imagination is the only escape

Developer Luc Bernard, known for producing Mecho Wars and other iOS and Android titles in recent years, had once planned on bringing his Holocaust survival game Imagination Is the Only Escape to Nintendo DS. Now, he is attempting to crowdfund the game for PC and Mac, but has revealed in an interview that he would love to bring the game to Wii U.

He also admitted that Nintendo was “horrible” to him and other indie developers back in the days of Nintendo DS and WiiWare, and that it was a struggle to bring Imagination Is the Only Escape to the DS, an endeavor that ultimately failed. But Bernard did say that Nintendo has become far more accommodating in recent years, and recent improvements in Wii U’s development software may make it easier than ever to port a game like Imagination Is the Only Escape to the console after it is released as a computer game.

The unique Holocaust title finds a young boy named Samuel attempting to escape the horrors of the Holocaust through a fantasy adventure in which he is befriended by a fox. The serious themes made it a controversial title back when Bernard was trying to bring the game to DS, but the quotes on the project’s Indiegogo page reveal that several major publications have triumphed the game’s educational merits, arguing that, like books, video games should be a medium that addresses real-life cultural issues.

What do you think? Would you like to see this game eventually brought to Wii U, or is the content inappropriate for a medium that focuses primarily on entertainment? Tell us your thoughts.



    • So if someone makes a game, where you shoot white supremacists,
      you would have to buy it, otherwise youre a filthy racist?
      I dont play Ethnic Cleansing either, because its a really bad game.
      So if a game is just awful, its theme does not matter one bit.




  2. Every game on Nintendo consoles is either crowdfunded or Kickstarter…

    Why dont Nintendo actually release some games themselves before its too late?

    Wii U getting outsold by the old Wii probably means its already too late.


  3. To the guy bitching about Crowd funded games, i kind of understand what you are saying, but it is due large in part to the state of the industry.

    Big Publishers aren’t taking chances anymore on different types of games, it’s the same old stuff over and over, shooters, zombie games, sandbox games, with tons of quick time events.

    these indie devs have gone to these big pubs, but they get turned down because they want to churn out games and make quick profits, however the problem is, they are following a formula that has worked for someone else. the result? dozens of games that are pretty much the same.

    Crowd funding to me is a good thing, it allows us to have input and play games that aren’t the same old, same old. I’m tired of big budget games that focus on Real Time Events, cool cut scenes and Visual prowess at the expense of good stories intermingled with great game play mechanics, and crowd funding is a kind of return to that.

    Yearly installments of the same series is getting tiresome, oh look a new call of duty and battle field and kill zone and halo and medal of honour and now time splitters, wolfenstein and duke nukum and the list goes on. i mean its the same shit, over and over.

    But I will say this, This time next year, the library of the WiiU will be second to none, sure Xbone and PS4 will have more multiplats, but they will share those games and they will lack games that truly make those consoles unique. That won’t be the case with WiiU.

    As it is now, you can flip a coin as to whether you should get an Xbone or a PS4, pretty interchangable games wise, both charge for online, both are geared for shooters as was proven when Sony said the new controller was built with FPS in mind.

    Whereas Nintendo will have something for everyone, platformers, shooters (while not relying on them), RPG’s, side scrollers, fighters, action games, adventure games, strategy games, sandbox games, those kinds of games are in development and they are actually focused on, unlike most of them going under the radar on the other two consoles.

    I won’t try to cover up the fact that this year has sucked, but you had a lot of third parties claim support, then pull it away and really, its their loss. nintendo didnt release anything for months and that was a window for third parties to push their wares, but really, whose fault is that? Nintendos? I don’t think so. What i see if a bunch of greedy publishers that would rather put out mediocre bug filled games on the 360 and ps3 and patch them later, then actually do it right the first time. the fact is, we nintendo fans have been spoiled by high quality games for many many years, so spoiled in fact, that we won’t buy bad ports by third parties. they would rather claim WiiU is garbage then put the effort in, here’s an idea, make good games and we’ll buy it.

    They make excuse after excuse for not giving us games, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to them not making games that can compete with Nintendo on a quality level.

    This industry will collapse if it stays the coarse. You have two companies that spend 100’s of millions to develope consoles, shit MS spent $100 million building a controller that is almost identical to what they already have. they don’t make profits because they are slaves to third parties, because unlike Nintendo, they can’t rely on their own games. The MS share holders want them to sell the Xbox brand because as of yet, they havent made money off of it, Sony lost what….3 Billion on the PS3 and yet these companies are doing the right thing?

    You have third party publishers putting ridiculous amounts of money into making games that requires it to sell 10 million copies to make a profit, look at the new Tomb Raider, across three platforms it sold over 3 million copies and it didn’t turn a profit, this isn’t a rare occurrence either.

    Do people expect this to change this time around? Yes they do because of the PC esq architecture of Xbone and PS4 making it easier and faster to port games from the PC. SO what will happen exactly? We’ll get lazy ass ports like what we’re seeing with Battlefield 4.

    Then there is Nintendo, the only console manufacturer that makes a profit and even with a failing system no less. Why, because they don’t sink crazy amounts of money into consoles or games. Why is it that they are Number 1 world wide when it comes to sales in terms of games? because they make great games with a reasonable budget, they dont care that Activision has a hit in COD and sinks 50+ million into a game emulating them to try and piggy back off of their success. They just keep doing what brought them to the show.

    But yet Nintendo should leave the console market, the only guys that dare to make something actually new. People say they shuld have made a “normal” console, yet, if they had, those same people would bitch about it being to similar to the other guys.

    Sorry for the rant, i went off course, but lie i said at the beginning of this novel, crowd funding is a good thing, it might just bring us back to what made gaming so fun to begin with.


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