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Ubisoft Says ZombiU Was A Learning Experience, Nintendo Needs To Put More Energy Behind Wii U


Ubisoft’s EMEA managing director Alain Corre has explained to Polygon that Wii U exclusive ZombiU was a learning experience in second screen gameplay. Corre says that with ZombiU the game allowed them explore asynchronous gameplay thanks to the second screen. They have then taken this knowledge and tested it out on SmartGlass, tablets and smartphones. Corre then went on to say that the company believes in Nintendo, however it wishes Nintendo would put more energy behind the Wii U console.

“We have learned some interesting [things about] gameplay thanks to the Wii U. With ZombiU last year, it was one of the first times we could explore asynchronous gameplay thanks to the second screen. When we look at that today, it’s also thanks to that we’ve been able to create gameplay for games like Watch Dogs.”

“This kind of technology is thanks to the learning we’ve done on the Wii U tablet. So it helped us also to be quicker and to have today some of the best offerings in terms of second screen gaming.”

“We believe in Nintendo. Nintendo is a company that has proven in the last 30 years that they are able to fascinate tens of millions of gamers. Nintendo is a great game creator; they are magic to a lot of gamers. And we’ve had a lot of great experiences with Nintendo in the past, such as the Wii and the Just Dance franchise. It has become one of the major franchises on the Nintendo system and is growing on Wii U.”

“What we wish is that Nintendo can put more energy behind the Wii U, and find a solution to put more machines in the hands of the consumers. We feel that this machine can find its place, we just need more push from them to help find the market.”

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48 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says ZombiU Was A Learning Experience, Nintendo Needs To Put More Energy Behind Wii U”

  1. So in other words they did not believe in the Wii U from the start if they rather put 100% of their efforts on those lesser experiences like Smartglass…

    I’m 1% from disliking you Ubisoftians…

    1. That game was flawed in many ways a half ass job that could’ve been done better. The gameplay was stiff felt like I was back on the nintendo 64 except the developer hadnt mastered the joystick.

  2. ZombiU was one of my luanch title’s, it was a slick lil game but graphicly i wish it looked a lil like well a least splinter cell blacklist… But i d say learning experience as far a architecture… But second screen s idk. Ds 3ds ect have been out for some time not sure if ubi ever made a game on that platform, i say learning is paramount yes but releasing games that are low budget or that have no finesse cant be the fualt of learning curve it s the fualt of rushing to put product in the hand s of the masses

    1. Walk all over it? They didn’t say anything bad about the WIi U. All they said was that they wish Nintendo would put more energy behind the WIi U. And I agree. It’s Nintendo’s fault that the Wii U isn’t selling as good as it should.

      1. And is third party faults their games don’t sell. They both need to put energy on it not just Nintendo.

          1. That’s true. I think I own more ubisoft games than I do nintendo games. That has never happened. Watch dogs I am waiting for UUU!

            1. I own only Nintendoland and Pikmin 3 from the Nintendo first party games. I own ACIII and ZombiU from Ubisoft; and I’ll be getting Rayman Legends in the near future.

        1. No, it’s Nintendo’s fault simply due to the lack of people on Wii U. Even if every single Wii U owner bought their game, that’s still not the numbers they’d get on Xbox or Playstation.

    1. You dont even have a wiiu yet… and you have a mario avatar… I guess that;s bad when a presumably big nnintendo fan doesn’t even buy the system
      I thought Zombie U was really good though… short, but very good

      1. I have a wii and what?
        It’s not my fault I do not have money.

        Saving for December.

        I consider myself Nintendo fan despite your comments.

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  4. I’m still pickin up Zombie U when I get my Wii U I was gonna buy the Zombie U bundle you guys had recently but that went away quick so now I’m writing for another bundle either way I’m getting Zombie U regardless lol

  5. I guess they heard that Wii U sales numbers were up last week, as well as futures. Time to start brown nosing gamers to get more sales.

    Really, I cant wait for the day that 3rd parties bring the 2014 video game crash upon themselves.

    1. Yes, I like your tone mister…

      Welcome to our Empire where we will one day witness the fall of these lesser forces and the rise of our own…

    1. That new super mario bros u for example could have been a masterpiece. Had it they put the time in for it like ubisoft with rayman legends.

  6. Ok, so let me get this straight. First you guys lied saying “ZombieU made no profit what so ever”, they your believing in the system and wish they had more “humph” to the system??? Sounds to me that your blaming the system and not your guys mishaps for not thinking through the mechanics of the game. Meaning, no online, there’s a flaw. Lying about the sales, there’s a flaw. BLAMING THE SYSTEM, there’s a flaw. Need I go on? Not to mention you guys delayed Rayman Legends for no apparent reason which screwed you guys over BIG TIME, there’s a flaw.

    Here, I’ll tell you what I think…*holds out hand with head tilted then looks up seriously*…your full of shit…YOU GUYS DON’T TAKE RESPONSEABLILITY FOR YOUR OWN FAILURES! You may believe in the system *coughliescough* but when it allllll boils down to it, you can’t stand your own faults and blame it on something else. YOU REEK OF LIES!! Do a better job, and maybe we will believe you, blacklist is a good start, ACT LIKE A GOOD COMPANY AND TAKE YOUR OWN FAULTS OF FAILURE, not the system. I’ve lost respect for you now ubisoft but I still welcome the third party support your giving.

    1. Would have helped Nintendo tremendously if they just launched with Rayman either ready or just around the corner and let it come to other systems now… I feel like Microsoft and Sony have done a great deal to smear Nntendo in the media and with 3rd party developers

  7. I actually enjoyed ZombiU. I believe Ubisoft is the first 3rd party to make good use of the gamepad better than Nintendo. Ubi seem to be pointing out that Ninty needs to pit more effort in getting Wii U in the hands of the customers. That will only happen when Nintendo develops a game showcasing assymetric/asynchronous gameplay that will appeal to all.

  8. Honestly, Ubisoft can piss off. As much as a I liked Zombie U, I am at complete disgust at their attitude toward the Wii U. No local multiplayer on the Wii U version of Blacklist? Why Not? You could delay Rayman for PS3 and Xbox 360 for 6 months but can’t spend a months time to port over local co op? Serious? On top of that the Wii U blacklist online multiplayer is completely broken, hardlocking many Wii U systems. Nah Ubisoft, I aint buying shit from you again. Its funny cause, i’m not even a fan of Raymond but had you released it during the time of the Wii U game drought, I would have been inclined to pick it up, but now since I just got Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 is coming out Sep 15, followed by Windwaker afterward, I’ll completely pass on that franchise.

    1. Oh my god, who cares that you guys not gonna buy anything non-exclusive to Nintendo, that’s your problem right there, taking everything about Nintendo personally. You marioboys sound pathetic boycotting every other studio for nintendos problems

  9. I liked ZombiU. I think Ubi needs to worry more about themselves. Ubi could have been part of the solution instead of the problem by releasing Rayman Legends. Having that on shelves along with a demo would have moved units. Do they not realize that the more they help sell their games by releasing them on time and not skimping on features that it helps sell Wii U consoles. And that the more consoles are out the more their other games like ZombiU will sell? I am so tired of their whining. I am calling it now, something on Watchdogs will be missing for the Wii U version.

  10. ZombiU was one of the best games i’ve ever played. im 33 and have played games all my life. i wish it had sold more copies so we could get a sequel…

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