The Wonderful 101 Only Shipping 30,000 Copies For Japanese Launch

the wonderful 101Usually the first in line to play anything eccentric, wacky, and wonderfully colourful are Japanese gamers, which is why the report that The Wonderful 101 – a super-charged super hero game – is reportedly launching with only 30,000 copies is so perplexing. Even for Japan, that number is surprisingly low. To put this in perspective, Pikmin 3 sold almost 93,000 copies in just two days, selling around half its shipping stock in Japan. Taking this into consideration, it looks like The Wonderful 101 is geared towards western gamers, with Japan considerably out of the super hero loop. The Wonderful 101 launches this week for the Wii U in Europe on August 23, August 24 in Japan, and September 15 in North America.


  1. I’m guessing that what Nintendo is trying to do is to deliberately under-stock the product, so that shortages occur and the headline “Wii U exclusive game sells out!” creates hype for the Wii U.

  2. Nah they are putting the copies in Europe, probably hoping for more sales in Europe which is a tough shout as people are a bit useless over here, people dont even know what a Wii U is in the UK

    Probably shipping quite a load to the U.S as well, Japan probably is last in the priority list bit shocked by that in some senses

  3. I hate to say this, in amazon jp best selling software list, The W101 is not even in the top 100 for both pre orders and games that are currently out. Quite saddening news since this was the exact same fate as yakuza 1 & 2 HD.

  4. well to be honest i dont think anyone will actually buy that game. the audience it targets is extremely low. it will obviously sell 200-300k worldwide through years

    1. The audience it targets is completely different to the audience that will gravitate to that sort of game. Really, it looks like a game that will be most popular with older people.

  5. Let’s face it guys, while this game is cool and all ( even if doesn’t match well my tastes ) not many gamers will be ready to spend a full price tag for it. And people without a Wii U aren’t gonna buy one for this game.

      1. who knows, i might be wrong :) I hope the Wii U will have a nice success, but from what i can see ( and considering the opinions of the people i know ) looks like that nobody “wish” to own a Wii U at the moment


          That’s why they are holding off. If you ask me, they should have gotten one anyway and waited through the drought.

          Well, that’s my option, not that I care what others do but it would have been a smart choice, that way they wouldn’t pay the extra 300 to 350 dollars plus game price.

          But hey, dumb people will be dumb, trolls will be trolls and haters are gonna hate. None of my personal business on what they do or think.

  6. I’m not feeling negative about it…
    Trust me, it’ll do well and I’m sure On the western side, things will be better.

    Lets be honest I felt this game was made for the west and they’re not really gonna concentrate on Japan’s sales for now. Also remember that this is Pre-orders, not everyone Pre-orders games(like myself) some people buy it on release, so I’m staying positive!

  7. the 30% discount hopefully is a good shout for the game, however I really hope this game can surpass 1.5M lifetime sales by Christmas then I think platinum will be happy.

    Also the Nintendo Direct marketing should demonstrate how important it is for third parties to get on them to showcase Wii U games

    Sonic should have a Nintendo Direct, then they will set a new standard for companies

  8. The demo for this game was crap stick garbage.

    It’ll need to sale on the eShop for me to even consider it. And we all know that is not going to happen considering that abortion of a game Epic Mickey 2 is still full price.

  9. Actually, it’s probably because many Nintendo fans a.k.a. Wii U owners purchased Pikmin 3 using the eShop and will then get W101 off the eShop too with $30 off!

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