Year Of Luigi: Nintendo Decorates L-Train (Pics)


luigi_train_3Thanks, Silent

More photos can be viewed here.


      1. Will you quiet down! What business is it of yours if Nintendo advertises or not. Stop being a Sony fantard or Xboner. It’s just something cool. Jeez, stop being a used toilet paper scrap, Mormen.

      2. The WiiU is saved, you and your devilish religion denoting your name are heading straight to he’ll.

      3. Idiot. That’s good advertising. Stop saying what Nintendo CAN’T do. At least they’re trying. I don’t care at the end of the day whether or not the Wii U fails or not as long as Nintendo tried to advertise and bring us their great games. Seriously.

  1. Now that, is badass. Nintendo needs to do this with the Wii U itself on every train in the world, lol.

      1. perfect place to support the wii u, an ambulance since its on life support. TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!! *wii u wii u wii u wii u wii u* at least nintendo knows that the wii u is on life support and a great way to show it.

  2. Nintendo… WHY? Nobody has heard of the Wii U yet you advertise a Wii U game without even mentioning the console. The console should have ads of its own anyway. I live in the UK and I see plenty of ads on the TV for the 3DS but none for the Wii U, I don’t understand why you’re doing this to yourself.

    1. It is. Look in the upper corners on the inside and next to the doors near the ground on the outside.

      1. The fact that I’m specifically looking for it and can’t find it shows that they’re not doing a very good job. If you mean the little “Wii U” logo on the box art, that isn’t really good enough. They could have easily wrote in a large font “Exclusive to the Wii U” and then shown a picture of the console or something like that, mentioning that it is a BRAND NEW console.

    1. Very true. Pikmin, Wonderful101 and Zelda train cars would be awesome. Now if they can only expand marketing to all major cities, television, newspapers and the internet.

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