Here’s The First Sixty Minutes Of Monster Hunter 4

Tilmen from Nintendomination has kindly uploaded the first sixty minutes of Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter title for Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter 4. We reported earlier today that the Japanese have been queuing up in their hundreds to be the first to own the highly anticipated game. It will certainly be interesting to see the next Media Create sales figures as Nintendo 3DS sales should certainly be through the roof.


  1. “YYEEESSSSSS!!!!!! im going to buy this because link is in it!!!!!!! also our favorite plumber mario milk!!!!!! YYYEEESSSSSS!!!! NINTENDO POWER!!!!!!!!”

    “US NINTENDO SUPER HEROES WHERE DIAPERS and hold a bottle of MILK for a weapon!!!!!”

    yeah have fun with that.

    1. LMAOOO!! man you are too funny. Bet if Mario or link wasn’t in it the fanboys would be like OH MAN NO MARIO OR LINK guess I’m not getting this

      1. exactly why its pathetic, i would get it even with out those retarded costumes, i got 3U. its like look at MH4 it looks like it improved on so many things but all they can see is “ooohhhh mario!!!!!!” then they put on their diapers and drink their milk.

          1. yes ill buy it….. if it goes to wii u. my brother will buy it regardless for 3ds so. if i want to i can still play it, but im hopinf for a wii u version. cross platform play is awesome.

        1. Yuppp. I own 3 nothing special missed a few things but 4 looks a little more promising and idgaf about the Mario or link outfit

          1. yeah but the nintendroes will buy it only because mario is in it.

            3 is good, ( i liked killing huge things in xenoblade a litle better though) 4 looks like it improved a lot.

  2. It looks better than a lot of the previews I saw before, but I still think Capcom could have improved the gameplay visuals in this game. I’m sure the 3DS can do better.

    That said, I hope they announce a localization for it soon. C’mon Nintendo, time to fulfill that promise of aggressively localizing Japanese games! ;)

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