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Warner Explains Why Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Is Skipping Wii U


Earlier today we heard that the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins won’t include the online multiplayer component found in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game. Understandably this came as a shock to Wii U owners who couldn’t understand why the multiplayer mode is absent from this specific version. Interestingly, a Warner Bros. spokesperson has explained that the reason why the Wii U version won’t feature online multiplayer is due to the fact that the team is focusing development efforts on platforms with the largest multiplayer audience.

“MP will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The team is focusing development efforts on platforms with the largest MP audience.”

Thanks, Mike S

191 thoughts on “Warner Explains Why Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Is Skipping Wii U”

      1. I am slightly scared cause I actually understood one of those….I wonder if something is wrong with me.

    1. NO IT DOESN’T. It’s Dipshits like this that are the exact reason WHY the Wii U is being shot in the kneecaps!

      1. Indeed it is pathetic that they expect to sell more than 100K when they remove a feature which could determine over 50% of the games lasting appeal.

        I never even knew it had multiplayer… but it’s still shoking to hear them pull this bullshit. They might aswell cancel it, nobody wants a gimped version.

        Only way I will be interested is if the graphics and gamepad features are better than PS3 and 360 , otherwise no.

        1. I agreed. It does make sense that they excluding online feature because there isn’t a support for it but… we don’t even have a support in the first place.

    1. Seriously a petition already ? This is pathetic, anytime something is done in video games more petitions pop up to try and fix a game than something more important. For example more people signed a petition to fix the virtual city game Sim City than to fix problems on actual real world communities.

        1. What he trying to say is that we should be worrying about decisions that actually affect our lives rather than our down times. But I agree it is human that we must change something that we don’t like. I think we need more of those.

          Think of those petition as a start for gamers to get serious about world problems. ;)

      1. I kind of have to agree with you. People dont seem to realize that the devs may not comply with the petitions.

        For example: Oh Snake is not coming back to SSB! Lets make a petition about it!

        In this case, people dont seem to realize that once the game is close to completion, they cant go back and work on the Wii U version. And certainly 10,000 people putting their adress, fake or not, wont change their decision.

        1. Well, that’s WB’s massive fuck-up, then.
          They should have planned to give the players all across the board the same version of the game instead of treating Wii U like second class citizens because of a low initial install base.

    2. I already signed the goddamn thing. I was expecting to buy this game since they changed their minds about the Deathstroke DLC for Wii U which they were lucky enough to do on time. But now the multiplayer is revealed but Wii U, which is more than online ready, doesn’t get it and for no fucking reason besides shafting Nintendo again in favor of other platforms plus the next big expensive duo thats not released yet? How the hell are they gonna expect a growing audience from Nintendo’s side if they continue to stupidly insist at treating Nintendo and the fans like a third wheel? Its almost like they’re intentionally destroying Wii U for some stupid ass reason like Nintendo is made for kids, Nintendo is living in 1990s in the 21st century, Nintendo is not as powerful, not as wealthy, not as appealing, blah blah fucking blah.

      This kind of bullshit makes me wanna not buy their crap anymore. Even Ubisoft is gearing to betray Nintendo at some point even Capcom too. This is just a very depressing time for Nintendo man. Now I realize its not Nintendo destroying itself anymore. Its the 3rd party still acting bitter towards them not getting over with their past mistakes that they wanna work hard to correct with Wii U. All the “Wii U is not profitable” or “Not capable or hardcore enough” from these companies are all complete bullshit.

      1. wii games may have had stuff stripped due to inferior hardware, lack of storage,and lack of ram, and overall power, but with wii u these lazy developers just don’t have any excuse no more, i mean their is no reason what soever for PS3 and 360 games not to come to wii u with ALL THE FEATURES!

        Problem is, lets look at the facts, Nintendo themselves are not even fully supporting multi player in their games, pikmin 3, no multi player co op or online PVP, only local, new super mario bros u, no online co op, only local, super mario 3d world, no online co op, only local, nintendo land, no online co op, only local, and then theirs zombie u, granted it aint made my nintendo but this clearly shows nintendo isn’t pushing online multi player so why should third parties?

        These are the facts, i have been playing nintendo over 30yrs, and LOVE THEM, i have a job, my own home,a wife and 2 kids to raise, i don’t have time to invite friends and family over to play local multi player, why cant nintendo give us the option for playing online along side a local option?
        i just want to jump online and play my favourite nintendo games with mates or family and have a PSN or XBOX LIVE or STEAM level service, lord knows nintendo has over 5 billion in cash reserves so they could have afforded all the things i have mentioned!

        You see by not including a decent amount of storage, which these days the modern gamer needs since most games require constant patches and also theirs dlc, but because nintendo cheap out and didn’t include adequate storage in every box, its now coming back to bite them on the ass!

        Also why on gods earth did nintendo not even bother to include a damn Ethernet port on every wii u? how much more would it have cost them? any serious online gamer knows you need to be wired in via Ethernet to get the best and most stable connection, wifi is not reliable enough, but again we have to buy a usb Ethernet adapter, and a external hard drive for storage, but the problem is not EVERY wii u owner will have these, and so the potential market is split, so most lazy developers of today wont bother, and why should they when nintendo is not bothering themselves?

        Seriously nintendo made so many monumental cock ups with the wii u its not even funny, i love my wii u, but for a console released just last year, its not even up to spec with a 7 yr old PS3, WTF??? Nintendo is to blame mostly, and partly the lazy developers!

  1. Translation: “We don’t like the Wii U and we don’t want to succeed. So we’re going to create a self-perpetuating excuse to not help improve what we claim is a problem.”

    1. Exactly….If its not avaliable how will the online community grow?….Then they’d say it ddnt sell well on the wii u….If that happens we can see exactly WHY!!!!!

  2. So instead of trying to build a multiplayer audience, you skip out entirely. Fuck this shit. I wanted to expand my gaming tastes on the Wii U and buy third party games but clearly they don’t want my money. It’s looking more and more like Rayman will be my only third party purchase for a while. Other than that, Nintendo all the way.

    1. Agreed, the sacred games of Nintendo is what we really need anyway…

      I’ve had enough of these “excuses” that aren’t even excuses…

      They can keep bringing up whatever “excuses” they want but the real truth is, they never supported our console for real, except the Ubisoftians until they retreated with the whole Rayman incident…

      Old games with just Gamepad features, missing features, bad ports, delays…

      I cannot wait to the day one of the biggest Thrid Class Empires utterly falls and in ruin while we continue to expand even more…

      1. Well giving how much red ink is spalattered all over EA’s accounting sheets i wouldnt be surprised if they leave console game production and go mobile eventually or MICROSOFT just buys them out either way good-fucking-ridance

        The Lark

        1. Believe it or not but EA stock is rising for a couple of years since 2009. Year 2009 is when EA stock fell downward like a straight line.

          1. Nintendo stock is a bit stable but increasing while Microsoft stock dropping like no tomorrow for a month.

          2. Hmm.. maybe gravy but there are big root deep problems at EA i.e aquireing independents and then assimilating them into EA division that they then close outright or cut half the staff at said developer to break even. NINTENDO hasnt ever mass fired to post short term profits or sold buildings to break even(SONY) NINTENDO’s financials are solid after a very tumultuous period which entailed many things that they couldnt expect or do anything about like the japanese earthquake near the 3DS launch, the unusually strong yen, and a generation transition to the Wii U all sort of happened at the same time to create the perfect storm on NINTENDO’s (short term)financials and give many haters(mostly on neogaf) to finally strike at NINTENDO but now there decade’s long buisness ethic is correcting thing’s on the financial side and the games are coming if Pikmin can give the Wii U a nice bump imagine what Mario,Smash & Kart are going to do the worm has turned haters be damned

            The Lark

      2. Decisions like this is what makes the Wii U fall down at times. If people started making games for the Wii U, and not half assed ones, than maybe the Wii U would get its appropriate sales that it deserves. But these bullshit devs won’t make games for the Wii U, which in turn has a bad effect on it. Watch when they say there product doesn’t sell on Nintendo products and we should ALL call out on their bullshit. Whatever all Nintendo needs to do is have 3rd party support till their exclusives start showing up, then focus on their IP’s for a while, as well as getting a bit of 3rd party support to match. Honestly I don’t care about this game, but screwing other people who want this game really pisses me off. And I just know Nintendos is gonna take the blame for this. All because of the fucking assholes at Warnerbros.

        1. We don’t even need them anymore…

          I’m tired of them all, they have all been corrupted by the Xbots ever since they first were created…

          Our only hope is the holy N…

    1. Yea that is what I thinking too. They are right that there are not enough online multiplayer on Wii U but… we barely have any online multiplayer games on the Wii U to prove that. Funny part is that we don’t even have online multiplayer straight from Nintendo yet.

      I guess Mario Kart 8 will change all that then.

      1. You know what, that a reason…kinda for a petitention. Wii U support online. Why make a multiplayer if your hardly gonna use it themselves? I suggest nintendo to start making mario online coop and many other games of theirs if they ever hope for this nonesence to stop. I see a petitiention in that, not for one thing…still, it would be reasonalbe for going green for petitentions and stop global warming.

  3. “Jason explains why wii u owners are skipping batman Arkham origins”

    Just wait, when this doesn’t sell on the Wii U they’ll wonder why, like all other developers who release gimp ports on systems.

  4. “Jason explains why wii u owners are skipping batman Arkham origins”

    Just wait, when this doesn’t sell on the Wii U they’ll wonder why, like all other developers who release gimp ports on systems.

    1. And then they’ll ditch it because “our gimped games sell shit on Wii U because we’re too lazy!”.

      It’s said that Sega’s doing a better job than the majority of third parties on Wii U.

      1. Think about it when they announce the 3rd exclusive game, “The 3rd Sonic exclusive title will also contain number 3 on its title, take a look”, trailer starts playin with crush 40 song on its background, then Iwata continues “Sonic adventure 3 will be avalaible 2014 for WiiU, please understand”. The Rage after that would have no limits.

        1. If Sonic Adventure 3 became a Nintendo Exclusive, the Sonic fanbase would burn Sega’s headquarter to the ground.

  5. I want to establish by removing a major feature of the game from a specific platform, they will doom sales for that particular platform. They will lose money on their own project and that is bad business practices

  6. Hopefully ubisoft launches that Ghost Recon Online for WiiU soon so we can actually see how much people wants to play online games.

    1. It makes no sence at all. They almost did not give us the extra playable characters.Now the game modes that should be basic in the game version or at least give us a offline extra mode.

  7. And then when it doesn’t sell “We’ll no longer be making titles for the WiiU because people wouldn’t buy them” the increasing stupidity in this industry is mind-numbing…

      1. If our Empire could save everybody, so can they put everybody in ruins…

        Let’s start a petition for a second gaming universe collapse and recreate the Third Age with OUR laws ahahahahahahah!

      2. If a crash happens, it won’t recover, as much as you think Nintendo will somehow pull it out of there asses. Fucking fanboy scum.

  8. This is stupid excuse…I mean ur selling a incomplete game full price, with a bullshit excuse…You third party devs wonder why nintendo fans and nintendo console owners don’t buy third party games on a nintendo system…its because of bullshit right here, u lack common business knowledge of why this isn’t selling here. It really pisses me off when devs make up this kinda excuse. Just because a install base is small doesn’t mean it nothing, u should treat ur costumers with equal respect, equal content and no bull shit

  9. if your not gonna include a feature in a specific version of a game than at least include some alternative or special mode for said version (besides tablet controls) otherwise of course there’s no incentive to buy over the other versions

  10. That’s fine. I just won’t buy it then. There are decent Wii U games being released every few weeks now, so it’s not like I am going to suffer by giving this a miss.

  11. but hey guess what
    it will cost the same as all the other versions (or maybe even more?) and if it fails to sell there’s only one thing they’ll blame it on :)

    1. They are making us eat crap and they think we are enjoying it. I hope that the wii u can sell great so that it will bitchslap these fucking developers. what the hell happened to the game companys that was about the games

      1. nintendo is probably the only really big publisher nowadays that’s still also about the games and not only about the profit (if they weren’t they wouldn’t stick to offering their own hardware and keeping their titles strictly to that platform)
        and being only concerned about profit always compromises quality in some way

        guess aside from nintendo we only have the indie developers to save our souls :O

    2. THIS is what pisses me off the most.They admit to gimping our game, but won’t reflect the lack of effort in the price.

  12. So what? Black Ops 2 has Multiplayer and there are only 3,000+ players daily. AC3 has multiplayer even though it’s a fucking ghost town, Mass Effect 3 has online, Most Wanted U has online, Ninja Gaiden 3 has ONLINE!!!!! Fuck this bastards!….

  13. Lmfao! That is the best excuse that they could come up with? Fucking pathetic! You know what? I was only going to skip Batman Origins, but now, I will just skip WB completely.

  14. For now is only ubisoft and activision third party games and Indies. Lets hope ubisoft don’t screw us on online too.

  15. So let’s see they release a upgraded verison of Batman arkham city, then they release injustice with the DLC coming out late, then Lego 2 Batman with no DLC at all and now no online multiplayer for this game…….. What else will Warner?


    At LEAST this is a REAL reason unlike some other “reasons” we got for why Strider II isn’t coming to Wii U, etc. On the other hand, how does any 3rd party developer expect a console with a low MP audience to BECOME a larger MP audience if there are no games coming out that support online for the Wii U….Even Nintendo doesn’t support Wii U’s online -__- WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I was going to buy this game. Now, not at all.

    Talk about being a cop out. No multiplayer because they don’t feel the audience is there? Nintendo has had online multiplayer for as long as Sony and Microsoft have with their consoles. I can’t even find any logic in this. It’s as if they’ve just turned up and said “Fuck you, you’re getting a gimped port.”

    Sadly, it’s companies that take this stance (EA also) that give the Wii U a bad name. It’s not Nintendo’s fault that companies are gimping their own games for the system. It has nothing to do with the hardware, it’s purely laziness on the developers part.

  18. Please explain to me how the fuck the wii U multiplayer population is supposed to go up, if no multiplayer games are released for it?!

  19. I really don’t understand why people think Nintendo gamers don’t play online? Heck most of them think Gamecube do not have online at all.

    They wondering why Phantasy Star Online sell so well…

  20. Are you shitting me? It gets incredibly sad when you realize Sega is doing better than anyone else in supporting Nintendo rather than making a gimped port for Nintendo then deciding to stay with Microsoft and Sony because it didn’t sell well…even though it was obviously the developer’s fault.

  21. And, let me guess, they will sell this game at 60 bucks like a “complete” title for the Wii U right?… these developers act like idiots sometimes…

  22. That’s fine! Since this is their reasoning, then it’s equally reasonable that Wii U owners should pay less for Arkham Origins since we are getting less content. If not, I’ll just wait till it’s bargain bin prices! Preorder cancelled!!!

  23. I was going to buy this when i heard it was coming to Wii U, but now I’m not because i refuse to buy an incomplete game.

  24. Although I wouldn’t even have played the multiplayer portion of the game and don’t really care about it, I do feel bad for the people that really care for this missing feature. This excuse is butts because i’m willing to bet that future ps4 and xbone games will come with with multiplayer features regardless of poor install bases.

  25. The self fulfilling prophecy and cyclical argument of we’re focusing on systems with an install base is utter BS and only ensures these idiotic companies who would be better served by keeping their yaps shut vs trying to justify their greed, will not receive one dime of my hard earned money. That’s ok, more for Nintendo. I do feel sorry for those who want 3rd party on their Wii U and are being treated like worthless by the greed machines.

    1. From now on, it’s only us and the hundreds of Indie Tribes joining our cause to make games and spread the joy!

      1. yeah lol ^^ like how u put it..but defo the indie guys out there they represent on the Wii U big time !!

  26. Everybody should boycott wii u version and better buy ps3/xbox version. Lets show WB that we demand same shit as others

    1. It is a tough spot to be honest. I don’t mind buying it for PS3 but I want it on Wii U if you know what I mean. I want to buy Wii U version to prove that Nintendo fans do want 3rd parties but we might be promoting that we do not care about online.

      Also if we don’t buy it for Wii U then they still going say we do not care about 3rd party games on Wii U. That is what I mean by it is a tough decision. I really do want the game though.

      1. I know. I have to thank wii u because thats why i became Arkham fan. I had to get a ps3 just to play assylum and bayonetta. So now im getting Arkham origina on ps3 not Wiiu :(

  27. Retarded much WarnerBros? You clearly arent thinking about the future for your games. You dont want them to be played in the future I guess. It wouldnt have been difficult to keep it in. Another LAZY western dev who cant make a quality product. I just pre ordered this yesterday, now I’m canceling it. Stop ditching the Wii U. THE ONLY legitimate reason we will accept is if the game was never in the works for Wii U, or ran outta time so we will get the feature shortly after launch but STILL GETTING IT.


  29. Because it’d totally take them a long while and a whole army of developers to just simply PORT the multiplayer over. Lazy twats. Don’t be surprised when no-one actually buys it on Wii U.

  30. Great, now I have to cancel my preorder for this, and since I don’t own a PS3 or XB360, I can’t get the game at all. What a stupid decision, WB.

  31. Cmon developers! Stop being so lazy. Feel embarrased since you developers are so lazy. And I myself are trying to become a professional developer.

  32. So that also means it should be the least expensive them. Like $10 less at least. Otherwise they have lost their damn mind.

    1. Its not on those. Wii U is the ONLY 8th gen system that gets it. Unless a GOTY Edition shows up next year for PS4 and Xbox One.

      1. He meant that if it were a release for PS4 or X1, with an install base of no person at all, they would still work on multiplayer.

  33. Yeah and Call of Duty games will contain MP even though the community is small, Fuck you WB i will not buy your lame shit. Atleast Eass games werent that gimped when they were out, shit what is wrong with 3rd class nowadays?

    1. Here’s a thought…make one for the system supporting online coop in all games and ones to come rather Nintendo only like mario games direct online co-op multiplayer to 3 party giving poor excuses petitention. Make one like that and I’ll sign up…for one game? Forget it, I won’t do so.

  34. To all the Wii U owners why are we bitching and complaining about what a company does or does not do for us. Why don’t we bitch to Nintendo and say give us more games in a hurry to push the system.

    1. The wii sold a bunch of games but because Nintendo failed to properly support the system and build a better online infostructure we got left behind.

    2. During the waning years of the Wii’s life how many games did we receive from Nintendo?

    3. If we had to beg the company that we support to give us the three best games of the year and now we have to buy them black market or download them.

    4. How many online games or support have has Nintendo themselves demonstrated on the Wii U ?

    5. In closing why don’t we all take these petitions, This anger, this constant finger pointing and these demands and direct them at the company that we bought the product from. In the end these companies didn’t put Nintendo where they are today, They don’t have to release their products on the system and we they are not forcing us to buy it. Should we be grateful for gimped ports? No but should we direct our anger towards Nintendo ? Hell yes.

    If we want change it has to start from the top we have to hold the company responsible for all this to a higher standard. When they released the Wii they had the blue ocean strategy where is that now?

    Why am I able to walk into any walmart and play ps3 , 3ds, Xbox but I can’t play a Wii U. Why are there no commercials?
    No radio spots,
    No intros before a movie?

    Why can samsung have kick as commercials and I have to watch Wii U commercials of kids in a cube?

    So before we go at these companies who reserve every right to put whatever they want on our system why not reach out to Nintendo and say give us something that shows how you make a game.

    1. Lets go this place we can plan a riot or a strike. Im so tired of u nintendo.

      Lets go
      4600 150th Ave NE, Redmond, WA
      (425) 882-2040

    2. RealGamer, none of that is relevant when it’s a third-party developer being lazy and gimping their own game for the WiiU. In much the same way that it would be irrelevant if Sony or Microsoft were in the exact same position. It all falls down to WB, not Nintendo.

      Common sense prevails here. Clearly, you’ve missed the point. We have our own reasons to complain at Nintendo, but not over other developers works. Nintendo is not responsible for that.

    3. Right, well said. Just like I said in a way and I’ll repeat!

      “Here’s a thought…make one for the system supporting online coop in all games and ones to come rather Nintendo only like mario games direct online co-op multiplayer to 3 party giving poor excuses petitention. Make one like that and I’ll sign up…for one game? Forget it, I won’t do so.”

  35. The worst part is if we won’t buy it they’ll stop making games for Wii U because they’ll assume that nobody ever buys their games on Wii U. It is as if they’re looking for reasons to stop developing for Wii U.

  36. When then this should make the Wii U version the $10 or so cheapest versions, if not, the industry is full of Hypocrites

  37. Wow another gimped port for the Wii u, but then they wanna complain that it doesn’t sell good on the Wii u….
    Setting up the Wii u for failure.

  38. Stupid reason! If you don’t put multiplayer options for your game on Nintendo consoles, of course we’re not having a Multiplayer community!

  39. It’s developers like this that is making the wiiu flop, do they not want Nintendo to succeed? If they released the multiplayer version onto the wiiu. I’m sure more people would buy the wiiu version, but since they decided not to go with multiplayer on the wiiu more people will just cancel their preorders and just go for the ps3 and 360 versions… It would mean less sales for the wiiu

    Even with black ops 2 on wiiu they decided not to have dlc for it :/ in which case if they did, I’m sure more people would of gone and bought more copies..

    The third party developers are the ones killing the wiiu, the first party is what is making the wiiu survive.

    A game like this batman on wiiu without its announced multiplayer should at least go for $40 instead of the full $60 when it’s released

  40. Finally some developers saying as it is and not simply comming up with the sad “it’s too weak” excuse…

  41. Nintendo doesn’t have a large multi-player audience because third party companies REFUSE TO INCLUDE MULTIPLAYER!

  42. So they’re not putting multiplayer on the Wii U version because there isn’t a large multiplayer audience? What does it matter? Multiplayer is still on Xbox and PS3 anyway, having it on Wii U wouldn’t do it any harm at all

  43. The real fault here lies with Nintendo for not having a decent online MP system that can compare to Xbox and PS. Why should WB put effort into online play for a game that 1) probably won’t sell as much on the Wii U and 2)has a sub-par online system? They need to focus on the consoles that will give them the most return. You can’t drop money into something and not expect a return (the same reason why Ubi-Soft is pulling some support because of the abysmal ZombieU sales).

    The prerogative is on Nintendo to provide a good online structure system (as well as to increase the install base so 3rd party supporters will actually see that there are enough people that would be potential buyers). There’s something called “risk” when you make a product, and if there’s too much of it, you get situations like this.
    Would having MP included with Arkham Origins added to more sales? Maybe. But there was enough doubt to make them take it out because they know that the bigger MP base is on the other consoles. Why would you put all that work into something that won’t pay off?

    If you want to send them a message, then actually buy the game to prove that there IS a demand for 3rd party games. Otherwise, by boycotting it you run the risk of them deciding not to release the next game on the WiiU. It is somewhat of a catch-22, but right now there just isn’t enough demand for the console, or a good comparable online system, for them to warrant putting in that extra time, effort, and money.

    1. “The real fault here lies with Nintendo for not having a decent online MP system that can compare to Xbox and PS.”
      Incorrect. The real fault lies with the developers making up sorry excuses to gimp their own games for a perfectly viable audience. There’s nothing wrong with the Nintendo Network as an online multiplayer system. There wasn’t anything wrong with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection either (other than Friend Codes) as an online multiplayer system.

      It’s called common sense. It actually takes extra effort to remove the online code from the game than it does to keep it in.

      1. Last time I tried playing Smash Bros. Brawl, the online experience was terrible. If they’ve made improvements, then that’s a step in the right direction, but Nintendo has been notorious for still being behind on things like this (CD drives, online, HD). There’s a reason why developers support the other consoles – because they have a better supported structure and they know for a fact that there is a huge userbase for it. You can’t say the same for the Wii U, unfortunately.

        Also, as someone who works for a software company that makes games, the idea that it takes more effort to pull out code than to implement it is ridiculous. The only instance where that makes sense is if the game was already developed and they decided to port it over to the WiiU and then had to take out the MP. All 3 versions are being developed at the same time with different code for each console. I would expect the WiiU version to be done with QA testing faster, though, since they won’t have to worry about MP.

        1. Smash Brawl’s online is horrible anyway. Try Mario Kart Wii, try Pokémon Battle Revolution, try (as much as I hate to use this example) the CoD games on Wii, they all work fine. Pulling out a game much maligned for its terrible netplay as your only basis for saying “Because this games doesn’t work, the system doesn’t work” is weak.

          Now if you do work for a software company, you’d realise you’ve made a mistake. It’s relatively easy to implement global code so that your program works online. In the case of supporting different servers, you just need the IPs of those servers and the server code to be installed there, and bam, everything works. When you’re porting to other platforms, that code does not change at all, especially if you’re using your own servers. Why go through removing or disabling the code for one version when you know it will automatically work with the correct foundations in place (which as an assumption are already there)? Fundamentally, the game code will be different, but that does no correlate to the netplay code. In fact, the netplay code is just a section of the main game code, one that is independent from the game’s machine code. Also, depending on what language the game’s coded in, compilers will automatically compile for that system, which further debunks your argument.

          I’ve also heard no complaints about the Wii U’s netplay for (again, I’m going to throw up here) BLOPS II (even if the community is only a fraction of the other versions), or indeed for Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed (again, assuming the same fractions). There also have been no complaints for Mario Kart 7 (other than the infamous Mountain Loop exploit), or Kid Icarus: Uprising netplay to name but two on the 3DS. That to me pretty much says that the Nintendo Network does indeed work more than well enough for the multiplayer this game will feature.

  44. “Hundreds, thousands of gamers who decided to support Nintendo through one or more generations have been receiving a slap to the face after the other from Third Party companies. Be it because of HD graphics, or lack of internet connection on Nintendo home consoles, they always found an excuse not to develop for the Nintendo Wii (and previous consoles as well). But now that the Wii U is out and Big N is trying to please all kinds of gamers with HD graphics, internet connectivity, a social media solely for gamers and the fun their titles have ever brought us, Third Parties have been using lame excuses, based on the sales of poorly made and outdated ports for it as reference. One example would be Mass Effect 3: it’s the port of a game that had been previously launched for Xbox 360 and PS3, exactly like their counterparts! The game just doesn’t have anything that would make someone that already owns it buy it! Exclusive titles get delayed for the sake of other platforms (an example being Rayman Legends); we get inferior versions with the lack of important features, such as online multiplayer (the most recent case being Batman: Arkham Origins); and Third Parties all complain that the Wii U doesn’t have yet a strong installed base, while they do nothing to change that scenario! This petition specifically requires that Namc Bandai Games bring Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (also known as Unisonant Pack in Japan), based on the following:

    1. Tales of Symphonia was first launched for Nintendo’s Gamecube console, and was the most sold Tales of game outside of Japan. The PS2 version ended up being exclusive to Japan. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World (ラタトスクの騎士) was also a Wii exclusive, and didn’t get a launch at any other platform until now. Players outside of Japan who want a remake of those games are most likely the very same ones who play Zelda and Mario games.

    2. Just like Tales of Graces F, Symphonia was first launched for a Nintendo console, and then had a better version, with more content, launched for the rival company. What we, gamers who only have capacity to buy one console or choose so, want is for your company to respect us all equally, by giving the same versions to all platforms.

    3. The Wii U is still a new platform on the market, and as such, needs more games and support from 3rd parties. A Tales of game is already enough to boost the console’s sales, let alone the classic Tales of Symphonia. The support you decide to give this new console on it’s earlier days will only bring more gamers to look for your products eventually!

    Gamers want to buy your games, as long as you develop them for the platforms they want to buy. If we choose to support only one company, be it for the way it treats their customers, for the exclusive titles, or simply for the sake of nostalgia, they are not simply going to change their platform. They’ll just play other games they have access to! That said, we will play your games, as long as you develop them for Wii U!”

    You know the way:

    Signing this petition may open the eyes of other Third Party companies as well! Let’s show them we’re not pleased with the way they do things for us! We are the market they create products for, we have the right to demand respect from their side!

  45. Dont need multiplayer to enjoy this game. The last one had a good story. I will play and finish origin for the story and thats it… just like I did for the last one.

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  47. I’m calling it right now. Online pass for multiplayer confirmed for this game. Maybe that’s really why the Wii U won’t get multiplayer.

  48. what a fucking deal breaker warner bros. not buying your game. Don’t expect sales to be high on the game for wii u either. no one is going to buy a gimped version of your game for a console. Don’t complain about sales either when you decide to give us a shitty port. f u warner bros.

  49. wii u is not going to improve when developers like you give us half assed ports. This will just increase the wii u’s already extremley bad reputation. thank you warner bros.

  50. I knew this was going to be a bargain bin game, when they announced Rocksteady wasnt making it.
    Honestly, they should have not wasted valuable dev time for online MP, when previous games had epic SP.

    And now a little reality check, this multiplayer wont matter on any system, it will not be the hot next thing.
    Rather it will be a forced down shit like in Bioshock 2 and Dead Space 2.
    But still, taking away resources that should have been used to improve SP.

  51. The continuous bashing on Nintendo is nothing but a long-term strategy to decrease their brand value as stated in another article. All this to force them in the long run to release their IP’s on other consoles and ultimately give up their own.

    Microsoft is paying developers and publishers to do this.

    My proof? The obvious reality of Microsofts business strategy.

  52. Seriously, as its a multiplat game, that means you have the engine running on all consoles. Adding MP to one version implies MP on the other versions without much work. Not giving Wii U MP is pure lazyness, and an attempt to drive consumers to the other versions.

  53. Have you ever bothered to read about this on other sites? Many people is even MAD because of the multiplayer; and even some people say that Wii U is LUCKY for skipping that “pointless multiplayer”. Many of you may think I’m a conformist, but I’m still getting this game. I mean, I bought Sniper Elite V2 despite the missing features and I’ve gotta say that that’s one of the fewest shooters I’ll always remember, it was a really enjoyable game and challenging (I just played on hard all the time). I didn’t need multiplayer to enjoy the game and I guess I won’t need multiplayer to enjoy this one, too.

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