Nintendo-Themed Art Show Honors Mario, Zelda, And Metroid

wario sculpture


A new art show in Brooklyn called 3NES showcases all new artwork based on Nintendo’s three signature franchises, Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. The show opened on September 6th at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to the gallery showing that features unique 2D and 3D art like “Wa-Wa-Wario,” the sculpture by artist Cig Neutron seen above, many of the pieces can be purchased online. 3NES will continue to run until September 26th, so if there are any Nintendo fans out there who live in or around Brooklyn, be sure to catch this one-of-a-kind experience before it’s gone.


            1. help im drowning lol


        1. we also head nod yes really fast about the news, then he posts it with the same face, my face remains like thattoo as all the news breaks out in madness.

  1. Prices are just wrong, who would buy that. I would rather buy a game or a poster than this 300€ things. Bullshit.

  2. I haven’t seen such a collection of awesome merchandise in a long time! Dammit I’m already exhausted from purchases at a local anime convention!

  3. So making art to sell of Metroid isnt breaking copywrite? But the fan mad 10 minute clip is lol. Nintendo, you be hypocrites.

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