Game Freak Teases New Title With Silhouette Image

game freak silhouetteAn unusual teaser site has been opened by Game Freak which displays a silhouette image and the words “coming soon”. A caption was also posted underneath the image saying, “the well known game, played all around the world, is about to be reborn thanks to a surprising collaboration”. Knowing that Game Freak is most famously associated with developing the Pokémon games, there’s mumblings that this teaser site could be related somehow. Plus, there’s confirmation that it’s a well-known title, which presumably leads us back to Pokémon.

Although Game Freak has worked mainly on the Pokémon games, they have branched out and developed Harmoknight in 2012, Drill Dozer in 2005 and, before the release of the first two Pokémon games in 1996, they developed a Yoshi title in 1991, as well as a Mario and Wario title in 1993. But there’s no denying that the silhouette looks more like a Pokémon than any other games in their roster. What do you think the mystery image could be? Let us know in the comments below.


    1. Just wanted to see if I was capable. Now, any ideas on what the hell this is, I was wondering all night. Serebii posted this on their site last night.

            1. My thoughts are
              A) it’s a Harvest Moon crossover(which I would love)
              B) it’s a reboot with some other company (like Atlus just for example) helping
              Just my thoughts

      1. Seriously? You wanted to see if you were capable? Can’t we just try to clean up the garbage in this site’s comments?

        1. Calm down, it was a one time thing. At least I managed to say something relevant afterwards.

  1. It looks like some sort of small horse or pony, but the style it seems to be in seems completely different to that of pokemon’s.

      1. phanpy doesn’t have little ears on top of his head… and its tail goes up, not down. and he just looks nothing like that at all…

    1. i hope so. but i don’t think it’ll be… at least not in form of a main-series-compatible game, it’ll be its own little thing, spinoff-style, which would really disappoint me…

    1. Except it is about Pokemon (or some other GameFreak franchise), so that would mean it would be “Majoras Mask : Pokemon edition”. And that is not a remake, but some thing new entirely.

      P.S. I doesn’t look like Epona. Granted, it may be a horse, but not Epona.

  2. Please be Pokemon Moon (Pokemon x Harvest Moon)! You would take care of Pokemon, breed them, and battle with them. Please, I want this.

  3. Looks kinda like Ponygon from Zatch Bell (anyone know what I’m talking about/agree with me?)

    1. I was thinking the same! That thing really loooks like Ponygon from Zatch Bell
      Btw, Ponygon sounds like Porygon LOL

  4. If it were any new Pokémon it would be X and Y. They’re not going to introduce a new Pokémon in a game other than X and Y. My guess is they’re collaborating with some other franchise to reinvigorate it.

    1. Actually, I think they would introduce a new Pokemon in a crossover game. It would create hype for the new release. Then they would probably release it as an event later for X and Y.

  5. If they are making a Pokemon Stadium 3…

    I will die from excitement…

    But if it’s a true 3D adventure pokemon game with online, character customization and so on…

    Then we will win 8th generation by far…

  6. Wasn’t CoroCoro talking about the Pokemon “Reveal of the Century” coming next month? seems related.

  7. considering the fact that the glowing thing has been used to tease other pokemon for X & Y, it will probs be another pokemon

  8. Pokemon x Angry Birds

    People will winge like mad but imagine how much money Nintendo would make from that…

  9. Looks like a Moomin xD

    But it looks like an animal from Harvet Moon, so maybe a Pokemon themed Sim game? Build your own Pokemon cities, or on a more Harvert Moon type thing, Pokemon “Paradise” like Mystery Dungeon, or something.

  10. It kind of looks like a horse… oh god, they’re making a My Little Ponies game… what has the world come to!?

  11. I’m thinking something to do with the .hack series? The silhoulette really reminds me of the Grunty found in those games. Or perhaps Gen 3 remakes? I’m happy for either or. At any rate, Game Freak never dissapoints :)

  12. If it’s not something Pokemon related and it’s not something Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, or Ruin Factory related, then I don’t know what to think…….

    Unless Game Freak is making a Zelda spin-off and that’s Epona in some sort of chibi form……

  13. Stop projecting your unbelievable expectations on the silhouette, it looks like a fucking horse.

  14. I’m not even going to read the comments. I know half of them are going to say “Pokemon X My little Pony herp derp!” 💋

  15. I have to concur it looks identical to a grunty from the original .Hack series and .Hack is a popular game played around the world that sort of is dead right now.

    The only thing odd would be is that thing has ears? Though it easily could be a bow or some sort of accessory? Also a grunty with ears wouldn’t be so odd seeing as they’ve already gone through major design changes before.

  16. Honestly looks like something from Viva Pinata, but I doubt a collaboration with Microsoft is in the cards…

  17. I don’t think that it might not be a crossover game, but quite possibly a reboot of an old series that GameFreak will be now doing.

    *crosses fingers for a something like a MegaMan, Banjo-Kazooie, or EarthBound reboot done by GameFreak*

  18. I think it is pokemon stadium 3 because there has to be a pokemon stadium 3 stage for ssb4

    1. It’s not going to be Pokemon Stadium. It clearly says that it will be a collaboration.

      1. It’s clearly saying it’s THANKS to a collaboration, can be a collaboration between fans, like if the fans are asking for a new pokémon stadium. Just my thoughts…

  19. “Game Freak has collaborated with Capcom with regards to the Megaman Battle Network series…

    Pokemon will move on to the future by introducing a new Pokemon game: Pokemon Battle Network…the game that takes all major aspects of the Pokemon franchise and fuses them into one thing”

    Just saying….

  20. Is no one thinking of of the possiblity of remakes? Ruby and Sapphire need remakes, but I’ve also seen signs of Game Freak possibly making a Red and Green/Blue remake. But thats just me.

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