Just Dance Hits 5 Million Sales In The UK, Wii Remains Best-Selling Platform

just_dance_2014There’s an extra groove riding on the airwaves today as Ubisoft has announced that its smash-hit title Just Dance has boogied its way up to 5 million sales in the UK. With Just Dance 2014 preparing to snap up those savings on October 4, the publisher has revealed how the franchise has boomed within the UK market, especially on Nintendo’s console the Wii. Love it or loathe it, the Just Dance franchise remains the most popular to purchase on the Wii above any other console.

Ubisoft’s senior brand manager Ombeline Wallon says that they’re hoping to continue the success on the Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well – you can check out his comments below. Will you be looking to buy the next Just Dance, and do you think it could boost Wii U sales? Just Dance 2014 will release October 4 for Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“Just Dance is still the No.1 dance franchise in the UK and has continued to exceed expectations. It has been incredibly successful since it first launched and is a definite crowd-pleaser, particularly popular around Christmas.

“It has been a difficult couple of years, especially for the Wii market, which is where Just Dance has been the most successful so far. But we’ve also seen increasing interest from consumers on other formats. We are looking forward to seeing them embrace Just Dance 2014 on the next generation of consoles.”


  1. u see that jtz? just dance wat u call casual kiddy shit is in top 5 n sold thea most on nintendo how u like dem apples? nintendo 1 microstool 0 sonny 0

    keep up good work nintendo && dunt u listen to idoits who wana kep u down cus they jellyous

  2. Will of course this sells best on Wii thus shit changed Nintendo’s image as “kiddy.” I would not be surprised if GTA V didn’t making it to Wii U.

    1. hahalolmfaohahaxD so that wat u considur manly game selling fake drug n killing pixelated peeple to gut fake muney n see red #5 paint blood that vanishes n 10 seconds n fake popo chasing u becus u r bad boy n need spanking
      u like cus cus real life u looser n coward n scared u go to jail & take in butt so u rather take in virtual butt

      u got mental problems pls take pills & coem back from lalalland soon

  3. the reasons why the wii was JD’s number one console is,

    1) Fans of the original started from the wii with JD1 and 2 making them be lured to buy 3 4 and the upcoming 2014
    2) The 360 version sucked ass, it was really hard to dance when the detection is not that accurate and I hate it when there are times that the Kinect misdetects me to be a part of a bed.
    3) The wii is cheaper
    4) Not much people have WiiU

  4. Hmm… High Command and ubisoftians are givin me dance lessons. I consider it and likely will accept the challenge.

    1. Its a music game and most people like music. Also, the Wii is not dead, it will continue to sell much like the PS2 even without Nintendo’s support.

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