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Pokémon X & Y Japanese Pre-Orders Hit 260K In Just Two Days

Xerneas_pokemonThere’s a digital tidal wave occurring for Pokémon X & Y in Japan, where pre-orders have climbed the virtual ladder to a whopping 260,000 sales, excluding bundles. Pre-orders were opened in Japan just two days before the Media Create sales were configured, revealing that the latest Pokémon adventure on the 3DS is, quite possibly, set to be the biggest. In fact, Black and White 2 reached spectacular heights of 1.2 million pre-orders before it was released in Japan, so Pokémon X & Y is well on its way to breaking its predecessor’s final score.

The sheer size of the pre-orders, though, could have something to do with a certain bonus that’s got Japanese Pokémon fans all the more excited for its release. While stocks last, Japan can get its hands on special Xerneas or Yveltal figures, depending on which game they purchase. Also included in the bonus is a clear file folder boasting artwork from the game. And for those fans who love to go the extra mile and pre-order both games, they can get their hands on a World Art Book and CD. Pokémon X & Y will be released worldwide on October 12.

109 thoughts on “Pokémon X & Y Japanese Pre-Orders Hit 260K In Just Two Days”

        1. Right now? No. They don’t have to. But if the Wii U still fails after this holiday season, they will have to eventually.

          When the console has no more hope at all, not going 3rd party on home consoles would just be fucking stubborn and retarded.

          1. The GameCube didn’t sell much, the Virtual Boy flopped… Even if the Wii U flopped, why should they go 3rd party?

            1. The fear of Sony goin out first is having him sleepless. Even Microsoft is showing sights of not being able to keep up.

                  1. No, because the Genesis wasn’t looking like it would win that generation. PS4 is.

                    And I’m not fanboying here. I have no emotional attachment to Sony. The PS4 is GENUINELY selling out it’s pre-orders.

                    1. You’re crazy themasterst ubbs if you think the PS4 is going to be anywhere near as popular as the Wii.

                      And no, even if the Wii U flops Nintendo has more than 11 billion dollars in the bank, they can absorb it and make a new console.

                      The PS4 has to succeed or it will be Sony going 3rd party because the Ps3 lost Sony 3 billion dollars, Sony’s gaming division has made no money this whole generation.

                      And the PS Vita is bleeding money for Sony as well. They have no choice but for the PS4 to be a SMASH hit……or else

                    2. While all you are saying about the ps4 is true except for the part about it looking like the wii, let me remind you that wiiU preorders sold out too.

                    3. “even if the Wii U flops Nintendo has more than 11 billion dollars in the bank, they can absorb it and make a new console.”

                      They won’t spend that on a new console. You don’t seem to realise this but neither this industry nor the economy are this “Yeah, let’s all make games” place that survives solely on sunshine and rainbows. If the Wii U doesn’t pick up the pace, investors will drop their support for the home console division.

                      I hate to break it to you but the games industry takes an economic hit like everybody else when somebody fails.

                    4. They were perfectly capable of continuing with consoles after the N64 and Gamecube basically flopped. Nintendo are very good at turning a profit no matter what.

                1. Wii U sold out at launch, PS4 will do the same. Sell out at launch but months after wont sell crazy. Theres not a single good game on PS4 till Destiny next year. Infamous Second Sun looks not bad. But PS4 wont repeat the Wii. That was due to the casuals. Casuals have changed since 2006. With the recession and the uber popularity of the Iphone and Ipad crap $0.99 games thats a equation that is perfect for the casuals. Overall the casuals will ignore the 8th gen consoles for the most part.

                1. Why? The Vita may not be doing the greatest right now but it’s doing enough to survive.

                  But if they suddenly discontinued the Vita then yes, they most likely would end up going 3rd party for handhelds.

                  1. This confirms it to me that at least you have some rational though and by that I mean that you should not force your opinions on others. Thanks.

                  2. so does the wii u , the sales of those two are almost the same so why would one be doing well enough to survive and the other not

                    1. One’s games are cheaper to make than the other. One’s easier to develop games for because of similar architecture to another console by the same people. One is a cheaper console to make.

                    2. It doesn’t matter how easy it is to develop for when no one wants to develop for it. Nintendo has an easier time surviving that because they can always make all first party games and keep the system alive like that because that is what people buy Nintendo consoles for in the first place, their first party games. Sony on the other hand is pretty dependent on third party games to sell their systems.

                      I do not hate on the Vita, but you do not take an important aspect into consideration in your reasoning.

                  3. Just like the Wii U is doing enough to survive? I would even say the Wii U is doing better than the Vita. No hate on the Vita, I love it. But the Wii U is doing better than the Vita did when released.

                  4. Funny how you’re bullshiting how you aren’t a Sony fanboy.

                    I think even most Sony fans know the Vita is pretty much dead at this point.

          2. Nintendo has enough money to survive even if the Wii U fails…. Have you seen the lifetime sales for the Wii and DS? I’ll be surprised if they go third party… Heck Iwata said that going third party would be a strategy that he would use if he didn’t care about Nintendo. You can read it here as proof,

            I admit that Nintendo has some trouble but them failing is not enough to get them to be third party.

              1. How do you know he’s purposely trying to sell the Wii U by saying he’s not going third party? I need proof, and without that then I take your statement with a gain of salt.

              2. Iwata has more passion for his company then any other in the world. He cuts his own pay, he doesnt want to fire anyone, he has honor. None of that applies to Sony. All Sony does is copy Nintendo. They copied Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and now Nintendogs for some random reason. You’re just a new Aeolus.

      1. It’s the same company though. The portables and home consoles help each other out and they depend on it. Mario sells so well on portable because of the reputation that was created on the consoles. It’s stupid for you to be saying that if a home console fails (lol, not even a year old and you say they should desolve more than half of their business model) they should give up. They’re very capable of producing hits still. 3DS was called a failure by trolls like you and now things are booming.

    1. Those hypocrite love/hate fanboys can kiss their ass because Nintendo isn’t going anywhere and too bad that Pokemon won’t be coming for that flopping PSVita.

            1. No is a joke about game with blood and gore and fps are the only things that can save Nintendo. Nintendo don’t need any of that shit and third party’s can be deal by our selfs.

              1. Nintendo needs those games to sell better here in west, period.

                I generally dislike those games, but face the facts. That is what the kiddos want.

        1. You are stupid and a kid lol. It was a star wars joke but you don’t know that because you are twelve.

          1. No, I’m just a 20 year old who isn’t a fanboy like you.

            And actually, the quote is ‘You WILL be’, not should. And you were using the quote to forcce your opinion onto him. Nice try, kid.

                1. He’s heading back to texas for at least 2 to 4 years. Good to see him on his own way to life but he is my younger brother and a real gamer like me but unlike me, he prefers xbox. He does have a wii u and a big fan of smash bros as well as monster hunter and mario kart.

  1. I have always wanted a true Pokemon game in a home console.
    Not snap, no coliseum, just a Pokemon game with a full story, battles and all.

      1. For the same reason square enix haven’t done a ff7 remake. It will be done just in case of emergency.

  2. Even if the wii u does flop (it won’t), nintendo won’t have to go third party because the 3ds is doing so well.

  3. That’s funny it only took two days for the sales results to be shown for Pokemon X & Y yet nearly two weeks of Pikmin 3 that game has been available for purchase in the States and nothing. It must be Microsoft paying the media money to not release that information. After all Microsoft is the only one that lacks a handheld console.

      1. Ignoring that if Microsoft can handle EVERYTHING why they get rid of DRM? Because they were scared they would it up like dreamcast.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      The Microsoft leaders would probably make the Y-Wing handheld console which would do worse than the VB…

      I would love to see their utter failure…

          1. Ignoring that last week Nintendo revealed they were still selling Wii U at a loss. Yet you rather play dumb in thinking Microsoft have nothing to do with VG247 not releasing Pikmin 3 sales info in NA.

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  5. zigfried von schroder


    1. Then if the Wii U already failed they should your dumb ass be worried about the PS4. After all it is getting all 3rd party support powerful and i s cheaper and better than your shitbox. Yet you rather play dumb in acting like the Wii U is shitbox’s only rival.

      1. Lol he is like a bully who try to hit the smaller kids but the kid he chose is Asian and knows martial arts :)

  6. So since Shitbox can’t beat Sony with 3rd party it will have to have groundbreaking exclusives in order for it to succeed. Ps4 has shit box beat with Price, 3rd party support and power. What does shit box have over PS4?I want to know! Wii U at least has exclusives coming you can’t get on anything else What makes the overly priced Roku player stand out from its rivals? Too bad Microsoft took rare to keep from Nintendo and was too dumb to focus on the opportunities they could have had with Banjo-Kazooie if they kept their toes out of Rare Ware.

  7. And forcing you to download every game you put into the system is one reason why the shitbox needs 500gb of ram. That poor hard rive is going to be so stressed with data being forced to download down its throat. And it’s so fucking big. And it’s not sold in Japan. Its going to be a paim in the ass taking your shit box to your friends house dueing sleep overs. if you own an AT&T Uverse or Comcast box, how will the Shit box fit in some people’s TV stands. You can’t stand it on it’s side.I thought part of next generation entertainment boxes were to also get smaller. Roku 2 is smaller than Roku 1. Roku 3 is a flash drive which is small as fuck. Cars get lighter and more efficient. Hell even the PS4 is more efficient than the PS3. But is the Xbone more efficient than the 360? I want to know will that big ass box use less electricity than 360? I rather buy a Google TV before that Microsoft set top device.

  8. So as much money as Microsoft has, the Xbone proves they don’t know how to make a powerful system that is small, like must consumers prefer and its for sure not ram efficient. They just put a bunch of RAM in their just to make it powerful with the lack of trying to at least make it efficient to use as less Ram and show good graphics. I bet you xBone will need 4.5 gigs to show its best visuals. Let’s see shit box display visuals like Mario Kart 8 and Pikmin 3 using less than 1 gig. Show me a fucking Bone game that uses 1gig and is displaying visuals like Pikmin 3 and Mario kart 8. In fact show me an Bone game using 1gig on Mario Kart 8 visual level in 1080 p 60fps! And using 1.5 of its 8 cores!

    1. Now when you really think about it, the Shitbox was more rushed to put together than the Wii U. Its easy just to add all that extra Ram and gigs just to make it super powerful. That was alllll Microsoft was focused on. Not efficiency , not price and not even compact. Does Microsoft even care enough about the CPU? Microsoft just said, ” We want it to do this and we want it to do that” without even trying to focusing on anything else. I wouldn’t be surprised if all 8 cores got heated. Its going to be streaming and a DVR for gaming. Hell yeah it’ll need more ram and cores than wii u.

  9. Also Microsoft Voice command sucks in a Ford Sync and Kia UVO. xbone may have voice command but will it be accurate or will it confuse “”Pam” with “Sam?” It does inside a Ford and a Kia. Kia doesn’t brag about UVO much because Microsoft’s voice technology installed in cars brings down brings down a car manufacturer’s quality when ranked by JD Power.

  10. This is possibly history in the making folks. If the Pre-orders continues at this rate globally, PKMN X/Y has the potential to make sales records that can make Call of Duty’s “groundbreaking” sale records look like cheap ass smoke & mirrors excuse while all the COD fanboys cry.

  11. ????????????????????

    well the 3ds is going to dominate the Japanese market even with the Ps4 coming out since
    Japanese play more on handhelds then home consoles

    1. Nintendo Commander

      I’d say they aren’t stupid enough to buy things that have missing features…

      As soon as SM3DW comes out the Wii U sales will rise alot…

      1. The shitbox is just about power. Not ram efficiency, compact, price or even style. They just forced 8 cores into the box and estimated how many gigs of games it will need for 7 to 8 years. Not even focusing on size or reducing it to be as small as possible. They just placed some rushed ass ugly exterior over it and its 8 cores. The shitbox maybe more powerful than Wii U but let’s see if 1.5 cores of its 8 can display graphics like Wii U can! I bet that shit box will overheat. I also bet that adding a tablet to play with will effect performance.

          1. Believe me Nintendo Commander, a tablet will cause delays and is not as accurate as the GamePad. Also when you turn on the GamePad, it and the Wii U comes on at the same time. Tablets have to load up after you turn them on. And if you keep them on for a while they can get hot and uncomfortable. Who’s to say this won’t.even effect the tablet? There will be faults. Its up to those 8 cores to show groundbreaking graphics, operate a foreign tablets not designed for video gaming consoles, do DVR, streaming, and word is out Xbox over clocked the CPU with very little info on how this will effect the console since it has 0 install bases. They only did it to match PS4’s HP. But is that too much on the system? Wii U over clocked but it has install bases and it is not hurting the console. Infact its getting a major upgrade this fall with no info on what. I can’t see this console having 0 problems on the quality side.

  12. So much hostility when sales are blogged on this site. Eh, I just read the blog, and get my info. One person says something that sounds like it’s criticizing the Wii U, and everyone mauls the human being. Whatever. It is JUST the comments section.

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