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Two Trademarks Suggest That Seaman Is Being Revived By Nintendo


Two trademarks that have been registered by Nintendo in Japan suggest that the long-rumoured Seaman revival might be coming soon. The Kyoto based company registered trademarks for Mysterious Pet: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face and Mysterious Partner: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face in Japan. Both of these trademarks seem to suggest that Nintendo is looking to revive the franchise.

63 thoughts on “Two Trademarks Suggest That Seaman Is Being Revived By Nintendo”

    1. F-Zero is in the works, that is a gurantee. Patiently wait and scream with joy in the not too distanr future. Remember my comment when the announce f-Zero mega Ultra futuristic maverlous boost :).

        1. Does Miyamoto have any control over F- Zero games? GX was developed by both Nintendo and Sega. So, can’t other developers help out with making a new game in the series?

      1. I would like the dev of the new Mario Kart game to make it since the game does remind me of F-Zero gameplay-wise minus a few details.

  1. Seaman??!?!?! Look I understand it was an “interesting” concept for a game but why would Nintendo revive it? Nintendo has franchises like Custom Robo, Golden Sun and StarTropics that would benefit way more from having a reboot.

      1. Well I still want a new Star Tropics and a Custom Robo with online multiplayer battles and full Robo customization

        1. the Custom Robo idea is very good. i enjoyed the Nintendo DS game, they should make a new one with more parts and, yes, why not, an online mode.

  2. mynintendonews give me a chance to post my comment before uploading a new article lol. Talk about creepy. This games still shakes me scared lol.

  3. People can now play with their Seaman again in HD…. Why does that sound like a trailer for a bad porno?

    1. Nooooo, they’re too busy making a third Donkey Kong, helping Nintendo on 2 levels for some game they didn’t need to help on, and reviving the long awaited, Ice Climbers, complete with the exact gameplay of the original. But it “now sooopport Aaaychhh deeeee graffix”

          1. Exactly. reviving all these game.

            Revive ur own fucking games nintendo: star fox, ice climbers, f zero, etcetcetcetc etc

      1. actually a ice climber revival would be cool mix the game play with mario bros, dk, kirby and some other stuff. Star fox, f-zero, earthbound, hell a game and watch game would be cool to.

    2. Don’t even say that! That’s something only for my worst nightmares. I mean Tropical Freeze is one thing but that……no just no.

  4. ……..

    I’m done.
    “Let’s not revive F-Zero or Starfox, or make efforts to make a new Earthbound, but instead lets remake a pet simulator starring a fish with a face that talks like Leonard Nimoy”.

    I swear, if this is true…just…..for fuck sake.

  5. does anybody actually have any fucking words for this shit!!!!! a fucking PET SIMULATOR!!!! why do you suck nintendo!!!!! nintendo….. you should just call it quits.

    1. “F-Zero? Starfox? Earthbound? What’s that?”
      “Let’s revive a franchise that no one gave a shit about!”

  6. Interesting, why Seaman? Now that i think about it maybe this is Nintendos strategy to support Wii u heavily themselfs like they did with Gamecube, they could have been aware of all this time that 3rd parties will abandom them, so they saved few aces. Im sure they have lots of more surprises like starfox and f-zero down the line they also have x, new ip etc. comin. Conspiracy!!!!! Im not complainin as long as Nintendo themselfs keep the system alive if 3rd parties wont start supporting. Meanwhile 3DS keeps destroying its competitors!!

    1. I agree, this will be the pa2 gamecube thing again, but something tells me the Wii u will outsell the Xbox one, it won’t outsell the ps4 though.

    1. Yeah, it would be funny if it turns out this game was actually bought by.. Microsoft for the Xbox One Kinect 2.0 XD

  7. I for one love to see a seaman game I don’t see why not And quit complaining if they don’t want to make a F-Zero game and Nintendo says no than too bad we don’t have to be raging fanboys

    1. To be honest I’m actually happy that they picked this up :)
      I wouldn’t mind if F-Zero isn’t released until 2017, I’d rather wait for it than get it straight away

  8. Dammit, nintendo. What the crap is wrong with you?!? Seriously, are you trying to be the laughing stock of console gaming?

    This is just pathetic.

  9. Dear lord no….that was the strangest game I’ve ever played. I think I have ptsd after having played through that. Seriously the only thing that attracted me to it in the first place was that it was narrated by Leonard Nimoy and I’m a huge Nimoy fan. Don’t think I’d go back for a round 2….

  10. Why not revive Yoot Saito’s other game and make an Odama 2? Imagine how well that game would work on Wii U. The Gamepad has a built in mic, the triggers can be used for flippers, and the second screen could really benefit the gameplay or have off-TV play with touchscreen features. Ah the possibilities.

  11. I never played Seaman, nor do I have any idea what kind of game it is. But I remember seeing that creepy picture of a fish with a human face years ago in EGM magazine.

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