Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies DLC Confirmed For Western Release

phoenix wright 1It’s good news for Phoenix Wright fans in the west as Capcom has announced – via its unity forums – that the downloadable content released for Japan will also be making its way overseas and onto your 3DS. The DLC in question will feature a brand new case named Turnabout Return, which enables you to play a new chapter between the events of Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies. The case will revolve around a young girl and will feature as Phoenix’s first case after recovering his rights to practice law once again. The DLC also contains some alternate costumes for Phoenix, Athena and Apollo, with a pirate theme running throughout. Capcom hasn’t put a price on the DLC yet, but says they will reveal more information soon. Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies will release later in the year on the Nintendo 3DS.


  1. DOINK

    I’m excited what ur gf did to me last night

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  2. This is the kind of content that should be already on the disk…. Phoenix first case is NOT extra

  3. DLC? More like: “we’ll see”.:) Just can’t really get exited about news regarding this game. I really want to, but…:(

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