Animal Crossing Plaza Is Coming To Wii U Today


Isabelle just announced that Animal Crossing Plaza is coming to Wii U. Animal Crossing Plaza is like an Animal Crossing version of Wara Wara Plaza. You can import your screenshots from Animal Crossing: New Leaf and post them to Miiverse, including QR Codes. You can also post about your favorite animal neighbors, who wander the Animal Crossing Plaza.

Animal Crossing Plaza is a limited-time service that will run through the end of 2014. Animal Crossing Plaza will be available as a free download for the Wii U after today’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

Nintendo has also confirmed that it plans to open a Miiverse community to the immensely popular Animal Crossing franchise. The news was announced by Nintendo of America during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation.


    1. If this is nintendo’s attempt to impress people and buy a wii u, they failed, failed so know you suck when all your news are about games already announced, they could’ve just make a list or give release dates, but noooo, they made a direct for that shit

  1. So some idiots apparently thought no info on new games meant this was a disappointment, when it was announced prior to the Direct that this was mostly going to be about games we already knew about.

    1. This guy is a moron and not very funny…..I just lost 2:06 of my life.

  2. Nintendo is really losing me.
    This nintendo direct really felt like the one i been watching since january 2013. same shit same info. no news. oh yeah luigi in smash bros lmao like if we didnt know he will be there.


    1. what de fuck did you expect? they already said before news about announced games and games launching in 2013. You are acting like we won’t have another direct for another year…..idiot. seriously.

      1. Yes we will have another ninty direct next month with the same Recycled information. And well be watching and losing 30 mins of ours days.

    2. They said before it started no new games would be announced! Maybe if you assholes would open your eyes and stop bitching about everything you would know these things!

      1. U know at the end they always surprises us rite. Well i think u liked that animal crossing gay thing. Bitch bye

  3. I might be addicted to Animal Crossing but am I addicted enough to shell out $300 for DLC? Bit of a slap in the face to people who have supported the 3DS from the start.

    1. ! What are you talking about there hasn’t been any paid DLC announced.

      1. Animal Crossing Plaza is downloadable content for Animal Crossing: New Leaf players. The catch is, you can only access it via Wii U. Hence the $300 price tag because I would say a very substantial portion of the 500,000+ Animal Crossing players do not have a Wii U.

        1. So why dont u just go and buy one instead of being complaining. Dont u understand this is nothing but a plaza with animals walking around. Do u serious want that shit on ur 3ds. Grown up.

          1. Dont you understand that there are over 500,000 people who have bought Animal Crossing, and that a majority of these people are addicted? And now, their addiction is being preyed on as a plan to sell more Wii U consoles. I don’t want to buy a Wii U for a piece of downloadable content that should have come straight to the 3DS. I don’t want to buy a console that will gather dust because there are still no games on it that I want to play.

  4. This is why Nintendo is the greatest. A completely free, new, app or game or feature, whatever you want to call it, totally unannounced. No one knew it was coming, yet here it is, and everyone who loves Animal Crossing and has the Wii U is going to download it, love it, and play the heck out of it!

    Thanks Nintendo for this great little bonus! I can’t wait to try it out!

      1. and why be gay(im not saying than chongeaux is gay or me) its funny ? excuseme but for people like you im prety sure the world is a shit, how could you be lafthing about a person than essencialy its the same as you ? you my friend are a example of how the evolution make mistakes

    1. Your awesome. There are so many haters out there today. They probably haven’t even seen the amazingness that the wiiu is

  5. People complaining for a free app. People complaining because Nintendo wants to sell its hardware.

    Animal Crossing users complaining because they don’t have a Wii U and the app is on Wii U.

    How about enjoying what you have, and simply buy more when you can?

    Wara Wara Plaza is on Wii U, Animal Crossing Plaza is quite the same, it’s based on the Wii U interface and the Miiverse, why would they ever put that on 3DS? Nobody /needs/ it, it’s just a bonus.

    Stop complaining for fuck’s sake, that doesn’t make sense.

  6. I have a wiiu and i absolutely love it. You can do so many cool and amazing things with it that you simply cannot do w/ the other 2 systems. I wasn’t sure about it until I purchase one and I am glad I made the decision.

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