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Nintendo Of America Files Reapplication For Eternal Darkness Trademark


Nintendo of America has filed and reapplied for a trademark for the critically acclaimed Eternal Darkness on July 23rd. The filing is actually for a new trademark rather than a change to the existing one which was filed in 2010. It would seem as though there’s some interest by Nintendo in the franchise, as it’s doubtful that they would create another filing for the game without any interest being there. Would you like to see a sequel to Eternal Darkness?

80 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Files Reapplication For Eternal Darkness Trademark”

    1. Agreed, a direct sequel made by our Empire would destroy Shadows of the Eternals…

      I’d rather have a real exclusive sequel than a shared “Spiritual Successor”…

      The only Spiritual Successor that has been better than the original in my opinion was Perfect Dark…

        1. I still hold Perfect Dark as my top 3 all favorite games ever played…

          It just had everything…

            1. A Link to The Past, Super Mario 64, & I’m leaning towards Super Mario Brothers 3 at the moment, but I haven’t thought too deep on it yet. The other 2 are definitely on my top 3, especially Link to the Past. My favorite game ever. Love playing still to this day, although I am holding off till the release it on the Wii U VC if they do, or make a remake. Hopefully in time for Link Between Worlds.

      1. I’d be laughing quite pleasantly if it turned out that Nintendo itself made the Eternal Darkness sequel. Long shot surprises for the win!

      1. Uhh hello! no im tryin 2 make a point hear. its caled entirnle darknes wich is just evil wen jesus is the lite! nintendo is about bein yong and hip and 4 the kids but with something like darknes thay fale in that relm

              1. I’m all in with new Populous, Dungeon Keeper and Actraiser. Never played Gogo Ackman or Black & White myself so i can’t say much about those.

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            1. I kinda doubt your even a Christian. I think your just a troll trying to spread religious hate.

    1. look. i’m both a Christian and a nintendo fan. i think that you are making fun of us Christians instead of defending Jesus. you always use Jesus’ name in vain which is getting offensive. i really want to get you banned in this site

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      1. I’d accept Retro taking the reins for this game, but that Metroid waiting is going to turn out nasty.

  1. Direct sequel a real sequel would be awesome. Who knows Nintendo has lots of 1st party devs so its possible that someone could have been workin on it, that would also explain the lack of interest from N towards Shadow of the eternals.

    1. Nintendo could also use the IP do seduce new developers like they did with Luigi’s mansion 3ds developer.

  2. Sure… I would love to see Nintendo make a sequel to Eternal Darkness. I was wondering which development team would make a well worthy second part for the Big N… my candidates are Retro Studios, MonolithSoft, PlatinumGames, and Crytek.

    1. I would suggest MonolithSoft…

      It wouldn’t surprise me if they collaborated with Capcom on it aswell…

      But ofcourse with High Command in control…

    2. Retro – Maybe
      Monolith – No, they make JRPG’s.
      Platinum – Are you high? Platinum makes OTT action games.
      Crytek – Get the fuck out, Crytek are shit.

      1. Why is Crytek “Shit”? Is it because Crysis 3 was meant for the Wii U but EA decided to can it?

        Don’t blame them, they are actually a really good developer and they even said the Wii U is a pretty decent console.

        1. No, they’re just shit.
          They have a pretty engine, that’s it. Crysis is boring, and unimaginative. Ryse looks boring.
          They’re make boring games. They’re only famous for their engine.

            1. I don’t think that will ever happen. Atlus actually makes interesting games and their sequels aren’t just the same levels repeated again + there’s story elements that Nintendo is too scared to deal with

              1. Nintendo is never scared, first of all. Secondly, there’s a possibility that Nintendo WILL bring back the Eternal Darkness sequel. And no… Precursor Games’ Shadow of the Eternals does not count.

        2. Crytek is good with engines but their new games look boring to play and lifeless as robots has made those. I think Timesplitters 2 and original Crysis was their last good and fun to play games.

        3. i dont need cryteck to tell me what wiiu is

          lol p decent more like the only actual NG system there is

          dualshock and cameras NOT NEXT GEN

          cryteck wouldnt be telling anyone what a good console is there games are shallow boring and linear with childish scripts


  3. I want a remake (not just graphical updates), the original had great potential but I thought it fell short of that.

    Anyway, it’s mostly likely they were just reapplying so they wont lose the trademark. It doesn’t necessarily mean ‘new game’.

  4. Yes! Not even a renew, but a complete reapplication! Silicon Knights has forfeited its right to it, and while their contribution to the first game was much welcome. we sadly cannot have the same drama that surrounded Shadows of the Eternals to surround what may be a truebred sequel to Eternal Darkness!

  5. Eternal Parkness? What the fuck is this shit? A game where you just hang out at the park all night? Is it about the homeless? I’m sick of Nintendo making all of these faggot games for you faggots. This is why XBOX ONE is going to RAPE Wii U in the poo at launch. Hopefully you Nintendo cocksuckers will bow down to the powers of Microsoft and get Miyamoto’s micro penis out of your tight assholes.

    1. Maybe Nintendo is planning to ride on SoTE hype? After SoTE is released and does fairly well, Nintendo can swoop in with a REAL sequel to the previous game!!! I think it’s a great idea! Two games kinda sorta related to each other coming out relatively at the same time. 💋

  6. Does Nintendo really need another IP to sit on and do nothin with? Better if another publisher gets the rights and does something innovative with it

    1. They already own it, plus they probably WILL do something with it. To answer your question though, I would much rather have Nintendo sit on the game than have some 3rd party company come in and make it availabble for all systems. 💋

  7. So we might get a sequel to Eternal Darkness AS WELL as Shadow of the Eternals?!?!?! :O Wii U is looking to be the best Nintendo home system EVER!!! 💋

  8. I’d actually like to see Retro or Monolith Soft try their hand at Eternal Darkness 2 with the new graphics engines they both built.

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