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UK Chart: Rayman Legends Wii U Version Debuts Highest In Individual Formats

rayman_legends_posterThis week’s UK charts are now in courtesy of UKIE, and it’s good news for the Wii U this week as new release Rayman Legends debuts higher than both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. The individual chart is certainly the one that should be highlighted this week as Rayman Legends comes in at number 14 on the Wii U, while Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions debut at number 18 and 20, respectively. Sales from all three platforms help sky-rocket the feisty, limbless Rayman up to number 6, just outside the top 5 on the all-formats chart.

Saints Row IV continues to hold firm onto the top spot this week within the all-formats chart, and is joined by Splinter Cell: Blacklist in second position. Final Fantasy XIV, Disney Infinity and Minecraft all round-up the top 5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS is just on the outside of the top 10, coming in at 11. You can check out the top 10 for the all-formats chart below, or alternatively see them in full, here. You can also see the individual charts, here.

1. Saints Row IV
2. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist
3. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
4. Disney Infinity
5. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
6. Rayman Legends
7. Madden NFL 25
8. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2
9. Payday 2
10. FIFA 13

51 thoughts on “UK Chart: Rayman Legends Wii U Version Debuts Highest In Individual Formats”

  1. So Ubisoft was afraid it wasn’t gonna sale on the Wii U and now the on the Wii U it beats the PS360. Well Ubi how do you like them apples.

  2. I hope it sells even better on Wii U, however no matter what happens Ubisoft will be happy for the multiformat release as its more money.

      1. i hope they’ll actually make a loss on the ps3 and xbox 360 versions.. just for the heck of it
        prolly won’t happen but it would serve them right…

  3. yyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! *clap clap* yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!! da wii huuu do so gooooooodaaaaa!!!!! yyaaaaaaayyyyyy *clap clap* com on wiitards clap withaa mmhheeeee!!!!!!! yaaaayyyyy wiiii hhhuuuuu!!!!!!! *clap clap*

      1. oh come now…*smile on face as I look around*…without him, this site would be boring…*looks back around with the same smile*…besides, his trolling kinda make sence if you think about it plus he’s famous for it. heh heh heh.

        1. dude you just made me picture that in such a creepy way….. like the smile was just so overly happy and unreal. then you look over slowly with the same exact weird smile talking like a looney. haha. is that what it was supposed to be like??

  4. LOL I was thinking it needs to sell extremely well for it to be a success! Hopefully it will continue for a few months.

    How can this be under £40 on the eShop but blacklist at £55 on eShop Ubisoft dont help themselves!

  5. So they thought this game wouldn’t do well on the Wii U yet the game sales way more on the Wii U while it the PS360 versions are the worst selling… IRONY!!!

  6. This is the biggest slap to the face EVER! Ubisoft was afraid the game wouldn’t sell on Wii U so they made it multiplatform but the version of they game they were afraid of came out on top!! LOLOL what a waste of 8 months huh Ubisoft!? LOLOLOL

  7. And Ubisoft turned chickenshit and pulled the game from Wii U’s launch plan thinking this kind of high sales wouldn’t happen and would work best as multiplatform and now look: Rayman still sells higher on Wii U. XD Hate to tell you dumbass Ubisoft but you’ve been proven DEAD wrong for delaying Rayman for nothing.

    Not only this is a well deserving smack in every Nintendo hater’s face (like dumbass ripoff GameStop calling Wii U Rayman Legends inferior) but also Ubisoft for doubting the Wii U from the start. Now once Wii U sales rises exponentially this holidays and after, all of the third parties and misjudging haters will surely be Nintendo’s bitch or miss out the greatness it’ll offer.

  8. hopefully this shows guillemot what a dipshit he was in taking a piss on both fans and developers by delaying this because “it wouldn’t sell enough copies”

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