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Here’s The North American Wind Waker HD Box-Art, Plus Game Details


“The Nintendo Direct video showed a glimpse of the Swift Sail (red sail) that allows the ship to go faster. Those of you who played the original may have noticed, but not only will this sail make the ship go faster, but it will always be full of wind, meaning you’re now able to control the ship to any direction you want, without having to use the Wind Waker to change direction of the wind.”

“…Some of you may wonder whether this can still be called a sailing ship, but along with this sail and the nautical chart displayed on the Wii U GamePad that works like a car nav, it’s now become much easier to travel to the small islands and salvage points scattered around the great sea. Even if you struggled with sea exploration in the original, I think you’ll have a blast exploring the great sea once more.”

– Eiji Aonuma via Miiverse

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

94 thoughts on “Here’s The North American Wind Waker HD Box-Art, Plus Game Details”


  2. Really do like the box art design. Although, In my opinion, it would’ve looked better if the case was gold. Oh well it still looks nice and I can’t wait for the game to come out.

  3. Wait, so the new sail will make it so that we don’t actually need the Wind spell?
    That’s freaking beautiful.
    No, seriously; changing wind direction every single time I wanted to turn around was one of the very few bits of the game that I didn’t like.
    Seeing them include a work-around just makes my day.

    1. it’s faster to change the wind anyway now. tbh i dont know why they didnt just keep the triforce quest the same with these additions. theyve really just took a huge chunk out of the game ._.

      1. Arguably the most annoying chunk, IMO.
        Having to gather the cash to translate all those maps then go to them all and dredge them up was a pain in the keese-ter.[see what I did there?]
        If the video is any indication, there was a moment where Link found a Triforce piece in what looked like a chest located in a dungeon.
        I honestly welcome the change. And to be honest, I get the feeling that this is going to tickle quite a few speed runners pink as well.

          1. Erm…..since when was that not a thing in Zelda games, anyways?XD
            I don’t think it’s going to change much this time around, either.
            Who knows? Maybe the prices of something else went up to compensate. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

            1. Edit: In MODERN Zelda games.
              I know they had their best use in the first Zelda and in Twilight Princess, and one point in Link’s Awakening, but other than those points….^^;;

    2. For those of us that sadly missed out on the GCN title (like me), the fact that they modernized it a bit makes me really happy.

      This game is going to look incredibly crisp on my 1080p TV. True 1080p pixel per pixel.

    3. Being that I’ve never played the original, I hope it doesn’t take away part of that experience from me. Yeah I wouldn’t want it to annoy me, but it seems like using the wand to change wind is a big part of the premise right?

  4. way nicer than the original Gamecube box art!! And if i may so in my opinion, i like this better than the non-gold Japanese version.

    1. It’s not bad, but it isn’t anything like this. The gold promotes that zelda feel, and it looks very sleek and polished.

    1. Nah… Tetra isn’t that prevalent. That would be like adding Birdo from the Mario series….Or Ghirahim. 💋

      1. You don’t think she’d be an interesting option along with Zelda? Better than a Zelda/Sheik combo. Tetra wouldn’t be close to adding Birdo.

  5. I don’t like the Gold really… I liked the Japanese version better IMO… The colorful box art felt like it was showing Zelda in a more vibrant color pallet like what the HD in the Wii U is doing to the game. Oh Well… Still buying it DAY 1! I would have to say this was one of my more favorite Zelda games. Can’t wait!

  6. Looking good. Can’t wait to get all these games for my paper weight of a console and finally play something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don’t care one bit about the box art, just give me the game and get to what matters! Looking forward to this!

  8. It’s nice and all but the Japanese cover is way more vibrant. All the colors just make it scream HD and when they tint it with gold it just drowns it out. Japan always gets the better art. Enough of the gold already. We GET IT… The Triforce is gold….


      Hey, if the did it the other way around, it wouldn’t hold that “Zelda” feel to it. I’m proud to this color for this game, why not you? Would you really want to be difference than who you really are? Not me, I’m proud to be a gamer and I wouldn’t want it any different. I welcome this nice golden color. Adding the japanese art with it is a bonus to me…sure the color was nice but I prefer what they been giving us for years from the golden cartrage of the first, to the golden cartrage ofthe N64, Best Zelda ever made, to the wind waker original golden disk to this HD remake. Even the 3ds version of orcaina of time had a golden cover on it’s white little cartrage. Be a true hero of games man, be proud of who you really are and you’ll go far.

  9. dammit…does anyone else here wish they would keep the original difficulty in the game? Man, same thing with OOT 3D. I’m old school…I’m tired of getting my hand held all of the time. I know what I’m doing dammit! Let ME do it!

        1. Don’t get your hopes up; Nintendo have not confirmed any such thing themselves. It’s JUST Amazon saying it.
          Wouldn’t want you to go in and get disappointed over it if it weren’t true, after all.

          1. I would have gotten it reguardless. Why? Because, in order to be a good game designer, you gotta know the ins and outs, if you know what I mean. It would disappoint me if there was no hard mode at all but as I said before, I wouldn’t wanted it any other way.

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  11. Nintendo really missed the mark on this one. Majora’s Mask was the game that needed remaking and the game that everyone wanted remaking, but yet again, Miyamoto got his way and getting your way is not how you make profits. This won’t boost the systems sales much and even though I’m a fan of the series, I know for sure that I won’t be buying it.

    1. Wind Waker’s being remade because the Zelda development team–not just Miyamoto, mind you–thought the Wii U’s power gave the classic game’s visuals new life. I’m pretty sure Nintendo debated between between a Majora’s Mask remake for the 3DS and a successor to Link’s Awakening; they went with the latter.

    2. yeah, i totally agree. i was playing MM in HD on my laptop and there are plenty of moment with atomspheric coloring that would great with vibrant colors and sleek detailed world. i think WW was the easiest to duplicate in HD then redoing MM and recreating all those small details. and MM is the only 3D zelda game that has really jarring outdated graphics.

    1. I’m kind of thinking that there isn’t even such a thing… Has anything actually been said about it directly from Nintendo?

  12. The blue box better complimented the Japanese box-art, but aside from that I prefer this version. It would’ve been awesome if they coupled the American box-art with a gold case.

  13. I can’t wait to play this updated LOZ WW HD, it sounds good. I will buy. Nintendo needs to do this updated HD treatment with Super Mario Sunshine!


    “Hoy fry, yeah, yeah I heard. I’ll draw a map and give you the information of the island…*draws map*…You should come sailing these seas when the moon is full fry, It will give you the shivers fry. That’s all the information I have to offer, want me to tell ya again then spread some bait near by. Sorry fry but that’s the policy. Can’t be fighting evil with empty stomach you know.”

    1. Oops, forgot to say…SPOILER ALERT…for those that never played the game. I’m not sure if that is a duplicate saying of fishman but he will say something simular if you hit one of the islands at night with this song.

  15. People hatung on the sea ssiling of original need a slap

    It was romantic and cool and chilled and the perfect way to skin up your next joint before arriving at your destination

    As I rilled the joint id imagine being on the boat at sea smoking it

    Nintendo You so cool

  16. Gold stands out more. We get too many “colorful” box arts so I like this one better than the Japanese and Euro box arts. 💋

  17. Gatting 3-4 games like this at full price… one to play and others to collector MINT. This game will worth fortune in 25 years,

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  19. The troll to end all trolls

    what’s up with the gold? they removed the color of the original and replaced it with gold. What is the point? it looks…. ugly now.

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