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Ubisoft Has Faith In Wii U, Says Nintendo Has Some Of The Best IP In The World


Online gaming publication IGN caught up with Ubisoft executive director Alain Corre at this year’s Gamescom to discuss the Vita and the Wii U. Corre says that it’s only a matter of time before the ailing platforms find their footing in the market. He pointed out that Nintendo has some of the best IP in the world, but it’s ultimately up to Nintendo to push the system.

“There are millions, tens of millions of fans of Nintendo brands. I’m sure you’ve played Mario Kart for hundreds of hours. I did too. There are so many great franchises that are still making people dream. We think these brands will stay with us,” he said. “After that, it’s up to Nintendo to make sure that the machine can reach as many consumers as possible. We all think that they’ll be able to sell more machines in the future. They have some of the best IP in the world, and some of the best memories for their players. If you’ve played Smash Bros. in the past, you want to play the next one. So these brands have a future, for sure. It’s up to them to work on more communication to get the machine into more hands.”


147 thoughts on “Ubisoft Has Faith In Wii U, Says Nintendo Has Some Of The Best IP In The World”

  1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

    They say “best ip in the world” singular because all they do is milk Mario and let other companies handle their other properties.

    1. Well at least they don’t milk it as much as other companies. Call of duty, final fantasy takes those spots. All the gaming companies are milking the games. So therefore its no longer called milking, its called business and who is the top winner of old games remakes.

              1. Well, I don’t have any disappointment towards the series, just saying that most people call it what it is…but if you really ask me, I’d say all gaming companies (including nintendo) does this. Even evil doubles are waaaaaaaay more milked than the games themselves. Take Shadow Link for that example or Swatkats, T-Bone and razor doubles. Here’s another, Teen age Mutant Ninja Turtles, they have a few doubles themselves.

                1. No one does milking like EA. They rewrap the same game from years before and pretend like it’s a new one. You want your milk, go get it from EA.

          1. I really can’t see how the Final Fantasy games are “milked” as each game is just about completely unrelated to the other (save for a few here and there).

            1. Well I got one saying that 8 top milked games are:

              Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
              Guitar Hero 5
              Need For Speed
              Pokemon Black and White
              Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
              PS2, PS3, PSP, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
              Tomb Raider 2013

              Then we have this link…


              Then we have this link…hardly one nintendo game was in the list…and that is pokemon.


              1. Rayman 2 is even more milked. Released on almost every playform there is since it came out. Dreamcast, n64, ps1?, pc, ps2, ds, 3ds, gameboy advance, toaster jk. Well there’s a lot of them. Named under different titles like ‘the great escape’ but it’s all the same game.

              2. But to be frank, I don’t care too much for the word in the gaming realm, “milked”. Just seems wierd and retarded. No, no, in fact I see just like you do Simply G, but people will be stupid and say it anyways. For some reason, I don’t like the phrase “milked” in the gaming world as a game sequels. Whoever came up with that phrase should be slapped…no offence.

              3. How is it that the only pokemon game to date with a sequel, not a remake, excluding red/blue to gold/silver as it is two different regions, is the only “milked” pokemon game? Either someone is a hater of bw or they are full of bs.

    2. at least its mario in different title or different types of games. not same shooter and sports game that comes every year.

    3. Ha! Mario isn’t milked…Anyone that think’s otherwise is dumb and doesn’t know what a true milked franchise really is. 💋

      1. Well New Mario Bros. after the original DS has been milked and Mario 3D (Land-ish) World is on its way to be the next milked game. Once I saw the E3 reveal of 3D World, I bet everyone including myself would’ve now prefer Super Mario Galaxy 3 instead.

    4. or, the plural term for ip is ip and they make new creative mario games, and also take good care of the legend of zelda franchise!!

    5. That doesnt even make sense, Nintendo would never let another company make a Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin or Animal Crossing game.

    6. they said “some of the best IP” which means it’s not a single game. well i don’t really care if they milk mario too much as long as i enjoy the game it doesn’t matter.

    1. It’s not even the best selling IP, let alone best general IP. Fail. I even somewhat enjoy COD on occasion, and I can admit that.

    2. You must have suck so much at other online games then. COD is the grand excuse for any loser at being so good at something in life.

      Give me a f***ing break. COD is now trying hard to be like Battlefield in a ridiculous way.


  3. I don’t even know why people say Nintendo Milks there franchises. Every Zelda is different in their own way. Major is so different from Wind Waker and so on. The only franchise I would say is Milked is the New Super Mario Bros Series. Please change that Nintendo.

    1. I would even disagree with Mario being milked. Each NSMB game takes about 3-4 years to make. The problem is they don’t do much to innovate.

      1. Kaetsu, There are ONLY 4 NSMB games and each one is on a DIFFERENT device. DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U… If that is being milked than CoD and Fifa are being Super Milked, because there are multiple CoD games and Fifa games released on a given console all the time!!! 💋

        1. there are 9 cod titles.
          there are like what a 100 games featuring mario?

          if you say cod =milked then mario is too…to say anything else is just ignorant and ludicrous. you cant have it both ways.

          and what do people expect nintendo to do?
          everyone loves mario, everyone wants to play it.. how can they not milk the series.

          1. Because all those hundreds of Mario games are all the same right?…

            The reason to why Mario games sell is because it’s not the same game over and over…

            2D platformers, 3D, Racing, Sports, Adventure, Strategy etc etc…

            Call of Duty, just the same garbage…

          2. Yeah but you forget sir, Mario is way alot older than CoD. I can say that for two reasons.

            1. Nintendo started their mario games in the 1980’s with donkey kong. Then the arcade Mario Bros. was made. Wasn’t until Super Mario Bros. that Mario and Luigi gained momentum from their main series.

            2. I have been playing mario since 1986 and even to this day, I still play it. My top favorite Mario game is Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

            Unlike CoD, which to me is the fastest game to remake in a hurry besides street fighter to ever release gamer quicker than nintendo, at least nintendo thinks about how unique to make their games. True gamers or fans know this fact.

    2. Every general release of their classic franchises always offer some change and addition to their traditional gameplay. Although New Mario Bros. and now Mario 3D World is an exception to that argument.

        1. Ice Climbers 3D exploration like Zelda, but has elements such as “Ice Climbing”, and Rock Climbing to the tops of mountains. There could be a simple story and boss battles and a beautifully rendered environment. 💋

      1. Not even Rayman can be compared to the big leagues of Mario or even Sonic. Nice try. As much as I like Rayman, its not even 1/3 close to Mario’s level.

              1. Im sry to tell you this but last of us and uncharted will be forgotten before they reach their 4 game then they will do what God of war and the will screw it.

  4. Sounds like they’re on an apology tour, working to remove the foot from their mouth. Do these third parties have any foresight? Wii was the rare instance, but almost every console otherwise gets off to a slow start. You need to invest and be patient, things will pick up, especially for Nintendo. I think Ubisoft and EA see the games coming down the pipeline and they’re realizing for their profit margins they’re going to need to get back on with Wii U.

            1. I so can’t anticipate that day any more than you man. Watch when Nintendo Wii U rises and dominates again like the 3DS had and have all these 3rd party bitches whine in full regret for underestimating Nintendo again and Nintendo gives them the finger that they deserve..again. Nintendo can handle themselves very well. They’ve been through situations like this thousands of times before.

        1. Ubisoft haven’t left. Ubisoft is the only one that sure has not brought all their games but they at least brings the ones that makes a bit of sence.

        2. Actually, Ubisoft is being their bitch while EA is backing down bitching to make up its stupid ass hypocrite mind.

          Ubisoft has a chance to redeem themselves for Nintendo. EA on the other hand, can fuck off with their precious spyware Origin that no one cares about.

      1. Really? You haven’t been paying any close attention to their 180* BS starting with delaying Rayman Legends when it was already golden (ready).

      1. Except these lesser forces turning their backs…

        Ready to be pushed down and owned by our Empire…

      2. Wii U even run Frostbite 3 and its been proven. Those engine are near next gen quality and if Wii U is proven to run them, then Wii U is capable of being on par with other next gen consoles so EA can shove their “Wii U is crap” up their cash shitting asses.

    1. Even the devs of Metro Last Light has been regretting their part of Wii U bashing too.

      And isn’t it funny that they had Metro Last Light running on Wii u just fine back at its E3 2011 reveal? They decided at some point to make Metro CPU intense as an excuse to not make Nintendo games.

    1. If we are going by sales and Popularity than it would go Nintendo #1, Activision #2, Rockstar #3 and I know Bethesda would be up there, Sony and Microsoft too. 💋

  5. The fact that they said “some” of the best… Everyone knows Nintendo has “THE” best IP’s in the world. 💋

    1. Lmao, so true, there isn’t a single IP that isn’t original and boring.

      We’ll all agree that without Nintendo the videogame history would be boring as hell.

  6. Not only does Nintendo make the best IPs but each IP is totally different from another. Example, both _Galaxy and Pikmin are platformer games yet Playing as Olimar does not feel like a Mario game. Mario does not feel like Starfox, Star Fox is nothing like Metroid. Yet these franchises all deal using a space ship and going out of space.

  7. Also Dream Team is the most original Mario game yet. From the trailers I saw, the game needed Luigi to dream, no flowers, stars or mushrooms are metal suit occurred. Then all of a sudden you get like 50 Luigis coming togather to form something to kill off enemies.

    1. fuck that game…..if i wanted to i could get it right now. mario rpg for super nintendo is better than all of those, well maybe not inside story. im waiting for a wii u mario rpg game.

      1. Oh so I bring up Dreamteam but that’s bad. Yet you bitch about milking Mario and if it came to Wii U you bitching saying, “Dream Team was milked for Wii U.”

  8. I’m starting to feel like Ubisoft is trying to get something from all these positive comments. What it is I have no idea.

    1. Yeah and that’s deceiving fools to believe they’re actually supporting Nintendo 100% to score quick bucks out of gimped games like Blacklist.

  9. Yes Nintendo does have some fantastic IPs…the problem is that they don’t always use them well, like how they’ve been milking Mario and neglecting many other franchises people have been begging for in the last decade.

      1. But its ok to milk Halo, AC,RE, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter and Killzon as well as God of War. But because Mario is Nintendo’s IP they can’t do that. But Sega can milk Sonic.

        1. How the fuck is Killzone being milked? In the span of 9 years, we’ve had 6 games. 2 that aren’t even released yet.

  10. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Pokemon, Smash Bros, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Mario Kart, etc

    Uncharted, God of War, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Infamous, Ratchet, Resistance, Sly, and Motorstorm

    Don’t say Sony is better or even close…

  11. Kid Icarus, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Xeno, Pikmin, F Zero, Professor Layton, Golden Sun, Wave Race, Nintendo will always have the best IP’s, not even debatable, nothing to even talk about

      1. Better at bringing thinks out? Ignoring Vita is dead next to 3DS. Also ignoring All Stars didn’t sell like SSB. Sony’s knock off of Mario Kart? Where is it now?

      2. Nintendo only does Mario or Zelda? Ignoring the rest of the SSB players. Yet you rather play dumb as if Pikmin 3 is a Sony IP.

  12. Ubisoft, just like EA and Activision, you too need to STFU and just make the games or back the hell up and stay away.

    Enough with the 180 games. Its getting more Infuriating than hearing EA’s version.

    Remember the whole “Wii U is an abandoned platform” and “We’re more excited to bring full support/games to next gen consoles (PS4/One)” bias statements all from 2013 E3?

    Sorry but you lost my confidence. I always knew you were fake to your Nintendo fanbase. Welcome to the hypocrite club starring EA as the host and Activsion the backup dancer.

  13. It seems like every other day I’m reading this same post. That Ubi-Soft has faith in Nintendo and the Wii U.

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