Video: Nintendo To Launch 2DS: The 3DS Experience In 2 Dimensions

Today Nintendo announced the release of Nintendo 2DS, an entry-level portable system that plays all 3DS and Nintendo DS games in 2D. The handheld will be priced at only 129.99 and will hit the market on October 12th of this year, in white + red or black + blue colors. The 2DS maintains all of the same hardware features of the 3DS such as gameplay controls and backwards compatibility with Nintendo’s vast library of games. Nintendo fans who don’t feel the 3D visuals are a necessity for them will now have the 2DS to turn to instead.

Optional carrying cases will be available at launch and will also come in red and blue, for a suggested retail price of 12.99 each. At the beginning of October, gamers will be able to try out the new 2DS system at Simon Malls, as Nintendo will be embarking on a demo tour for 2DS at select Simon Mall retail locations until November.


    1. At first glance, it does seem awful, but then you think about it for kids. it’s actually well designed for them. 3D isn’t recommended for kids anyway, and you’re right about the hinge.

      Not as stupid as it first appears.

        1. Trillions?

          In all seriousnes, ive consider myself pretty hardcore when it comes to gaming, but I find myself oddly wanting to buy this 2DS, I dont see why people are saying this is aimed at casuals and kids.


          1. Well as Nintendo always says, it’s aimed for Everyone so I guess anybody can buy it obviously however this fits young children and people with sensitive eyes more because the 3D is harmful to them…

            But somehow it just contradicts against the 3D slider…

      1. I happened to like the design of the wii mini. The wii u should have taken inspiration from it. Instead of being a straight knock off of xbox 360.

    1. This thing is a piece of crap that should’ve been laughed out of R&D, don’t get me wrong, but let’s not get carried away here.

    1. What do you mean? I’m guessing you mean affect? But affect those who are trying to emulate it how?

  1. This looks pretty awesome to me I don’t see why everybody complaining especially if you have a 3ds already like I do…..I thank this is cool that they have the original 3ds, the3ds XL and now the 2ds……lol this might sound funny but I would be surprise since they made this move they might make 2ds XL in the future

    1. I’m hoping for a redesign of the original 3DS made with the same plastic as the XL or maybe an XL with a Metroid design.

  2. 2DS demo tours at select Simon Malls huh? If one of them is the one by me i’ll go for some Streetpasses.

  3. This could actually help alleviate the DS / 3DS confusion in shops for mums and dads. The sales assistant can now say “You have a choice, the 2DS or the 3DS. The 2DS plays the new games but not in 3D, and the 3DS, well, you can guess probably’.

  4. This is what the people who made the 2DS said

    “Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it”

    – Nintendo 2013

    1. lol, I’m curious to see if there will ever be a 2DS XL, plus a circle pad pro for each.
      At the very least this thing seems less fragile than it’s superior older brothers…

      1. That was Alfred who said that in The Dark Knight.

        What the Joker said was “It’s not about money. Its about sending a message: Everything burns!”

  5. I love when Nintendo makes these kind of things. Like that cool basic wii or whatever it was called. They never do well, but it’s neat.

  6. I wasn’t expecting this either, but I love the design. I love my 3DS, but I am picking this one up as an extra.

  7. I’m somewhat shocked.

    I was quite sure that the launch of 2DS was a fool day’s article and would be deleted like that one with regard a high percentage of new gamers not accomplishing the first level of Super Mario Bros 1.

    But now we have a wealth of undeniable evidence…

    Anyway, this 2DS looks horrible…

    Also, unless I’m wrong, at least 2 pipes in Super Mario 3D Land lead you to zones in which the use of the 3D effect is mandatory to correctly jump and get the Star Coins.

    How will 2DS owners deal with that?

    1. I don’t think it’s that hard to go through that game without 3D…

      This is also a very good fit for the Nintendolings that must stay away from the 3D as it would worsen and hurt their tiny little eyes…

      The design is just bad though…

      But anyway now parents will buy this cheaper non harmful version for their children…

      1. Hey, Commander!

        Actually I should be more clear in my previous statement.

        Indeed, although I enjoy my games in 3D (it’s always on all the way), I do know that some people don’t. Then releasing a new handheld without the 3D feature is not out of sense, at all. In other words, the concept is ok, but the design… Yeah, the design is horrible.

        And I agree that one can beat 3D Land without turning on the 3D. But I’m not sure about reaching those Star Coins…

      2. I prefer games in glasses-free 3D… but for Nintendo introduces the Nintendo 2DS worldwide seems to be a great marketing move. Kudos go to the Global President.

        1. Too bad the design isn’t equally appealing but nontheless, Nintendo is always about the gameplay experience, not the outer shells…

    1. I thought for sure some guy on the miiverse was playing with me. When I looked it up there it was. Then I read the impressions on kotaku and there it was again. No april fools joke on me and it aint april.

  8. only Nintendo can waste money and resources on a fucking downgrade like this. hopefully the next handheld is a 3ds successor.

    1. Okay. Why make this specifically for 2D 3DS gaming when 1. The 3DS 3D is fucking optional and 2. This design is almost as retarded as their decision to make this. Again, no fucking second analog stick? Fail Nintendo. This looks to be another GameBoy Advance Micro except more pointless and flopping than Virtual Boy.

      1. Because the redesign can lead to much cheaper parts, making it cheaper to sell. Also manufacturing the console without the 3D technology cuts not only manufactoring cost but time aswell.

  9. 1. No 3D, safer for young kids
    2. More sturdy design
    3. WAY cheaper
    4. Launches with Pokemon X and Y.

    And people want to fire Iwata and Reggie? This idea is a gold mine.

    1. Then you must be one of sad lost souls who have long lost their common sense and still hopelessly research for it.

    2. Not everyone (read: no one) on the internet has the same common sense as you. People tend to leave a comment without even thinking it through first, and if they don’t think it will sell well, they’ll hate it, as if it were of any concern to them.

    3. 5. MUCH better placement on the shoulder buttons in my opinion. As an adult i hate having the top shell get in the way of my fingers. Now that the shoulder buttons are ontop with nothing blocking it, it should feel much better. (plus: they look much wider as well) im loving the new 2DS.

  10. THis is going to be a very good move for them, because a lot of people don’t even want a 3D view. And the price is just 130$. in a year those will be selling for 99$!. only bad thing is that it has mono sound, not stereo

  11. No mention of Streetpass (it does not look portable friendly) and also no mention of the battery life. I wonder why all the silence on this. It’s common knowledge that the 3D sucks the life out of the 3DS, but will this one actually have a DS battery power then (which was like a hundred hours)

    1. Remember when Nintendo handhelds lasted the whole day? It seems like that was Nintendo’s entire focus from the original 1989 Game Boy to the Nintendo DSi XL. I wonder why Nintendo gave up that pursuit.

  12. It looks weird but it may do well. And you can always not turn the 3d on. Its cheaper cuz of the steroscopic is not in it abd they could have added a cover to protect the screens and buttons

  13. This is console is just too ugly, whoever came up with this console’s design should be fired. Even though the price is cheaper than the regular 3ds and xl, seriously, i doubt that many people will buy this because……. Ugh…. Just look at it. Come on nintendo, you could have came up with a better design than this….. *sigh*. Well, Other than that this is a decent strategy to sell even more 3ds systems at a more affordable price

  14. people are so damn stupid for hating on this… i don’t see ppl complaining about the ipad… this is a lot smaller than that. its like a nexus.
    i think it was a pretty neat move. Ninty nailed it today!

  15. What’s the matter with everyone just shooting it down? If you have a 3DS then why are you complaining? This could be the best news to people who can’t afford a 3DS or a 3DS XL.
    It’s gonna do well, watch.

    Take the iPad mini for an example, it’s pretty much a small iPad 2.. why are they still selling like hotcakes when the iPad4, a much better version, is available? Point is, not everyone can afford the best, even if the best isn’t ridiculously expensive but to them it could be expensive.

  16. Looks uncomfortable as hell, considering the shoulder buttons are on the top of it. Plus this means that Nintendo acknowledges 3d as a gimmick, it means future games may not even use that feature. That makes me somewhat sad, as I thought it was neat and could be great if properly applied

  17. I dont like the button placement on the 3ds so this is gold for me. Hopefully no hand cramping after an extended mario kart play.

  18. Hmm..will it even fit in your pocket? It’s a good idea for kids but it seems a bit to bulky to fit in any human’s pocket. I think it looks terrible though. I would NEVER be caught in public playing on that thing.

    1. lol
      but to be fair the wedge shape is probably it’s best feature. Apple and a lot of pc makers have been doing it for notebooks. Nintendo should do the same for a 3ds lite model.

  19. They should have added a 2nd control stick.
    Or are they planning to release another pad for this?

  20. This thing is gonna go through the roof.
    I frequently play 3DS games with some of the kids in our extended family, and I can tell you, they don’t use the 3d at all, in fact they almost always turn it off.
    Yeah it’s kind of klunky from a design standpoint, but kids don’t care.
    I think this think with Pokemon X & Y is going to take off.

  21. Nintendo, stop with the drugs.

    For those who talk about the 3D, 3DS does not have a practical device to disable the 3D effect?, seriously this model was extremely unnecessary,like the GBA-mini(but at least this was a good looking).


  23. The like this mainly because of the 2D. I rarely use the 3D function, just for the first time to see how the games look in 3D. Since I play mostly RPGs I’ve found little use out of that function.

    …don’t care for the design. I can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of. Wanted to say a Tiger Electronics toy, but that would be off…hrm.

  24. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s not like Nintendo wants you to buy all of their products even though it’s not intended for you.

    1. Optional carrying cases will be available at launch and will also come in red and blue, for a suggested retail price of 12.99 each.

  25. I see it as a good thing. I know a few people who don’t like the 3D and find the system too expensive. The design, however strange it seems, looks about right for an “entry-level” game system, or however it’s being marketed. I actually think it’s a perfect way to target a whole new audience. Feels like ages ago that I paid $249.99 for my 3DS and now you can access it for literally half the price.

  26. I’ve heard that the 3D function is what sucked up a lot of the 3DS’ power because in order to get the 3D effect everything had to be rendered twice. If that is the case, I wonder if developers will be able to rechannel some of the power into future game development.

  27. Oh geez! I’m really hoping that the box says in a very BIG FONT the it will play 3ds games in 2d. Or else parents will ne confused and not buy old games on the rack that is labeled only for 3ds. Nintendo should give out stickers that retailers like gamestop can easily slap on 3ds games/box “2ds compatible.”

  28. This is just as dumb (if not dumber) than the Wii mini that released in Canada. I seriously don’t get the point? Unless it’s for the parents who don’t want their kids looking at the 3D in the games.

  29. This is just for parents who complain, funny how this is going to be released only in USA, something I didn’t know. I guess the USA is famous for complaining and whining so they are going to release this for kids and haters of the 3D. Well, I know how to turn off the 3D in my 3DS, thank you very much, and I never turn it off, anyway. What a waste, I hope Nintendo releases next something BETTER than the 3DS, not worse.

  30. Nintendo needs to stop focusing on 3DS at the moment cause its selling amazing. Wii U is what needs a miracle.

  31. …I’m sorry, I just…I just laughed. I can’t even. :))) Well it’s not really me problem if they decide to release it; it looks like a lot of people still want to buy it anyway, but it’s funny because this was one of the things my friends and I made puns of before and this is practically like Pokemon Transparent-Opaque-Translucent coming true XD

    On the serious note, the cheaper price sounds like it’d appeal to people, but I don’t like how it doesn’t fold…it looks pretty huge; I dunno.

    …It’s just. That name. “2DS.” :)))

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