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Shadow Of The Eternals Hasn’t Been Funded

shadow of the eternals

Precursor Games spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness has missed out on its Kickstarter funding goal. $323,950 was raised by backers of the project, but the goal was $750,000. Despite this bad news, the team may go ahead with the project as they have previously expressed interest in doing so. Shadow of the Eternals was set for development for Wii U, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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50 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Eternals Hasn’t Been Funded”

  1. Over 300K is still not bad IF Nintendo decides to help them out like some of the other games. Otherwise, I don’t think it will be worth it to start production just yet. They should extend the deadline and hope for the best

    1. But nintendo wont help out the project that comes out on PC and PS4. If they go exclusively Wii U they probably would help.

      1. Oh yes, if they help then it would become an exclusive. That would probably be the deal between them and I think the developers would go for it. Better an exclusive than no game right?

          1. Definitely, every exclusive helps out in the longrun. Personally, I like exclusives as well. If it was developed solely for one console, then it adds to my collection of exclusives as opposed to games that go for every console (Madden, Fifa….)

            1. how exactly do you benefit from exclusives? why does someone who calls himself a gamer (i presume you do call yourself a gamer) want other platforms to be excluded and calls it a good thing?
              of course i agree that an exclusive title is better than no title but that still doesn’t make exclusive deals “good” per se

              for example i’ll miss out on “everybody’s gone to the rapture” unless i buy a PS4 now..
              even though the game was announced previously for the PC (with the potential of being released on other platforms)
              and why is that? did they choose to go to kickstarter? did they decide to fund it with the revenue from dear esther or a machine for pigs which they most certainly could have? NO!
              they made an exclusive deal with sony and now everyone who doesn’t buy a PS4 won’t get to play it

              1. I can see why that would be a bad thing, but it’s because I’m a gamer that I like exclusives. Think of it this way, if a game that you really want only comes out for PS4 and you aren’t getting the console, then you can’t get it right? Well for me, the game just drops off my radar at that point. I really like all gaming genres (Except for FPS and music games) So I always have a large list of games to buy anyway. I would have liked to get the Yugioh Online game for Xbox 360, but since I didn’t get that console, I just brushed it to the side. There will always be other games, but this way I get to use all consoles.

                Take Spray for example. It’s a Wii exclusive game that I bought. Had it been for PS3 as well, I would have definitely bought that version. Since it was exclusive, I had an excuse to buy a Wii game. (If a game is on Wii and PS3, I automatically get the PS3 version since I prefer the controller) I agree that exclusive deals may not be the best way to go necessarily, but I’ve always been fond of them. What I don’t like, are company specific deals. (EA being the only company that can release Football games currently.) Since they limit the number of games that can be made. Still, it’s just my opinion on the subject. It’s not a major thing for me at any rate and I still try to get as many video games as I can. (Though I’m rarely desperate enough to buy Golf)

              2. Exclusives are what set a console apart from its competitors. There’s not much point buying one system over the other if both systems have the same thing.



  2. just let someone make an eternal darkness 2 nintendo. that game fucks you up, almost like a bad trip but without actually being in insanity in the middle of math class!!!!!

    never will a game make you knee slide and turn of your system, oh the sweet kind of insanity.

  3. Is anyone really surprised?
    Article should just say “people still don’t trust Denis Dyack, and rightfully so”.

  4. Another shocker today… now, one thing at least that’s obviously not gonna happen today is the game industry’s bias towards Nintendo continuing.

    Oh wait.

  5. Who cares? I mean there are better games for WiiU,PC and Ps4, so its not suprising that no one from those camps dont wanna fund it.

  6. not surprised, but in the official forums they were working really hard to this game funded, i think after the original failed to get funding & then the other issues it was always going to have a hard time.

    i had donated both times.

  7. I think it’s worth noting that the PS4 was a “Goal” after raising the $750,000 while the Wii U and PC were the primary systems. ūüíč

      1. how is that shooting themselves in the foot?
        opening up a game to a bigger market is shooting oneself in the foot nowadays? Oo

        1. If they just extended their previous PC/Wii U goals it might have been funded as they asked for 250.000 back then I think…

  8. Who cares…

    I’m betting High Command is making a REAL sequel to Eternal Darkness as they own that IP as far as I remember…

  9. It’s a shame the goal wasn’t met, but if they decide to start development anyway, then that’ll be good.

    Personally, I hope Nintendo swing by and fund the project themselves, but only because the game is the ‘spiritual successor’ to Eternal Darkness. Guess we’ll wait and see on all fronts.

  10. My prediction: Google or Amazon will buy out Precursor Games and therefore become the the game’s publisher. Development will proceed as normal. And it will still come out for the same platforms it was intended for. However, it may use a different online service (Google Play Games/Amazon Gamecircle).

    1. google or amazon? are you for real now? what kind of prediction is that? neither google nor amazon are involved in the games industry and NOW they are supposed to start investing.. with THIS game?
      you better don’t start as an analyst

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