Check Out The Splinter Cell Blacklist Developer Interview

Nintendo UK has just published a developer interview over on their official YouTube channel about the upcoming stealth game Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist. Yesterday, we saw an eight minute video exploring the unique advantages of the Wii U GamePad for the title. Now, the game’s creative director Maxime Beland discusses Splinter Cell Blacklist’s story and just why he’s so excited about utilising the home console GamePad to immerse the user into the game. Splinter Cell Blacklist will launch August 20 for North America and August 23 for Europe.


        1. @people that say Wii U will Fail
          Ok so lets say the Wii U fails right now. Nintendo says ”We are recalling all nintendo games being developed for the Wii U. Hardware including software from any company will stop being sold worldwide.” This mean no smash, no mk8, etc!
          Even if wiiu was no more, the acceleration of the 3DS will keep them going for more than a generation! Its completely destroying the psv and there are so many games coming out this year. Pokemon x & y just got 260k pre orders in only two days! No doubt it will be the most popular pkmn game in history! 3DS Is their local and personal bank! Nintendo knows this! They know they can fall in 3ds’s hands! But thats only if wii u fails which is completely impossible because at the rate the 3DS is selling it can keep the Wii U alive even if it dies to our eyes!
          No doubt devs keep giving half ass wiiu games and it really pisses me off too but its way too early to say that wii u is completely done for! Third parties ,possibly, but not the Wii U it self. Besides… Zelda, Smash, and MK8 will sell millions and your a fool if u deny that! I know Nintendo doesnt deny it!…
          And u guys act so ignorant to the fact that the 3ds had a horrible start too! But look at it now! Before, everyone was saying … ”its going to fail” , ”psv will kick 3ds’s ass!” ”3d is a gimmick” … it was to the point where u just wanna scream! Quit underestimating Nintendo! They know what they are doing! They acknowledge their mistakes and they acknowledge their success.

  1. Another half-ass port, this is why the wii u will fail, sorry, fanboys will defend it till the end, but the truth cannot be ignored

        1. Thats actually only good thing about microsoft, they wont accept half-assed and gimped ports.
          Though if Nintendo would do that, they would just make it for Nintendo console.
          So for now, we just have to vote with our wallets.

      1. Shut the fuck up, Arin, i have a wii u, but this is just retarded, nintendo can’t survive on 10 games per year which are first party, they may be good, even though outdated, zelda for example needs an open world, voice acting, motion capture, but nintendo counts on their retarded fanboys to keep buying their games, i always considered nintendo to be ahead of it’s time, even with the wii, but this generation they droped the ball completely…i hope the wii u fails so they learn their lesson and actually push the industry next generation like they used to

        1. So utterly wrong you are…

          Voice acting would destroy Zelda entirely…

          The only thing I agree with is Zelda being bigger but not entirely focused on open world…

          1. You are a nintendotard that would say, 3d would destroy zelda, or online mario bros, stupid-ass motherfucker happy with nintendo’s shit whatever they did, nintendo makes a game for 2000 $ while sony uses alot more recourses,

              1. mario, because of retards like you who don’t ask for more because are blinded by nintendo’s days of old

                1. That kind of explains the sells but not the scores. Ill give you a second chance to think it.

          2. You’re being too conservative. Voice acting would actually give Zelda an even deeper atmosphere and much more personality to each character. There are many games that all characters actually have a voice but the main character, in this case means Link, has no voice. Voice acting should be A MUST in Zelda U. Also, taking advantage of the vast scenarios that Zelda games have, making Zelda a massive, open world universe with those beautiful atmospheres like in Twilight Princess… Dude, I’m about to have a “nerdgasm” by just imagining it! Lol! Zelda has the potential to even be a sandbox. And last but not least: Zelda needs to “grow up”. Almost all of us have grown up, matured and some have even made a family, but still enjoy Zelda. The thing is that, the core audience of Zelda are actually adults. Zelda fans have grown up, why not make Zelda grow up, aswell. I’m not saying make Zelda a bloody and gory Hack ‘n Slash with a lot of swearing and sex. By grow up, I mean give the game a really complex atmosphere. I see they’re slowly taking that ship: both Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword are rated “T”. IMO, not only Zelda deserves to be a game made for the core gamers, Metroid, F-Zero and Fire Emblem (also, another game that’s taking ‘that’ ship) are games that keeping them as something appealing for all audiencis is wrong. Those games have such an amazing potential to become “that ‘Hardcore’ Nintendo experience” that many Nintendo fans want and the media is asking for.

              1. Voice acting adds personality. Besides, nowadays it’s just ridiculous to see video game characters just moving their mouths and making sounds instead of talking.

                1. Voice Acting almost destroyed Samus Aran’s character along with the other wrong things they did to her…

                  If they did something like Metroid Prime corruption where everybody talks except the main character then that’s better…

                  If Link/Zelda/Ganondorf and whoever the villain is, they shouldn’t talk at all…

                  1. Voice acting in the Prime Trilogy was perfectly done. I didn’t get the chance to play Other M, but it has so many mixed reviews (kinda like RE6). Some said it was awful but others said it was wonderful. But what I have seen is that most of the people who said it was a bad game are die-hard fans from the NES/SNES era… So again, fans really need to evolve, like the franchise itself. But obviously, this evolution has to be properly done.

                    Hmm…. Zelda and “the villian” always have many long dialogues…. Not giving them a voice could even be a mistake. They always say a lot of stuff and their dialogues are always some of the most meaningful in the game. If they just moved their mouths and had no voice, that could even kill some of the atmosphere that always manages to inmerse you when they talk. I wouldn’t mind if Link talked, as long as it’s a properly done voice, but I do believe that doing the same as in Metroid Prime trilogy would be the most suitable thing.

    1. NINTENDO fans play NINTENDO consoles to play NINTENDO games before anything else…

      Atleast we don’t defend NSA Betamax Spyboxes or Sonyan Copycats…

      1. How is Sony’s PlayStation 4 copying? 4,600,000 People would disagree with you. Also, why are you insulting the other consoles, thats what causes whole arguments start. I can’t wait to get the PS4 and I’m enjoying my Wii U.

          1. I’m guessing you are ALSO illiterate too seeing how you didn’t read that I’m enjoying my Wii U.

        1. Dude, the PlayStation Move that looks like a glowing balled dildo of the Wii Remote..which has failed miserably because of lack of gaming support and appeal everywhere just like the hated Kinect. Next, All-Stars Battle Royale (which is the most retarded generic name ever) directly ripped off Smash Bros. and again failed miserably by only selling like what? A few million copies here and there? Still not enough to best the original N64 Smash Bros. which sold 15 times more copies.

          And lastly, the PS4’s touchpad trying to pathetically mimic the Gamepad’s touch controls on a controller concept which, again, will be another pointless and ill used feature of the raw PS4 itself like the Move was and speaking of that, that glowing part of the Dualshock 4 is the Move integrated so expect that black dildo of a Wii Remote knockoff to die out of the market pretty soon.

          I know you like PlayStation, but don’t be another fandork missing the big picture of why everyone is calling out Sony for ripping off Nintendo.

          1. Now in 24 hours he’ll forget how PlayStation 4 is copying and you’ll have to repeat what you just said again.

            1. Actually, how would I forget when the PS4 isn’t really copying anything. Yes, the whole vita remote play with the PS4 thing is basically “Copied” from Nintendo but that’s pretty much it. The PlayStation Vita was built along side the PS4 for a while now and also the remote feature was already available on the PS3 with the PSP. Seems that you are the one forgetting things.

              Also, note that I said I like both copies. I just don’t like bashing other systems… unless its deserved.

          2. Move was invented (and shown off) before the Wii; Wii just came to the market first. PS All-Stars, *sigh* …

            The PS4 touchpad: You know that touch controls have been around long before the Wii U and DS. Plus, it is using the type of touchpad that is on the Vita’s back… The Vita, which was co-developed with the PS4, and which came out before the Wii U.

            1. The vita was not Co developed with the ps4. The ps4 just have added features that makes it more compatible with it… in short vita was first and the ps4 was made to make it has an accessory.

              1. :-) crash coop racing ripped off :-) Mario Kart don’t leave that out. Also Sony tried to rip off Mario party with their board games.The Move ripped off the remote design. Nun chuck on the left remote on the right hand. Rumble Park, Analog stick. Yet you rather play dumb and act like Sony doesn’t copy Nintendo.

                1. You are sounding more and more like a Nintendrone every day. Companies “copy” other companies for a long time, Nintendo made trading cards, so that must mean they ripped off the first trading cards just because they made the same things.

                  So you’d rather be a blind fanboy and not see that all companies “copy” each other to keep it an even playing field, also the PS1 was the first console to introduce the DUAL analog sticks plus clickable analogs which Nintendo “Ripped off” and added it into their Wii U gamepad… Oh wait, did you forget about that part?

                  So you are basically saying Nintendo ripped off Sony’s dual analog and clickable analogs on the Wii U gamepad.

              2. Not that anyone is going to buy 2 vistas but if and when Wii U introduces a game that operates with two game pads, how will Sony copy that?

            2. Like I said for the 17th time. The Move may have been in Sony’s R&D but the Design copied the Wiimote. I’ll give you 25 hours before you forget.

          3. Actually, are you being a fan dork for Nintendo? Because the PS Move was in development WAY before the Wii and the touch pad on the PS4 controller was inspired by the rear-touch pad on the back of the Vita

            1. But Sony did not have interest in the move. The only reason it was released was to get a piece of the pie and they failed.

              1. Because the Market wasn’t their for it, however, the PlayStation Move controllers actually worked better than the Wii Remotes which is why they are re-introducing them into the PS4.

                  1. Wasn’t even put into any bundle, they pretty much mention the Move work on the PS4. Also, don’t you remember Media Molecule’s Game? Yeah, that is still into development.

                    1. The move needs the PS eye camera with out it it wont work and it was going to be bundled with it.

                    2. Ok, I’ll give you all that but I’ll correct you on one thing. I wasn’t PS1 that nintendo copied, it was xbox. To my knowledge, they came out first with the next dual stick, and with clickables sticks. Gamecube came out in nearly the same fashion as the xbox design but no clickables sticks. Wii U is the first nintendo system with this feature to date in my books. Unless I missed a console that did this.

        2. So its OK for Sonydrones to bash the Wii U but it’s not ok for Nintendo fans to bash other consoles.

          1. It isn’t okay. It’s not okay for either side. In fact, there shouldn’t even be sides. It’s stupid, wasted energy on trivial things.

    2. WTF are you talking about? This isn’t gimped in fact it’s got more stuff than other versions.

      1. Its missing offline co-op/multiplayer and their that they don’t have enough time to fit it. BS because they have plenty of time to put it in other versions even the PC I bet but conveniently not for Nintendo.

        Don’t be their sheep and buy into their “Nintendo loyalty” BS. They’re the next 3rd party in line to gear up and betray Nintendo. Watch when they announce something missing for Watchdogs for Wii U. Then you’ll realize the truth.

        The only best loyal 3rd party partner Nintendo’s got is their old rival Sega and maybe Capcom..oh wait. Nintendo Wii U is not getting the new version of Street Fighter 4 so forget Capcom with Wii U.

          1. Lucky us. Whoopie. But Wii U is getting consistently canned for god knows what stupid ass reason. Wii U being weak or crap? Its been disproven several times before but the 3rd party is so persistent to hold their dumbass fanboyism asses held high.

            Come on. No SF4 Ultra for Wii U but if it happens on 3DS, what then? That’s saying they care for the most money they can milk out of consoles that they consider “breathing” instead of improving a console/install base and generate more money and favor from all consumers alike.

    3. so your basically defending the industry THATS DIEING AND UNPROFITABLE

      did you even know theres a 80% decrease in 3rd party games being made

      so were is sony getting its games from with a 80% reduction in core games being made and every 3rd party running scared to LOL PHONE GAMES…

      nintendo will be above all they actually have games lol

      wiiu will fail YES BECAUSE PS4 HAS KNACK

  2. +Replayable campaign
    +Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer
    +Beefy co-op modes
    +Great story
    – Dated graphics! Ola la!

    1. That’s IGN-orant for you. Care only about visuals and misjudge anything obvious even when its right in front of them.

            1. Actualy an opinion can’t better than another opinion. While I prefer local saying that is better than the other is just opinion unless you have to pay for it and the other don’t.

      1. But its good to have options and if one doesn’t have it but the rest does for no reason, that’s intentional gimping and no idiot (besides others like you) will buy into that.

    1. Yep and it’s because of people like you we don’t have good third party support on Wii U. It’s one damn feature!!! If there is enough demand for it, they will release a patch. They are doing a good business move and not leaving one platform behind by delaying the game yet again. It’s still a good game. I think it’s because of Nintendo’s current fanbase that it is suffering so much.

      1. Do you like women without one leg or one tit just because you have a hard-on and don’t have a girlfriend?

        1. You really wanna use handicaps as an example? Are you that stupid?

          Using peoples handicaps/differences to explain or justify your purchasing decisions really shows how smart you are… Missing features on games have nothing to do with people missing a limb. Shut up kid…

          1. You didn’t get the point. Go home and rethink your life. You might as well read some books dumbass

            1. The illiterate brute that needs to read books is you. To make an anology it first has to make sense, and yours lacks such…

              1. I’ll say it in other words: do you want the full experience? Or you’ll buy anything they give just because you feel a poor and abandoned wii u owner? So if we all buy the incomplete things they give maybe..maybe then they give us the rest…fucking nonesense…anyway buy the game, enjoy it, but respect who won’t

                1. I don’t feel like a “poor and abandoned Wii U owner”, I’ll just get the games that I consider thye deserve to be bought. Mass Effect 3, Fifa 13 and Black Ops 2 are games that are just a waste of money… But even Sniper Elite V2 was a really enjoyable game, despite the lacking stuff.

    2. Good day commander, didn’t you say awhile back that you haven’t had the chance to buy a Wii U console yet? Is it because of funds or a choice?

      1. Resources obviously or I would have bought it in a heartbeat…

        Unfortunately the laws of the Real World impacts in my life aswell as humans overall in my entire life…

        1. Oh ok. I live in canada and we just had a sale for the basic for$149. At walmart, the REGULAR PRICE for Nintendoland, Black ops and another games is $10. Hopefully you guys get the same or better deal out there.

          1. It will take 2 lifetimes before Sweden does any deal even close to that…

            In Sweden the Deluxe bundle costs around 580$, seriously?…

            Then Americans complain about their silly 350$ being overpriced…

            Even the basic costs more than their Deluxe version at about 500$…

            No way I’m paying that much…

            1. If you were a real Nintendo fan, any price is justified… Lol, I’m kidding. Those prices are insane! But you’re in Europe, can’t you get it from UK? Or they can’t/don’t ship to Sweden? Many stores in the UK, Spain and Germany have the console even cheaper than those $350. But again, if you have shipment problems, well…..

              1. I don’t know, I will have to see but I don’t have enough resources right now anyway…

                But as soon as I do I will buy a Wii U for sure…

                Can’t be a Commander without a Wii U…

  3. Like I said before, I was gonna happily buy the Wii U version of this for my birthday this week but hearing they gimped it and their weak ass excuse, makes me turn back and now I’m watching to see if Watchdogs is next to be regardlessly gimped. If so, that’s when I give the finger to Ubiliars and Rayman’s pointless delay was and should be the final straw.

    1. So it’s gimped because one feature is missing? Because delaying the game a few months to bring it on to WIi U is not enough, is it? Plus if the game sells well, they’ll likely patch it in!

      1. Will they? They didn’t hesitate delaying AND not making exclusive anymore Rayman. So I don’t believe they’ll patch anything

  4. Thought the French could be trusted, then I remembered they were they first to be in Vietnam and cause all that suffering in the first place. Remove features from watch dogs and I shall never purchase a Ubisoft game again.

  5. Time to prove ourselves Wii U owners. Lets show Ubisoft and other third party devs that we are a good install base to put their games on. I hope this game sells super well on Wii U.

      1. Um do you want the game delayed? I mean seriously think about this. They had to delay the game already to port it to Wii U. The only reason why local co-op is not included for the Wii U version is because they want to give Wii U owners the game at the same time as other games. Typically sales of games do worse on Wii U when it’s a later port. But people like you are the exact reason why third party developers won’t put games on the Wii U. It’s one damn feature!!! They can release a patch to fix it in the future if the demand is great enough. I for one would like to have my game on time with the other systems’ releases. Doctre81 is right. You are all a bunch of gaming sluts.

        1. You don’t know for a fact that they will patch it. If a feature is missing it should not be full price like the other versions. It’s common sense.

          1. I said if there is enough demand for it they will patch it. Unfortunately, I may be one of the only few people that want this on Wii U. Every other person, I will admit, damage controls by saying “Who even does local co-op anymore?” If people take to Twitter, Miiverse, and Facebook or even petition I pretty confident that they will release a patch for it.

            1. Yo’re very naive. I also wanted this game from day one but already got ripped off with Fifa13. I don’t trust these bitches and you shouldn’t either

              1. Explain to me how I am naive. When the majority of people petition, usually something happens. Just look at the change that happened with Xbox One. It’s a completely different system. Looks like I’m not the one who is naive. *ahem cough cough points finger*

          1. Um so they can just magically make the features appear? Guess what genius, it takes TIME to make features. They ran out of time with the Wii U. Get over it.

              1. So you’re telling me you would rather have them not have this game on Wii U at all? FYI they actually took the time to put the Gamepad to good use. You don’t think that took time? Come on and think Nintendo Commander; Ubisoft is the only one out there pulling for us Wii U owners. I was honestly shocked that they even announced this game for Wii U so I’m happy that we are getting it. Is it true that us Wii U owners get the shit end of the stick sometimes? Of course! I’m pissed as hell that we are not getting multiplayer on Arkham Origins and all the lazy ass ports we have been receiving but I honestly believe that Ubisoft gave it the good old college try at this.

    1. Oh yeah. By purchasing a full priced incomplete port thats obviously and intentionally gimped so the devs can laugh at us and continue this bullshit hate train con of ripping off Wii U gamers ONLY because they have some unexplained grudge against Nintendo right now?

      Yeah. Lets show them our “support” the same way we show our support to GameStop when they ridiculous charge old used games like Xenoblades/Metroid Prime Trilogy for $90 and we’re retarded enough to waste good money for. B/ For the sake of common sense, open your damn eyes.

      1. Open my eyes? Are you fucking retarted? The reason why they delayed the game in the first place is because they could put it on Wii U. They could not finish the local co-op in the Wii U version on time for it’s scheduled release so they cut it. If they hadn’t, Wii U owners would get a late version of the game and typically Wii U games that are released later than other versions sell very poorly. It was a good decision for us to get the game on time and plus they could just patch the game in the future if there is demand for it. It’s retards like you why we don’t get the third party games on Wii U because you are a bunch of whiny ass brats. We’re lucky we are even getting the game with how bad the Wii U is selling. NEWSFLASH: There is no evidence to support some “anti-Nintendo” agenda in the gaming industry. Nintendo dropped the ball with Wii U, and now us loyal fans have to pay the price. Luckily Ubisoft is still showing us some love but people like you are slapping them right in the face. Seriously give this game a chance and don’t hate on it because one feature was sacrificed.

        1. Move on to Sony or microsoft, yo’re wasting your time with Nintendo. There you’ll have all the love you want cos you clearly can’t deal with the fact we’re being ripped-off by 3rd parties

  6. This game looks pretty good actually. Have to try it hehe, never played splintercell though. Do I need to play older games or anything??

    ohh Yeah if anyones interested I have a blog og myself…pretty new actually, Lite Gaming,

  7. what the hell are you talking about guys ??? What is wrong with the wii u version of the game ???

  8. Most of you are really bitching just because of the “no co-op” issue, like if you play every single fucking day of your lifes with a partner and split-screen. Most of us here don’t really even play split-screen on any game… I’m almost sure that the co-op offline will arrive later in a patch or free DLC, just like the “Portuguese Language support” from Assassin’s Creed 3.

    I’m pretty sure this will be an awesome game for Wii U, and any Wii U owner interested in more 3rd parties support must get it. But if really feel that paying $59.99 for a game that’s missing 2% of features makes you feel “cheated”; fine, keep playing New Super Mario Bros. U, a complete “copy&paste” from the Wii games…

    1. Preach! I totally agree. If they don’t make sales then the more they will take out of the games. Pretty obvious how sad people are. It’s funny most of the people here want online multiplayer for Super Mario 3D World yet complain when a game has online features and not have local play. They’re stupid.

    2. To some those “2%” missing features as you call it might be 75% of their gaming experience…

      I mostly play with my brother because I hate most gamers online as they either are bad gamers or crybabies…

      1. Indeed, I avoid online as much as possible. The Wii U has a nice and in average mature audience though so I can stand it most of the time.

  9. You really wanna use handicaps as an example? Are you that stupid?

    Using peoples handicaps/differences to explain or justify your purchasing decisions really shows how smart you are… Missing features on games have nothing to do with people missing a limb. Shut up kid…

    1. If u don’t get analogies the dumb and stupid person is you. Anyway go buy the game and care not for the others

  10. Fifa is EA’s crap. And it’s not the first time EA screws up their own games on Nintendo consoles. Thinking about that would’ve make you think your purchase in the first place. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has never disappointed Nintendo fans… Well, Red Steel 1 could be an exception.

    Anyway, “don’t buy the game and don’t care for others”. If besides being the only ones supporting Wii U right now, even though they bitch their fans by delaying games (stuff that they did to make Blacklist for Wii U), you still don’t like them, it’s up to you.

    1. Bought Fifa ob WiiU for the same reason, wanted to support 3rd party. They didn’t even update the rosters in the winter!! Anyway, it’s a good football game.

    2. Rayman Legends… I have never seen so many people upset at the same time. Ok, when Bayonetta 2 was revealed to be a Wii U exclusive maybe. But I think alot of people will not forgive Ubisoft for that in a while.

  11. So you DON’T EVEN HAVE a Wii U but yet you bitch about the games… For a console you don’t even own?! Hahahahahahaha man, stop talking, please… x’D I took you like a serious consumer, who was unhappy of the bitter reality of the Wii U, as an owner. But knowing you don’t even own the console and yet COMPLAINING for what you can even own: the damn console itsel!! Hahahahaha xD, stop calling yourself “Commander”… Hahahhahahhahahhahahahhaha x’D

    1. Yes because a Wii U defines a Nintendo fan…

      I’ve been with every Nintendo console since the Game&Watch and this is the first time I have to miss out owning a console early because of the idiotic things these apes do in the real world…

      And it doesn’t take a genius to see how utterly stupid many of these western developers are with the Wii U games…

      Xbot. go home…

  12. Having a Wii U does not define a Nintendo fan…

    But seriously, if western, asian, muslim, european or whatever developer gives the middlefinger to Wii U… If you don’t own a Wii U, why would it bother you?! XD hahahaha, it’s like complaining about how high the gas’ price is but not having a car… Pff, hahahaha xD you’re so funny! Hahahahaha x’D and to “add a cherry to the desert”, you even call me “Xbot”! Hahahahaha xD so now telling you that you complaint for nothing is being an Xbot?! Hahahaha, please! I even hate Micro$oft! Sony, even though they have copied Nintendo in so many ways, is a better deal than Micro$oft. I have always liked Nintendo games, but recognicing that they actually are doing something bad with the Wii U is really being “a true fan”

    1. Because if I owned one I would have the exact opinions about these developers so it’s irrelevant in that sensebwhether I have one or not…

      And I do criticize High Command’s decisions of the Wii U in some aspects like being overconfident that NSMBU would be a system seller for months…

    2. He said he can’t afford it yet. If it was for any other reason then i would have said the same thing as you told N. Commander. But not all people are fortunate enough to have extra funds as they have other responsibility. Keep an open mind.

      1. That’s why you do a smart thing and reserve it. I did, paid it off little by little. I’m pretty much happy with my wii u because I have no pc currently…or one that keeps working and not shut off in the middle of reading or have a broken screen.

      2. true i know some people who have less than 200 euros for the month after everything is paid and after paying gas to go to work and food guess whats left i’ll tell you not a lot

  13. Wow people, seriously… The company is even moving their asses and doing this kind of videos! For God’s sake! If doing this is not an attempt to promote the game and support the console, then nail your Wii U’s Gamepad, you’ll be doing something even more useful with it than playing…er, playing games it it? IT WON’T EVEN HAVE A SINGLE GAME! Ubisoft is really trying hard to make the Wii U edition the best experience of all consoles! Oh, I’m done… I just hope Nintendo will be able to keep up alone with Wii U until 2016, at least……..

    1. Sales will tell if masses agree with you or not. Anyway, I’ve been pretty happy with the console. Still haven’t 100ed Lego, only half way to go in Monstrr Hunter, and Earthbound keeps me busy right now. Buy your games and be happy about it. Live and let live

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