Namco Bandai Teasing New Nintendo 3DS Title

namco_bandai_logoNamco Bandai has launched a teaser site which contains minute information for a new Nintendo 3DS title. Originally the website featured the letters ‘V’ and ‘F’ along with the numbers ’20’ and ’30’, as well as a countdown clock. The website has since been updated by Namco Bandai to feature a new title for the Nintendo 3DS. As the countdown clock suggests, the website will fully launch in just 4 days time, however there’s a slight chance we may hear some information leak before the date from various Japanese publications. What do you think the title could be? Feel free to speculate in the comments below.



  1. If you bastards actually bring a Tales game to the 3DS……a unique Tales game……..
    I’m going to FLIP. MY. SHIT.
    And then I’ll get a crow bar and work on straightening out the insane smile that will be stuck on my face….


  2. it may be a tales of vesparia for 3ds? and the f????? maybe tales of innocence f? who knows but i really hope its a tales game cuz if it is then i will buy, do an unboxing and post a vid response to the company youtube channel and give my gratitude


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