Check Out The Latest Pokémon Rumble U Trailer

The official Pokémon channel on YouTube has just published the latest trailer for Pokémon Rumble U. The trailer shows off some of the energetic battles you’ll encounter in the Pokémon Rumble arena, as well as detailing the NFC capabilities of the Wii U GamePad with Pokémon’s famous yellow mascot Pikachu. Plus, there’s also a new English website to rummage around in, giving you the latest screenshots of the game. Pokémon Rumble U will be available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop from  August 15 in Europe and August 29 in North America.


  1. As cool as the whole figure thing is, I REALLY wish they weren’t random. I also wish that ALL pokemon could level up/change moves. Not just figure ones. I’d rather see the figures used as a way to save the stats of a particular pokemon.


    1. too expensive to make 649 pokemon figures. I bet this is just a way for nintendo to show the NFC technology like i think pokedex 3d was just game freaks 3D model making practice with a little bit of profit on the side thing.


      1. Considering the figures are going to be 4 dollars each, making the price agressively cheaper than Skylanders, I think they could afford it if they were released for a limited time in series packs. That, and if the Wii-U was more popular. Pikmin 3 is the start of a cozy line of great games for the remainder of the year, so we can always hope!


    1. Pikmin 3 is great! In fact the whole experience is totally different from Pikmin 1 and 2. I have to still adjust to the no controllers pro controller and gamepad. I also have to get use to no longer using the C analog stick to control and move Pikmin to carry or attack which makes it more difficult. Will see you game less Wii U Ram and spec lovers later. I don’t give a damn what you Wii U haters think of the Wii U.


  2. why isn’t there anything about the fact europe is not getting the NFC figures??
    that would be the most important news of the whole article.

    or is this changed again??


  3. I will NOT buy this game.
    I have always wanted a Pokemon game just like the ones in handhelds.
    Give an Emerald, Ruby, Silver, Diamond, Pearl, X or Y pokemon game and I will definitely buy it.


      1. Pikmin 3 is incredible! As far as Rumble U is concerned I will probably get it for my son and I to have some mindless “almost” pokemon fun together on the Wii U.


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