UK Charts: Rayman Legends Wii U Vanishes From Top 40, Kingdom Hearts HD Number One


This week’s top forty individual formats charts are in from GFK Chart Track. The Wii U version of the well-received Rayman Legends has vanished from the top forty with only the Xbox 360 version hanging on at number forty. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix for the PlayStation 3 is the best-selling game this week entering in at number one. Here’s the top ten individual formats chart this week in the United Kingdom.

  9. 360 PAYDAY 2 (505 GAMES)


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      1. Way to be a dick to all white Americans man, before you chastise people for stereotyping, make sure you don’t do it yourself.

      2. Btw, a great majority of the people in the UK don’t speak the “proper” Queen’s tongue. You have just has many dialects in the UK as we do here.

      3. Lastly, I do not approve of the poster African American. So don’t get on my case about it.

    1. This has nothing to do with the Wii U since the game is multiplatform. It has everything to do with the fact that Ubisoft released the game during the holiday season and it got buried by a ton of other good games. This was Ubisoft’s biggest mistake and we all saw it coming.

      1. ” It has everything to do with the fact that Ubisoft released the game during the holiday season and it got buried by a ton of other good games”

        What “ton” of “good” games you talking about on the Wii U? None of those FEW games are selling. The Wonderful 101 is selling pathetically too.

        “the holiday season”? Oh so apparently when it was released (29th August AUS-3 Septemper NA-13 September EU) is already the “Holiday Season”.
        I guess the “holiday season” already started for the babies because when the babies ask for a game from now on, their parents tell them they not getting any games from here till Christmas lol.
        “The Christmas season, also called the holiday season (especially in the U.S. and Canada),the festive season,or simply the holidays, is an annually-recurring period recognized in Western culture and Western-influenced cultures that is generally considered to run from late November to early January”

        Typical Nintendo fanboy comment to throw tantrums and make excuses for everything.

      2. Everyday is christmas! Hohoho! Games for everyone! <3 Unless you're a bad boy, then you'll get coal for your Oven64

      3. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Wii U has NO good games. It SUCKS right now and sales show it. If a game is good it should sell regardless of what time of year. Fanboys are like Nintendo and give shitty excuses for everything

      4. Pikmin is selling and so is Disney Infinity. The problem with Rayman is they pissed off the customer they were originally aiming for and then put it on PS3 and Xbox360 around the time a bunch of other games on those systems, they would rather play. Rayman isn’t really selling on any system well, but its seems to sell on the Wii U best.

      1. That’s not the only reason. A lot of great games are spread throughout the year – not even close to any other big release and people take no notice of them.

        This is mainly due to bad (or the lack of) marketing and the fact that a lot of gamers just don’t care about anything other than certain “blockbuster” franchises.

      2. Indeed. To see the sells of Platinum Games titles, you need to go to bottom of any chart.

        But Rayman Lengends is not selling well on Wii U because almost anyone in UK has a Wii U – it’s the install base effect.

        Just ask Nintedward – or anyone from there – how many of his comrades own a Wii U.

      3. I’m surprised, nooblet68.

        Anyway, let’s take the Europe numbers into account:

        24.56 mil (X360) + 31.59 mil (PS3) + 1.83 (Vita) = 57.98 mil units sold

        Wii U = 0.74 mil units sold

        The installed user based of X360, PS3 and Vita (platforms for which Rayman Legends was released) is 78.35 fold higher than the installed user base for Wii U in Europe. If we had the numbers of Rayman Legends sells we could get the number of sells per console. I really believe that Rayman Legends adoption by Wii U users (in percentage) is higher than the adoption by the other systems owners.

        Although interesting, the percentage of adoption in this case does not help the developer, which is really interested in absolute numbers. In the final, Ubi made a good deal for themselves by making the game multiplat.

  1. Wait? You mean everything that fans gave Ubisoft shit about how delaying the release to the same time as all the huge fall releases and screwing over the WiiU would be a horrible idea? Ya don’t say…

  2. Half those games look like massive online multiplayer games…
    While Nintendo continues to leave online multiplayer out of it’s games.
    The year will end as hard as it started for Nintendo.

  3. I knew this would happen, especially with Ubisoft delaying Legends until September and with GTA V coming this month on PS3 and X360, who can blame them? As for Wii U, there are games like LoZ: WW HD to compete with, they should have launched the game in February. This is Ubisofts own fault.

    1. Your wrong nintendo people buy nintendo only games, just look at the past consoles top 20 chrts, there pretty much ni tendo games. 3rd party has to know if you release it for nintendo it will have poor sales. Just a fact, also, doesn’t help no one owns the wiiu. My friends list has about 1/3 of the people having been over a month since they been online. Nintendo cut it off at a month but many people gave up on the wiiu and moved on alreadyl

    1. It can come to Wii U, but because people look at the specs and say it isn’t powerful enough they don’t bother. Yet they’re developing for 7 year old consoles still.

      It doesn’t make any sense! Bring on WW HD! I know that game will kick Wii U back into gear.

  4. Not only is this franchise fucking awful, but this is just Final Mix. The first Final Mix barely had any shit added, unlike FM+. Also the cutscenes of the worst game in the series with the most pointless story. Stop wasting money.

  5. HAHAHA Kingdom hearts seriously come on. The only reason it sells is Disney characters, the gameplay is lame, characters made by SE for KH are lame etc. Well good for Disney.

  6. While this is unrelated to the post mostly, I’m wondering… why hasn’t there been a Rayman Legends avert since its release?

  7. British people have horrible tastes in video game. Soon KH will disappear to let CoD takes back its n°1 place.

    1. Can imagine GTA V will be top of the charts for many months now, though. Will be pretty nice for a game from the UK to be at the top of the UK charts for once…

  8. Man, it sucks that no 3ds or WiiU are in the charts. Do Nintendo gamers not buy any games? Maybe the reason for that is that most blockbuster games are skipping either system :(

    1. Well maybe people would if companies would develop for it, then the systems would actually sell. I for one want to see Wii U sell. Because of EA they’ve damaged the system.

      1. LOL You’re blaming EA for the Wii U’s troubles? Come on, now.

        Companies are developing for the system, gamers just aren’t buying. It may not have the most developer support ever, but it still is pretty good; especially during the first year of the system’s release.

        2014 will be a key year for the Wii U, so we’ll see what happens then.

  9. This fuckin’ game is so overrated. I’ve played the first one and it’s disgusting…
    Come at me Kingdom Hearts fanboys but it’s true, this is a really overrated franchise.

  10. Its only going to worse for every game coming out, when gta fanboys come from the shadow of theirs homes and attack all games

  11. Can anyone answer thease following questions 1. Why come to a nintendo news site if you dont like nintendo ?. 2. Why own a 3ds (a nintendo handheld) if you dont have anything positive to say about nintendo at all ? .(stop being hipocrites) if you dont like nintendo then dont own any of their products and software. Keep it real 3. Move on to micro shit $$$ony if there are no nintendo games that you like and stop bitching everyday

  12. I purchased Rayman Legends and Skylanders.both from Ubisoft. I got AC4: Black flag come next month. Just picked up Wonderful 101 yesterday and have Sonic Lostworld coming as well. Now if Namco would put a Tales game like Xillia on Wii U I’d drop everything to get that. So I got 6 games this season and only 2 are Nintendo 1st party. WWHD and Mario 3D World.
    Also have Bayonetta 2 coming2014 already.

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