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Kamiya Says Wonderful 101 Is Less Complicated Than It Appears


Hideki Kamiya has issued a new statement via the Platinum Games blog outlining his perspective upon the release of The Wonderful 101. A somewhat emotional post, Kamiya reveals his anxiety about the game’s release, admitting that the feeling is amplified by the unconventional nature of the game and the fact that it took years to produce.

Kamiya also reassured fans that the game is not as complicated as it seems at first, and that gamers should give it a fair shake. This portion of the statement seems to be a response to several reactions and reviews that have complained about the game’s difficulty level. Many reviews have been good, but not great, with scores falling in the 7 to 8 range.  Here is an excerpt from Kamiya’s statement regarding the game’s complexity:

“At first it looks complicated, then you try it out and realize it’s not so bad, then you think you’ve got the hang of it and you realize the gameplay was a lot deeper than you originally assumed… the more you play 101 the more I think you’ll understand yourself, that’s the kind of game it is. “


73 thoughts on “Kamiya Says Wonderful 101 Is Less Complicated Than It Appears”

  1. But if he knows the game is like that why didn’t he fixed up a bit? I mean its a good game from what I played of the demo, but if kids bought this, they will feel its too hard and kids just want to quickly start playing not figuring out what to do. And lets not even talk about the parents.

    1. This is Hideki Kamiya we’re talking about. He’s the king of unconventional games. Also, are you kidding me with the kids thing? Kids have way more time than adults to figure out how to play video games, and have way more potential to play them better than adults.

    2. It isn’t targeted towards kids, i’m sure if they pick it up it wouldn’t be hard my little cousin went through the demo and did pretty well and he is 8

    1. it’s based on the concept of Power Ranger Megazords forming up together to make 1 Machine. So I can see how it ended up with that look and it makes sense.

    2. Yeah, I have to admit, the game is way too eager to make things shiny.

      It’s like it really wants to remind people that this Nintendo console is HD with all the fancy lighting effects n shit.

  2. Platinum has always made amazing games and from what I’ve played in the demo, Wonderful 101 isn’t excluded from this. The weird thing is that no matter what the game, people always have a complaint when it comes to these guys. Especially with Difficulty. For example, a lot of people cried about how “difficult” it is to block in Metal Gear Rising when it’s really not that bad at all. This generation just isn’t as boney as those who grew up on NES/SNES.

  3. Fix what? It’s a learning curve… the game works fine. It’s sad to see that this game gets such backlash for its difficulty when it’s not even that hard. And we wonder why Korean students are better in both school and videogames.

    1. That’s the nature of new games and people are actually afraid of challenges. I say gamers of today are more pathetic than I remember. Everything is about graphics are, power there and features everywhere but not what the games are suppose to be. Challenging and fun for people that can relate to.

  4. The problem with these generations is that they’re getting ridiculously lazy and picky on challenging things in life including games.

    They expect are games to be as linear and simple as COD and soon after they complain about the same thing they’re expecting. Civilization is just a sad story of life. Its always and only changing for the worst.

    1. Indeed…

      Our Empire cannot let these lazy slaves determine the outcome of games…

      Easy = Less fun, Not worth the money, A waste of time…

  5. Kamiya needs no explaining of his games, just let the games speak for themselves.
    Kamiya poops pure gaming gold (or platinum, if you wish to sound corny).

  6. I did terrible the first time I played the demo. Second time I breezed through it, so I agree with him. Still can’t figure out how to do more than one Unite Morph at a time though.

    1. with the Y button?!, i don’t remember which one, but with A YOU make a Unite Morph and with Y, another hero does it, but it control himself, so you can have up to 5 unites at time, but you control one only

  7. Wonderfull 101 is a masterpiece… period. Who says that this game is too much difficult is not a gamer and wishes to wach a film and press some casual button on the controller here and there.

  8. It’s not complicated, but it is intense as hell, usual Platinum AI that just push your shit in.
    Either way i’m loving it.

  9. Sorry offtopic but read this

    This is Nintendos chance if it happens because when Ms gets rid of Xbox division Nintendo can buy all those or some of those RAREWARE Ips back and put Retro to work on them. Rare can go and die with Xbox brand because devs there are untalented. But seriously this is Nintendos chance and dream of Banjo threeie on Nintendo system can become reality.

    1. If W101 was a Sony or Xbox game it would have been rated higher but since it’s for Wii U the media is going to try to bring it down the best they can. And ignoring the Xbox division in trouble as well as Sony. The media is quick to over look Sony.

      1. Sony and MS are not in trouble. Give it up you hack. They do just fine considering preorders for the PS4 are nearly depleted. Look, the Wii U is fracking awesome so there is no need to trash Sony and MS due to your insecurities.

        1. Sony not in trouble? Ignoring they had to sell their headquarters. Also ignoring they failed to put Vita in their annual report with 5 million units. But you rather play dumb as if that never happened.

  10. These lazy trash “gamers” that are complaining have gotten used to games Designed especially for unable to learn unable to adapt care-bears, how about we eliminate LEARNING from the WHOLE PLANET, and just hold your hand through any type of challenge so you can keep having your half assed internet touch screen iphone CRAP existence…..You people who want less complicated are Gaming-Tards with no Skill, if ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS “How WELL is a game SELLING AND CAN MY UNBORN CHILD PLAY THIS FROM THE WOMB AND WHO CARES ABOUT GAME PLAY AS LONG AS I HAVE MY WARM FUZZY IGN REVIEWS TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO”, Hey IF THIS DESCRIBES YOU THEN WHY THE F**& ARE YOU PLAYING GAMES IN THE FIRST PLACE…..

  11. The complaints about this game are overblown. I had no issues with the controls. People like Keza McDonald at IGN are morons.

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    1. how old are you?? tell me about the challenge, secret of mana made me go threw all the temples twice because i died at every boss once, well almost all of them. i kept coming back like i forced shut down the system FUCK THIS!!!!! 5 min later i had to play again and acheived. learning from your mistakes bitches.
      game is awesome.

        1. You know youre an old fart when you start complaining about the younger generation.

          (Im 24 by the way)

          Also by your logic, most Nintendo games are not fun, you know, cause their easy as hell.

          1. says the clueless Xbot who don’t know what “fun” means except Call of Duty games and as a matter of truth, all Nintendo games redefine fun, challenge, replayability, and (most importantly) quality

  13. Giving a game low score because of its complexity is the stupidest thing ever. It should be praised by it. Where are the glory days of REAL hardcore games? Mega Man, Battletoads, Castlevania (Original). Those were the days!

  14. Why did Nintendo have to go and release this game overseas a month before U.S?!I think by doing it this way they have damned this game to being a poor seller.This should have been released before Pikmin 3 when every Wii U owner myself included had nothing new to play and would have likely picked up W101.But now after seeing all the mixed reviews for 101 a lot of people will wait to buy 101 or rent it instead of just buying it day one.101 be it good or bad will be the next Other M where a huge price drop is almost instant.This could rely end up hurting the relationship between Nintendo and plat games if not end outright.101 was never going to be huge hit but this poor handling of it will insure it’s D.O.A when it washes up on U.S shores next month.

    1. Ignoring Pikmin 3 sells will in Japan and USA. Also ignoring Pikmin 3 boosted up Wii U sales. PS. best Buy sold out of Disney Infinity. They only had 3 more Splinter Cells available. But because these are Wii U titles, the media is will wait 3 and a half weeks to give us info on how the games sold. Yet Splinter cell for PS3 will pop up online in a heartbeat

        1. There is the old saw that you should never point a gun at seonome unless you intend to pull the trigger.And, of course, Rosenbergs who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones. But Providence does seem to have decreed that an Obama who grew up Muslim would be president long enough for the Iranians to build their bombs. A few quick strikes are not likely to deter them for long, whereas a lengthy air campaign might do the trick. Not something Obamalot is likely to allow, however.

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