Miyamoto Hints At Secret Code In Pikmin 3


Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted on Miiverse that there’s a special code to be found within Pikmin 3. Miyamoto wouldn’t disclose exactly what happens once you have the code, but he promises that he will reveal all shortly. Players need to collect ten secret memo’s littered throughout the game to gain access to the special code. Miyamoto says he will be in touch shortly to explain how to use the secret code.

Thanks, N


  1. Its so obvious

    It unlocks the super rare SHINY PIKMIN

    Flies, swims, impervious to ALL ELEMENTS and the strength of 10 PIKMIN!!! Lol


    1. It can be that famous white pikmin that can find hidden items around levels just by walking near them. Those new items can open all new levels where you can get purple pikmins and then make a whole game a lot bigger.


  2. Additional details:

    Apparently the code is a 10 digit number. Pretty much ruling out any sort of eShop promotion for free or discounted downloads.

    The code is different for each player. And is even different for the same player on subsequent playthroughs.

    This is according to Miiverse and other places.


  3. This is why I’m excited about Pikmin 3. Nintendo rarely disappoints on content.
    I hope I will still be able to make such a claim when Smash is released. .


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