North American Club Nintendo Rewards Announced

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Nintendo of America has announced the latest rewards that Club Nintendo members can get their hands on this month. There’s two Wii Shop and two 3DS eShop games available to download. Pilotwings, Art Academy – First Semester, Zoda’s Revenge: Star Tropics 2 and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again. Which games will you be purchasing with your hard-earned coins?

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    1. I have the first game on NES and I would love to get the second but I really wish it was for Wii U(I know I can switch to wii mode but I like the gamepad a lot).

  1. Why would they want to promote the Wii U a year after release?

    It’s obvious they have no faith in the system at this point.

  2. The sweet smell of living in a country that’s not supported by club nintendo and therefore not being able to get any rewards although I have been a Nintendo fan for my entire life…..

  3. they already offered the DSi ware titles for the 3DS previously. Why rehashing and offering the same games again and again. So getting sick of this shit!!!

    1. The games are practically free idiot they don’t have to put anything they don’t want you want new games BUY them on the eshop

      1. There’s no need to call him an “idiot”. Grow up a little bit, you know to learn how to express yourself without using those words. Oh btw, you missed a few commas.

  4. yea went to go redeem pilotwings (which was released on the wii u vc) and it wount accept it come on nintendo why is it only accepted through the regular wii shop channel

  5. It’s actually kind of BS that they keep offering Wii rewards. I get most people haven’t switched over yet, but maybe offer it cross platform?

  6. These games all suck -_- I wish they would just put all the virtual console titles on Club Nintendo and just let you pick the ones you want instead of this bs.

    1. Pilotwing’s is a great game.In fact imo it’s way better than the to remakes.Get it you will not regret it.

  7. Purchasing games with your “hard earned coins” on Club Nintendo is just dumb. Plain and simple.

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