. wait …. WE NEED THEM TO MAKE THE GAMES.

            1. Yes AAA title devs are killing it..EA, Activison, and even Ubisoft…… Do i really need to explain WHY????? I sick of blogging with you kids, you cant and dont understand where we 1st gen gamers come from….keep buying call of duty dlc, Madden after Madden, your online passes, your stupid lil skylander toys, your micro transactions, what ever console that provides the better 3rd party props, your 50$ online, Shit if this stuff want on back in the80s or 90s gaming would of died a long time ago…….

              1. Oh lawl, you’re as bad as that RetroJunkie loser.

                Online passes are gone. Pokemon has DLC now, what’s your point? DLC is here to stay whether we like it or not. Madden appeals to a niche Market who loves sport. I don’t see anything wrong with the skylanders toys (new ways to play). I don’t pay for online …. but xbox has the best online for a console.

                Sounds to me like you just need to emerge from your rock.

                1. My rock consists of….atari, nes, super nes-super scope, sega gen, game boy, game gear, gameboy color,advance, Ds, 3ds, sony playstation 123, xbox, xbox360, Nin64, gamecube, wii and wiiU…..whats your rock like???? Oh yeah i aslo left out my 5 classic arcades.

                  If you want to talk videogames with me then you best know your shit, BOY

              2. Go play your super manly games…which btw is full of lil kids. That statment shows you what i mean, i play blops2 online and find nothing but lil kids, its funny, nintendo becomes kiddy after the 5th gen kids dub it that…. But 1st gen kids know the Nintendo Entertainment System put out games that make your thumbs bleed, last game i played this gen that came close was Ninja Gaiden 2. Sorry if you hate my comments but its the truth..Gaming sucks so bad compared to how we had it….

                1. You sound like Bill now with the “Manly” bullshit. I play whatever the hell I want from ALL Genres, past and present. Last night I decided to take Eric Sellers advice and give the oracle zelda games a go. And I’m glad I did.

                  1. Why jelly, I’m touched! I thought you considered me a fanboy not worth listening to.
                    I’m glad i convinced you to try them though. Those two rate amongst my top 5 entries in the series for what i feel are Very good reasons.^_^

                    1. Nah you ain’t. I mean, you have your moments, but that’s what makes us human. (I’ve had plenty of moments myself)

                    1. I forgot im chatting with kids…as a 1st gen i aslo know this gen sucks….as 1st gen…Nintendo was where the hard games where…..we had not been introduced to console gaming like what Nintendo had to offer, we were being forced fed by Atari…kind of like how your being forced fed by the money hungry devs

                    2. Well I’m 14 and I’ve played many great old Nintendo games and enjoyed them! And I kind of know what you mean. Now I didn’t exist back in the 80s or 90s (except I was born in 1999) but after playing these old games and enjoying them, I’ve realized that people played games for fun back then and not based off their age like right now. I hate when kids say “Mario is a kiddy game” then play games like Call of Duty and call themselves real gamers when 80s or 90s gamers played Mario games regardless of their age.

                    3. Yes sir…quit and went to the Marines , served in Afghanistan, and went on to enroll at Syracuse University, now i have a great job being an anccountant. So does graduating highschool make you any better????

                    4. Considering I made a fortune in housing investments because of the skills I got from graduating …. yeah …. It makes me feel great buddy. Can work whatever job I want now and not have to worry about being in financial issues ;)

                    5. Ok good….so your set, now quit getting into others people business. Have a good day/night.

  1. Ya know, it bothers the living hell out of me that the number of pre-orders for the Xbone set records at Blockbuster.

    1. doesn’t really mean anything.. those who want to order an xbox one on day one will do so.. that will always be enough people to top some sales chart no matter how unpopular MS made themselves with the presentation

    2. Ironic that Blockbuster makes it’s money from it’s rental service and it has sold so many of the console that people won’t rent games for (because of the fee)!

    1. You’d be surprised. Seriously, I was talking to the guy at my local EB, and apparently a fair few have pre ordered it. I was shocked.

      1. And that’s is why I lost all my hope on the gaming community. Sony and Nintendo should be the only ones here! freaking Xdrones are destroying everything! *facepalm*

        1. Eh, they can buy what they want. I’m waiting till E3 before I fully decide whether or not I’m going to get the X1 or whether to just not bother with Microsoft.

            1. I mean, I liked the idea of the all in one entertainment device and voice control …. cept where was the freaking games!!!!

              1. That was the tiny little problem that became a total disaster for them. If I’m correct all those “entertainment features” can be done on a Smart TV, this Xbox was supposed to be a GAMING console in first place, not a TV accessory… Sony is taking a huge advantage of that already, (remember the Kaz Hirai message?). Heck, even Nintendo with their E3 Direct stuff promoting indirectly Bayonetta 2 and “X”, and all their crazy games.

                Someone (I don’t remember the page) told that this E3, MS will be going to focus on games only, I really don’t know, I think this E3 will be their last chance to do something about it…

                Talking about this news… I really gonna be pissed if they (Precursor games) do that with MS, heck no!, first Rareware, now This!? That is why I hate them, they are ruining the gaming Identity little by little, paying fees, Kinect watching you all the time, Windows 8 based OS (someone even like that OS?), not being compatible with 360 (another BAD move by them), they don’t think for their last-gen gamers, heck, not even Sony!, at least they have Gaikai!.

                (and sorry if I have any grammatical errors, I tried my best to make my point clear for you.)

                1. I agree 100%. Microsoft has leave or else every video games company will charge for everything. They’re really fucking up everything that was good about this industry.

              2. E3 my friend E3. They will just announce games and games that feature the function that the Xbox one have. Though i personally don’t like Microsoft i think that they will do pretty good in this new gen of console. I’m afraid that they might pull a “ps3″ and over price the console.
                Sony will probably do a “Xbox one” on E3 conference. Hopefully they just say “this is the console now over to games”

                1. Doubt Sony’s that stupid to pull a Microsoft in their E3 conference. Only stupid thing I see them doing is announcing an absurd price for the PS4.

  2. Did you really think it was an exclusive?, he only said that to get your money for the KickStarter, since that may not work, he is now publicly admitting to bring it to other consoles since he needs more money for his kickstarter.

    1. it’s their fault for having fund-raiser then launching a kickstarter right after that, it confused everyone

  3. Hmm. Seems like he said this in a last ditch effort to get funds from the public. They obviously won’t meet their goal. I hope Nintendo steps in and funds the rest BUT only if it remains exclusive to the Wii U and PC.

  4. I think this guy is desperate to get his game made no matter who he has to turn to. It won’t matter in the end; PC and Wii U will still out sell the One version.

    1. That’s probably it. After all of the time, money, and energy they have already spent on the project, they probably don’t want to or can not afford to give up.

      I wouldn’t even be surprised if they try to broker a publishing deal with Microsoft (or another publisher) if they don’t meet their kickstarter goal.

      In turn, that could mean bye-bye Wii U version. ;/

  5. Microsoft aren’t interested in indie projects though.

    You won’t get your game on the xbox 3 (one) without a publisher.

    1. do you know what nobody cares about. THE BARBIE SHIT YOU FAGGOT!!!!!!! seriously you act like people care about that shit but not this!!!!!!! why did you even bother turning that in, nobody cares about that!!!!!

  6. They’re just looking for funding. They didn’t find what they were looking for from Nintendo/PC so they are turning to microsoft. Its a desperate move, but I don’t think he has many options left.

  7. *sigh* It seems like people are too busy bashing on the Xbox One instead of saying how excited they are for the game or something. Xbox fans must be lucky too to get this game for their console ^^

  8. I don’t mind seeing this game go on more consoles but Xbox ONE is a pretty interesting choice…im not sure they are going to benefit with it but never the less if this game sees the light of day im still getting it for my Wii U

  9. I’m so sick and tired of hearing all this negative news!! It’s a good thing that E3 is in nine days because this really sucks for Wii U owners. We are missing out on GTA V, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Injustice DLC, BO 2 DLC, and now we will be losing Shadows of the Eternal to the Xbox One. Honestly alot of these devs can go fuck themselves because I like Nintendo software first and foremost but damn I’m getting gimped on a lot of games. Why can’t they give Wii U some equal amout of love at least with DLC?

  10. aahhhh fuck, this project is scraped. xbox turn on, xbox red ring. WHAT IT RED RINGED!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO, i should have just got a wii u or ps4!!!!!! how am i going to play this now!!!!!! nintendo fund it.

    why did i have to buy this piece of shit, all i can here is screams now!!!!!! aaahhhhh, link play the song of healing!!!!!!!!

  11. We have to start a petition, e-mail Nintendo, Miiot, (a riot but on Miiverse! What do you think of my new word!?) anything to get Nintendo to fund this!!!! Before it’s too late!

  12. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ! LOL Microsoft dont fucking cares. They dit not care about Bayonetta … same thing for Shadow.

    1. No actually I would get the Xbox One for that game and I’m as sure as Sherlock that a lot of people would get it for KH3 since people have been wanting that game for a very long time! :)

  13. C’mon Nintendo! Freaking buy this game already! Don’t let Microshit steal “another” good game from you! 💋

    1. Not sure it matters, People have to buy the console first, and I think they are going to have a hard time doing that.

  14. Western developers lining up to suffer like Vigil and THQ. All these maneuvers are being done to try and save the xboxone. So as second have games get a fee, smart people know this. It’s almost too late for Xboxone.

  15. Hell Microsoft stole Sony’s exclusive GTA and it did not affect PS3. Microsoft knows it ain’t shit without 3rd parties. That’s what they fo steal exclusives. Has Nintendo or Sony stole exclusives from Microsoft?

    1. Can’t really call it stealing, if a developer/publisher wants to take a third party game to other platforms.

      Yeah, there are a few games that were one-time Xbox or PC exclusives that are now on Nintendo and Sony systems though.

      1. really does anybody even click on them? i dont anyway i see them and im like eeehhh no. im not even going to look at it because its obviously him just sucking at youtube.

    1. Xbox One will try to get sequels to Nintendo games like how Nintendo got the sequel to Bayonetta lol…Still. Microsoft touches this then it becomes Rareware again and it will get crippled.

  16. In other words, “we want Nintendo to come to s but we will happily go to the Xbots Leaders and try to get the funds…”

    Traitors, bunch of retarded traitors everywhere…

    Just wait to you all suffer and rot like THQ extinct species and Atarians…

    I do not support your game anymore…

    Like Mario Kart Wii, our holy games will sell even more now…

      1. We’ve been betrayed far too many times in only 6 months…

        There is no more room for pathetic explainations…

        And the only pathetic ones are those being 100% serious all the time, specially about games…

          1. Having a life is individual…

            Going out, getting drunk and getting laid are primitive things to me that are waste of time, intelligence and everything else as a human being, which is why this stupid world is as pathetic as it is…

            1. You assume going outside instantly means getting drunk and laid? Holy fuck emerge from your deep underground dungeon.

          2. The only thing that I see you are doing on this site is criticised others that have a different opinion than yours.

            Fuck you butt hurt…

            1. Wow, you’re so mature buddy ;) homophobe are you?

              I’m butthurt? Your username kinda only says you’re the butthurt one here ;)

  17. There are an awful lot of people upset that a made-up game that will never actually happen is toying with another console. I have a Wii U. I love my Wii U. But Shadows of the Eternals was never going to be a real game. Not as long as Dyack is involved with it. There is a reason why he won’t pitch the game to developers, and it has nothing to do with his desire for “creative control.”

  18. Eh, who cares. The game may not even see the light of day. Even if it does, the Nintendo fans will support Nintendo by buying it for the Wii U. No one is going to but a Wii U for this game, so if more people get to play it I don’t see the problem. People need to get over this “me me me” crap and the whole “console wars” nonsense.

  19. This is getting just sad.
    They should have realized, that they would not receive that much support beyond a small fan-base of original game.

  20. Lol xbox was always joke and always will be. I dont get how that kind of shit company is still making consoles and good company like SEGA had to drop out. xbox is shitty Dreamcast clone thats why i hate xbox and microshit, they stoled every good thing from one of my favorite consoles of all time controller design,online etc. Fuckin cableshitbox shall be their final console. They should leave this market to Nintendo and Sony because they always have delivered what i have paid for, i cant say same about microshitbox going like that raping Rare. Fuck even Bungie bought themselves out of that shit. I hope that developers/customers wont support that cableshitbox, its time to xbox brand go down it has been alive too long! This game deserves better platforms than done. Wii U and PS4 FTW!!!!!!

  21. If the extra support actually helps get the game made, then I’m all for it. However, they should probably release it on the 360 instead, as …the ONE! is going to fail pretty hard.

  22. Goddammit! Sure, being on one more platform can’t hurt, but this was the one game that could really prove what the Wii U could do. If kinda feels not as special now that it might also come to Xbox One.

  23. Hey, CEO or COO or whatever of Precursor…mind telling us what the fuck you think is good about the Xbox One? Cause even die hard Xbots want nothing to do with it. You put this on Xbox or Playstation and my support for you will end before it even began.

  24. The game won’t reach their kickstarter goal anyway.
    Unless Microsoft is going to fund development of the game it’s getting released anyway.
    Meanwhile, Nintendo is probably making Eternal Darkness 2 themselves (Lol).

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