SEGA and IGN have uploaded a brand new trailer for Sonic Lost World on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Sonic has plenty of colour-based powers at his command as he fights evil in this latest Sonic Lost World video. Sonic’s latest adventure for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will apparently be released on October 13th.

Update: Trailer says Sonic Lost World is coming to North America on October 22nd

Thanks, Gaminglord



  1. The colour powers worry me. They look awful. Particularly the new ones.

    But the level design still gives me hope. The new levels shown and the new areas of previously seen levels look good.

    Will remain cautiously optimistic.


  2. I’m actually really excited for this game! Aside from generations there hasn’t been a good Sonic game since Heroes(never played colours). Although speaking of Heroes why hasn’t there been a sequel to Sonic Heroes yet?


    • Yeah I can see what you mean. The only new color power I liked was the Eagle one. That planet looking one and the music note are kind of stupid in my opinion. Everything else was great though!


  3. Pikmin 3 is the top selling game in japan the game is on pace. Of new super mario bros u here comes the wii u its gna be booming sales from here on out


  4. Those shading effects looked really awesome on that forest level. Makes me wonder what kind of visuals Wii u can pull out after all.


  5. I don’t know what you people are talking about. I thought the game looked really good and looked like a lot of fun. The platforming is how Sonic games SHOULD be. Sonic Colors was amazing and this will surely follow in it’s footsteps.


  6. The next year’s Sonic game will be titled “Sonic Thunderstorm”.

    .Sonic Thunderstorm will share gameplay with Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations & Sonic Lost World. Will your SEGA team do that?

    .Sonic Thunderstorm will feature playable characters, Chao Garden, Black Market, Past animals from SA1 & SA2, with new ones, Chao Race, Chao Karate, colorful Chao Eggs and a new thunder hedgehog character.

    .Sonic Thunderstorm will be released in November 2014.

    Will you register domains to the game, Sonic Thunderstorm?


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