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Nintendo Files Lawsuit Against HackYourConsole


In the ongoing global fight against video game piracy, Nintendo of America Inc., has filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida against the owner of The site blatantly promotes and sells unauthorized Nintendo games along with devices and services that circumvent the security in the Nintendo DS system and the Wii console.

The operator of has developed a global business focused on selling unauthorized copies of Nintendo games and game-copying devices (such as the R4 device) used to circumvent the technological protection measures contained in the Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems. The website operator, for a fee, also provides services to hack and modify the Wii console and allow the play of illegal software. also claims to be an authorized distributor for the yet-to–be-released 3DS Gateway cards. The Gateway device is promoted as operating similar to the R4 game copier for the Nintendo DS, which facilitates the play of illegally downloaded games. Game copying devices, such as the R4, severely undermine the sales of video games created by thousands of developers.

“Piracy on the Nintendo DS system has a huge impact on games sales,” said Jools Watsham, co-founder and director of Renegade Kid. “It can affect everyone involved, including the many honest players out there. If independent studios, like ours, are unable to recoup the money they invest into game development, through the sales of their games, we will unfortunately see fewer independent games developed in the future.”

Illegal copying of video game software is an international problem that continues to stifle the growth of the creative development community. Companies such as Nintendo, various law enforcement authorities and trade organizations such as the Entertainment Software Association, continue to take aggressive steps to prevent the proliferation of these devices on a global scale.

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72 thoughts on “Nintendo Files Lawsuit Against HackYourConsole”

    1. Indeed…

      Comrade Snowman, I told you High Command was aware and would most likely take action…

      Now billions of resources awaits after we win another battle…

    1. Actually, the casual titles such as Nintendogs and Brain Age made it the most successful portable, selling well over 20+ million copies. I don’t think the majority of the people who pirate DS games are pirating those in particular…

    2. At the same time it hurt various studios to remain open because the funds from those games are being hindered thanks to the cheap asses of the pirate community. No wonder you saw Microsoft trying to pull off the DRM BS and everyone panicked expect for the most blindest and stupidest Xbot fans like the moron from Norway petitioning for the DRM back.

      1. And many studios are also closing due to the pre owned games market (Because they see none of that money). And when publishers/devs put in ways to take a slice for themselves (Which they should) people like you whinge and bitch.

    1. “…any website that illegally sells pirated games and software…” You mean there are places you can leagally buy pirated games and software?

  1. Pirates should all be rounded up, their houses should be torched and they all should be infected with cholera.

    1. Youll never find all of us. So go on your witch hunt and repeat history. People like you are the reason the world is ending.

      1. People who think breaking the law’s wrong are the reason the world’s ending?
        Sooo much wrong with your statement.

        1. People who think it’s okay to kill those for breaking a law is quite literally the reason why the world is ending.

          1. -___-

            Pirating games is wrong. I don’t think anyone should be killed for it, so your comment exists because…?

      2. So as the pirates who cost millions of dollars not being accounted for to shuffle around to keep the world alive you’re retardedly defending too. Ass.

  2. This wouldn’t be a problem if Nintendo listened and actually got rid of region locks. If they did that instead, I guarantee websites like this would not be needed.

      1. It kind of is in some places. If it seems like the country you’re in (ie. most of Europe) isn’t officially getting a certain game release, you try to find a different way to get it, pirating being easier and much less expensive than importing a foreign console and games.

    1. Sites like this would still exist because there is still people who don’t want to pay for games at all. Just look at psp, region free but was pirated to shit.

    2. The DS was never region locked. Region lock was added to the 3ds has course measures for the DS hacks.

    3. Whether Nintendo region-locks their shit or not…people will STILL pirate games. That’s wrong, but someone else making money off of it is even MORE wrong.

      Region locking isn’t exactly the issue anyways.

    4. Are you even listening or reading reality? Region lock or not (Remember the DS was region free and still got pirated like crazy. R4? Hello?), pirates will still hack and cost millions because people are so goddamn cheap to make easy money by selling shit or get a job for once.

      Grow a brain for us please? Oh. Never mind.

    5. Ummm the DS and DS light weren’t region locked, yet they were the most effected by piracy. It basically killed development for the system and made many companies considering making games for the system to steer clear of it.

    1. R4 was designed to run pirated free games and manipulate the system to run it. That’s still pirating and copyright infringement.

      1. That doesn’t mean it’s piracy or infringement it’s self. Claiming that because of a purpose when yet, not doing it it’s self is really uneducated, just like how thousands of people are on here with the meaning of “theft” are really wrong.

  3. I proudly own an R4 and have modded my wiis to play gcn games without needing the disc. if you guys didn’t have everything so high priced youd make 10 times more money on sales alone. piracy would no longer be an issue as everything would be significantly cheaper. I only modded my wii because a lot of awesome gcn games like Zelda windwaker are so freakin hard to find or are insanely expensive on amazon that I had no other way to play them. yes im aware theyre rereleasing windwaker on the wii-u but I cant afford that device. until game companies drop prices or work out a compromise with pirates, ill continue using my R4 and homebrew channel. that also goes for my modded 360, psp and soon to be modded ps2.

    1. Consuming entertainment, like video games, is a privilege, not a right. The developers of these games use it to make a living. They do not live in massive homes, rolling in cash, they make modest salaries like any other creative work to survive.
      Just because you want to play a game does not entitle you to get to play it for free. You are not entitled to anything for free just because “the price is too high”.

      1. I will most definitely buy games…but not so some developer needs to eat and sleep. That is his or her business.

  4. Good job. I hope they live rest of their lifes paying debts and wondering “If i would had got real job” lol.

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  7. Good, stealing is a crime. No matter how much they region lock or how hard it is to find a game, a person is still stealing if they are obtaining a copy of a game illegally. Gaming is a luxary, not a need. If a person can’t afford a game or find a game they are looking for, then it is better for them not to have the game in the first place, or pay the full price legitimately.

  8. Yeah stealing like those illegals, and those people that take advantage of welfare should be deported or cut off. Region locking is about rights to distribute in a country whether its music, movies, or games. Bunch of little kids and big kids that know nothing.

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  10. I hate seeing news like this. Also, I better not see the ban of R4 cards in this country. That would be unconstitutional (Don’t argue), weather it was for “piracy” or not. It’s a tool, like any other tool. Ban those, then ban PCs, and many other tools then.

    Really pissed off.

  11. people that steal video games piss me off, they are bums. What makes you people so special that you feel as though you shouldn’t have to pay for video games just like everyone else has too ?. Gaming is a luxuary, if you can’t afford it then get a job so you can buy and the play video games. Also your actions not only effect the people that create video games, but it effects us (the people that do pay for thier games in a negative way as well). Almost every game that i have purchased for my consoles have some kind a firmware update on it in order to install security meassures on the console. It’s annoying that i have to wait for a security/anti piracy firmware update to finish installing on the console before i can start to play my games. I and other people have never had to deal with anything like this before. If you can’t afford to play games, then get a job and stop making things so hard on the people that do spend thier hard earned money to buy games

    1. Many blame high local prices. ( It’s the same in most places, really. ) I solve it by ordering online from the UK, USA and Hong Kong. It ain’t hard. If you’re a grown up you should have a working Visa/Master card.

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