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Kickstarter Dreamfall Chapters Coming To Wii U


The development team behind Dreamfall Chapters has confirmed to EDGE magazine that the game will be coming to Wii U. Red Thread founder and creative director Ragnar Tørnquist told the publication that Nintendo approached them last autumn, around the time when the game was first announced. Red Thread then decided to get back in contact with Nintendo in May and said that the company was interested in working with them. The development studio now has a Wii U dev kit and are in the process of getting the game up and running on the system complete with Wii U GamePad functionality.

“Nintendo approached us last autumn, immediately after Dreamfall Chapters was announced – they were, in fact, the first console manufacturer to do so. At that point, however, we weren’t ready to make any commitments regarding engine and platforms, so we decided to wait. We got back in touch with Nintendo in late May of this year, and they were very interested in working with us.”

The studio has just received its first Wii U dev kit, and is still in the process of getting the game up and running on Wii U. It is aiming to release Dreamfall Chapters on Nintendo’s home console complete with Gamepad functionality. “So far, they’ve been very helpful and supportive, and it’s been a painless and surprisingly rapid process.”

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78 thoughts on “Kickstarter Dreamfall Chapters Coming To Wii U”

    1. Indeed it is…

      As our Empire keeps creating alliances with as many Indie Tribes as possible, our limits are endless…

      I have forseen the fall of the Electrons and the beginning of the end for the evil Xbots as our Empire and its allies are united to crush any opposition bent on destroying our rights as gamers to have fun with all their violations like DRM…

      And we shall soar up to the skies leaving luck to heaven and continue beyond forever to create joy and creativity hahahahahah!

      1. Funfact: NSAbox one has less game restrictions than WiiU.

        Anyways, I’m glad to see some actions but on the other hand this game is still only a movie.

        1. Yes, we should all trust american companies and goverments…

          Well since western gamers love these movie games I guess it’s a good thing…

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  1. Best part is ” painless process “. Wii u news gets better wile others Console are getting a bit disappointing.

    1. How? Why? When?
      Spybox became better and PS4 is getting more games than Wii U in it’s current lifetime.

        1. The only game that I see it was 100% carbon copy was tekken tag 2 and need for speed the game that show that the wiiu could have the best looking version.

        2. If Shinen a team of 5 people managed to get something as good as Nano assault Neo on the WiiU utilizing a single core there’s no telling where the system can reach

  2. I’m honestly getting pissed at Nintendo for giving attention to titles like this, but completely ignoring other great games on Kickstarter like Hat in Time. I don’t mean to say that this game is bad, but there have been other games on Kickstarter that would appeal more to Nintendo’s fanbase.

    1. Hat in time dosnt need Nintendo attention because the developers said they are working on it is the games that are not coming that Nintendo should get on board.

    2. who says they are ignoring them? to this day we didn’t even know nintendo had approached red thread as early as november…

      1. If they weren’t ignoring them, we would have heard by now. To me it looks like the development team is looking for third party companies to license their game to Wii U. So you can assume that Nintendo hasn’t agreed to help out with licensing.

          1. If Nintendo had done something before the end of their Kickstarter, they would have told everyone. You have no idea how many people were saying that they would double their donation if it was confirmed for Wii U. I see no reason why they would keep quiet if Nintendo had said something.

              1. That’s not what I meant. The developer would have said something if Nintendo had done something to get the game on Wii U.

                1. Not necessary. That way if someone makes a deal to make it exclusive or have some tips of deal they would not anger the user base that’s not getting the game.

                  1. are you saying the kickstarter backers would not be angry if their game suddenly turned into a console exclusive game and the developer wouldn’t even tell them about it (in order not to make them angry)? doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

                    if not then i have absolutely no idea what you mean

                    1. Want I mean is Nintendo may have contacted them but developing for the console wasn’t possible at that time so instead of giving false hope they preceded to wait. Also after what ea did Nintendo will not promote third party games until it is 100% confirmed.

        1. if nintendo approaches someone to bring their game to their platform that agreement will not be part of any crowdfunding campaign.. so there is no reason to make it publicly known right away
          apparently the team behind dreamfall also needed a couple months to see if they can and want to do a port to the wii u so why would the team behind a hat in time announce something while they’re not even certain themselves yet? they’ve also mentioned that on their kickstarter page.. they’re not certain if they’ll bring it to wii U yet

            1. they are certain they want it on wii u but they are not certain whether it will work out

              “* We have also discussed the possibility of releasing the game on the Wii U, however the game is still early in development, so it is difficult to make that call until the game progresses further.”

              1. If Nintendo would have stepped in and given them a dev kit, they would know by now. All they have said is that Nintendo shows interest in their game and that before they get a dev kit, they must pay $500,000 to license the game on Wii U. I doubt that they would be searching for a publisher if they were in the same situation as Dreamfall.

                1. dude they’re at the very beginning of development.. they’re not even certain what their game will look like exactly

                  and you expect them to know exactly what platform the game will work on?

                  when they mentioned the 500.000 they were talking about the UDK license fees for that platform and THAT is what they need a publisher for

                  and yes it’s understandable that nintendo is hesitant to dole out half a million in licensing fees for a project they couldn’t really assess yet.. the game is in the beginning of its development phase if you recall


                  i think it pretty clearly states that NoA is not ignoring them but half a million for a small indie project (that itself has a budget half of that) isn’t exactly small fry
                  besides they are saying “publisherS”
                  NoA could very well be part of that group

                  if nintendo was ignoring them i doubt they’d have any interest in bringing the game to the wii u in the first place

    3. I’m guessing you haven’t read up on the history of this game. Its a PC GAME which is amazing news, it means more PC exclusives might make their way to the Wii U and who knows, maybe Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs might be delayed because its getting a Wii U release as well as a PC and Mac release.

        1. No, if you notice I said “maybe” meaning it could be possible if more PC ports start being released on the Wii U

      1. The other Kickstarter games I’m mentioning are PC exclusives as well. Yes they don’t have as much of a reputation as Dreamfall, but they’ll sell just as well.

  3. great

    the previous title was very good and the first title was nothing less than awesome

    will be looking forward to this :)

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  5. I’m still playing the first game, and I’m referring to The Longest Journey, not its sequel, which is called Dreamfall. It’s pretty damn hard.

  6. The first game, the longest journey is brilliant. Hopefully oneday they can provide us with a combo pack on the WiiU of all their games in the series.

    1. I doubt that’d happen, but this game looks to be well worth it. I’m excited for variety and I think this will be a day one purchase for me.

  7. SO they “just” received a Wii U dev kit eh? *smh* I knew the crap they were saying a few months ago about the Wii U being underpowered yadda-yadda was just that. Crap. I said then that this company probably didn’t even have a dev kit yet. Amazing how quickly things change when a company gets what it wants. Not it’s all lollipops and gum drops.

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