Rusty Pup Creator Gory Detail Now Developing For 3DS

rusty pup

Gory Detail have announced on their twitter page¬†that the company has signed on as an official Developer for Nintendo 3DS. Already at work on a title for the Wii U called The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup, former Conker’s Bad Fur Day creator Chris Seavor and ex-Rare developer Shawn Pile will soon get the chance to combine their talents on 3D titles for Nintendo’s handheld console. Rusty Pup is slated for a 2014 release on Wii U.


  1. really can’t wait. i might just get it for my wii u AND 3ds! i have high expectations for this game… well as high as as they can be for a downloadable game anyway. afterall, chris seavor did make conker’s bad fur day, my #1 fav game of all time. i really hope this guy gets back to making full retail releases some day. he’s too good to make smaller games like parashoot stan and rusty pup.

    1. No that belongs to Microsoft but an actual spiritual successor is more near to be a reality.

        1. You can dream but Eve the company’s that own the ips don’t do anything with them. I’m still waiting for konami to give us mystical ninja on the vc or a 3ds remake :(.

    2. microsoft owns rareware now. so if we do see a sequel, it will have nothing to do with chris seavor and it won’t be on nintendo systems. and it’ll probably be exclusive to the kinect and be a first person shooter without the fun 3d platforming and comedy of the original. microsoft is kinda known for turning everything rareware has into crap… and not the singing kind. that’s why i have very, very low expectations for the new killer insting (being made by double helix, of all the shit developers)

  2. Nice, definitely going to keep an eye out for this, especially if it’s from former Rare devs.

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