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Pikmin 3 Introduces New Battle Modes And The KopPad

With the European launch just two days away, Nintendo UK has published another video to its official YouTube page. This time, Pikmin 3 introduces the KopPad to fans of the title, where it acts as the game’s version of the Wii U GamePad.  Use it as a map and divide and conquer by tactically sending the three explorers to waypoints in the area, or study your actions at the end of each day in the replay to improve your strategy.

You can also use the KopPad to snap some snazzy pictures of the beautiful Pikmin world, plus you can upload these straight onto Miiverse. So whether you’re traversing the hard terrain in search of food, fighting a boss, or just watching your Pikmin chill by the water, you can get creative and post your findings to the community. Check out the press release below for details on the new mission and battle modes:

Pikmin 3 stars the original Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin who each have special abilities, but also introduces two new types of Pikmin that allow for new gameplay strategies. Meet the Rock Pikmin who are the sturdiest of all Pikmin and can be used to smash through glass walls or enemies’ exoskeletons! Also making their debut are the Winged Pikmin, whose ability to fly lets them carry things above ground and lift blockades, forging new paths.

In Story Mode, take control of three new characters Alph, Brittany and Charlie, who are tasked with saving their home planet Koppai from starvation and searching the peculiar planet of PNF-404 for nutritious fruit. With PNF-404 full of hostile inhabitants, the intrepid trio are not alone – but thankfully they are aided by a diminutive army of plant-like Pikmin who obey their every command.

Your loyal Pikmin put their unique talents to use to seek out items, solve puzzles and fight enemies; through your actions the Pikmin can grow in numbers and overcome all – or be sent forth to be chomped! The challenge is to work through each day to most strategically seek out fruit and take down creatures – but fear not when the situation turns sour, as Pikmin 3 introduces a new feature that allows you to jump back in time and tighten your tactics.

In Mission Mode, you are given tasks to complete within a time limit, such as defeat a fiendish boss or collect as much fruit as possible. Play alone or co-operatively and aim for the highest score on the online leaderboard, where you can see how you compare to other Pikmin 3 players around the world!

Bingo Battle is a competitive multiplayer mode which pits you and a friend against each other, on a variety of different maps, to complete a line in a special Pikmin-themed bingo card. The Pikmin twist is that each square on the bingo card is an enemy to take down and collect, or an item or fruit to bring home. With numerous ways to play the maps and rules that can be customised, novices and veterans alike can enjoy employing different tactics to outwit their opponents! Pikmin 3 launches this Friday for Europe and August 4 for North America.

42 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Introduces New Battle Modes And The KopPad”

    1. the stupid “FIRST” comments is the main reason I rarely come to this site… the owner needs to clean this crap up if they want more visitors.

      What are you all 12 or something? Childish.

  1. Sign this Petition if you want to play DS or 3DS games on your Wii U. Kind of like the Game Boy Player for Gamecube.

    1. That has potential to not only increase the WiiU game library, but also revitalize WiiU sales… There’s no way Nintendo would do that. The strategy is: Delay games. Be sure people don’t understand what the WiiU is. Keep the install base as small as possible. Great thought though. Woulda been fucking awesome.

    2. geez, why in the heck would you want to do this? The games would absolutely look terrible.. It would look even more blocky and pixelated than VC NES games do…. You can’t stretch 240p to 720p/1080p….. it really wouldn’t be worth it, and Nintendo knows it…. What a terrible idea for a petition

    1. This has got to be spread elsewhere… only ten people signed??? Im surprised because I don’t play mobile games and will not buy a 3ds to play them… although I would buy the games I am missing out on instantly if I could play them on wii u

        1. Excuse me? What is P2W and they are on a “mobile” device in that… well, the 3DS is a portable system, correct?
          I don’t mean mobile like phones or tablets… I should’ve altered the vernacular

          1. Alot mobile games have these pesky micro transactions that you can pay to unlock the whole game without touching the new game button. Beating a game = Winning.

      1. This looks cool but It’ll definitely need anti-aliasing. The games already look way too pixelated on the original 3DS.

        1. I just don’t like the idea of missing the content… I would love to see Kid Icarus or some of the other games redone for Wii U… the two screen element is there at least… I don’t know… maybe it just isn’t to be

          1. I agree. I’d rather play all of my games on a big screen but I’m stuck with a small low resolution screen. It takes away from the immersion of the game.

        2. the pixelation would be UNBEARABLE… 240p stretched over 3 times to 720p would be horrible, but people with 1080p screens would see an even UGLIER picture..

          Take a picture into photoshop, reduce the pixels to 240p resolution and then stretch it back out to 1080p to see what I mean. It would be unplayable.

      2. I know somehow on Wii U Daily’s site I came across some resistance. I think it is an amazing idea for people like you and I that aren’t interested in buying a 3DS but would like to enjoy some of the games on it by buying an attachment of some sort for your Wii U to play 3ds or ds games.

      3. Because its a dumb idea. I don’t think people realize how ugly 3DS games would look like stretched to 720p or above.


  3. The Multiplayer modes are completely irrelevant unless you game locally. A significant waste of thier effort since only a handful of owners will ever play them. They should have dropped multiplayer completely and added to the campaign instead.

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